Indra (5) grew up in her family while being shunned and ostracized. When she regained the memories of her previous life, she decided to run away from home and thus trained herself to absurdity.

As soon as she left home, she encountered the young adventurer Sword, who looked just like a middle-aged guy. Worrying about the impertinent, eccentric, pointlessly strong, young girl, Sword invited her to go on a journey with him.


Tags: Depiction of Cruelty, Adventure, Fantasy, Protagonist has the strongest Cheat, Female Protagonist, Gag, Comedy, Age Difference

Japanese Title: | オールラウンダーズ!! 転生したら幼女でした。家に居づらいのでおっさんと冒険に出ます |
English Title: | Allrounders!! ~I found myself to be a little girl when I got transmigrated, and since I didn’t feel like living at home, I went on a journed with a middle-aged guy~|
Author: サエトミユウ (Saetomiyuu)


Volume about a Girl’s Soul being Transmigrated

Chapter 1: I woke up!
Chapter 2: I’m Starting with my Studies!
Chapter 3: I Met my Father and Sister!
Chapter 4: I Washed my Head!
Chapter 5: I Grew Up a Bit! Maybe?
Chapter 6: I’ll Go to a Tea Party (Forced)!
Chapter 7: Primrose’s Story (Primrose’s Point of View)
Chapter 8: I Went to A Tea Party!
Chapter 9: And then some Time Passed!
Chapter 10: I Met a Stranger!
Chapter 11: The Stranger Is Back!
Chapter 12: What’s with this Brat? (I Got Scolded!)
Chapter 13: I Cooked!
Chapter 14: I’m Going on a Journey at long last (Not yet)!

Volume of a Girl’s Departure

Chapter 15: I Began My Journey! And then…
Chapter 16: I failed!
Chapter 17: No Use Cryin’ over Spilt Milk
Chapter 18: I Received an Apology (Scary)!
Chapter 19: She Was Pissed, huh? (Obviously)
Chapter 20: I Visited to Report Our Reconciliation!
Chapter 21: After They Left the Guild
Chapter 22: Dirty! Small! Scary! (sob)
Chapter 23: Isn’t it fine to make new one if all the liquor is gone?
Chapter 24: We Built a Brewery and a Cellar!

A Girl’s Adventure ~ C-Rank Examination Volume

Chapter 25: Let’s Go on an Adventure! (No Adventuring)
Chapter 26: I’ll Go Take a Look at a Dungeon!
Chapter 27: I Arrived in Koda!
Chapter 28: I Got into a Fight with an Adventurer!
Chapter 29: Day of the C-Rank Exam (I Got into Another Fight)!
Chapter 30: Exam, Start! And Done! Another Request!
Chapter 31: Back then (Cathy’s Point of View)
Chapter 32: A Common Way of Entering a Stage (It Won’t Hurt)!
Chapter 33: I Took a Short Training Course (Now After all this Time)!
Chapter 34: It’s White not Red!
Chapter 35: My Conversations with Him (Sasha’s Point of View)

A Girl’s Adventure ~ Pharmacist Training Volume

Chapter 36: Let’s Train!
Chapter 37: Completing the Training!
Chapter 38: I Accepted a Rescue Request!
Chapter 39: Do You Know the Materials for an Antifebrile?
Chapter 40: Healing Potions sure Are a Mystery, Aren’t They?

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