Indra (5) grew up in her family while being shunned and ostracized. When she regained the memories of her previous life, she decided to run away from home and thus trained herself to absurdity.

As soon as she left home, she encountered the young adventurer Sword, who looked just like a middle-aged guy. Worrying about the impertinent, eccentric, pointlessly strong, young girl, Sword invited her to go on a journey with him.


Tags: Depiction of Cruelty, Adventure, Fantasy, Protagonist has the strongest Cheat, Female Protagonist, Gag, Comedy, Age Difference

Japanese Title: | オールラウンダーズ!! 転生したら幼女でした。家に居づらいのでおっさんと冒険に出ます |
English Title: | Allrounders!! ~I found myself to be a little girl when I got transmigrated, and since I didn’t feel like living at home, I went on a journed with a middle-aged guy~|
Author: サエトミユウ (Saetomiyuu)


A Girl’s Soul being Transmigrated

Chapter 1: I woke up!
Chapter 2: I’m Starting with my Studies!
Chapter 3: I Met my Father and Sister!
Chapter 4: I Washed my Head!
Chapter 5: I Grew Up a Bit! Maybe?
Chapter 6: I’ll Go to a Tea Party (Forced)!
Chapter 7: Primrose’s Story (Primrose’s Point of View)
Chapter 8: I Went to A Tea Party!
Chapter 9: And then some Time Passed!
Chapter 10: I Met a Stranger!
Chapter 11: The Stranger Is Back!
Chapter 12: What’s with this Brat? (I Got Scolded!)
Chapter 13: I Cooked!
Chapter 14: I’m Going on a Journey at long last (Not yet)!

A Girl’s Departure

Chapter 15: I Began My Journey! And then…
Chapter 16: I failed!
Chapter 17: No Use Cryin’ over Spilt Milk
Chapter 18: I Received an Apology (Scary)!
Chapter 19: She Was Pissed, huh? (Obviously)
Chapter 20: I Visited to Report Our Reconciliation!
Chapter 21: After They Left the Guild
Chapter 22: Dirty! Small! Scary! (sob)
Chapter 23: Isn’t it fine to make new one if all the liquor is gone?
Chapter 24: We Built a Brewery and a Cellar!

A Girl’s Adventure ~ C-Rank Examination

Chapter 25: Let’s Go on an Adventure! (No Adventuring)
Chapter 26: I’ll Go Take a Look at a Dungeon!
Chapter 27: I Arrived in Koda!
Chapter 28: I Got into a Fight with an Adventurer!
Chapter 29: Day of the C-Rank Exam (I Got into Another Fight)!
Chapter 30: Exam, Start! And Done! Another Request!
Chapter 31: Back then (Cathy’s Point of View)
Chapter 32: A Common Way of Entering a Stage (It Won’t Hurt)!
Chapter 33: I Took a Short Training Course (Now After all this Time)!
Chapter 34: White, Not Red!
Chapter 35: My Conversations with Him (Sasha’s Point of View)

A Girl’s Adventure ~ Pharmacist Training

Chapter 36: Let’s Train!
Chapter 37: Completing the Training!
Chapter 38: I Accepted a Rescue Request!
Chapter 39: Do You Know the Materials for an Antifebrile?
Chapter 40: Healing Potions sure Are a Mystery, Aren’t They?
Chapter 41: Adventurers Are Those Going on Adventures, right?

A Girl’s Adventure ~ Bloody Witch’s Homeground

Chapter 42: (Sad News) The Hidden Function Won’t Trigger
Chapter 43: I’ll Have You Understand My True Ability and Backbone!
Chapter 44: Let’s Reform the Grandpa (somewhat cruel)!
Chapter 45: The Aftermath of Getting Captured is Scary
Chapter 46: The Thickheaded Guy and the Tsundere…or rather Yandere?
Chapter 47: Formal Invitation into the Bloody Mansion
Chapter 48: Although I Wanted to Get Attacked, I Was the One Attacking
Chapter 49: Huh? Men Don’t Like Dirty Talk?

A Girl’s Adventures ~ Church and Haunted House

Chapter 50: Party Formation (Finally! At long last!)
Chapter 51: You Don’t Think Church Structures Are Beautiful (Except for the Gilded Splendor)?
Chapter 52: Experiencing a Haunted House in Dayz!
Chapter 53: Dares Require Participants who Spice them up!
Chapter 54: Don’t Think, but Feel!

A Girl’s Adventures ~ The Boy and Milk

Chapter 55: I Want the White Liquid Coming out of That!
Chapter 56: When We Went to the Guild to Make Our Request, It Developed into a Drinking Bout!
Chapter 57: Time to Unveil the Milk-based Cooking (Actually It Is Processing Milk rather than Cooking)!
Chapter 58: I Hate just about Everything about Him (Serge’s Point of View)
Chapter 59: I Scouted Them!
Chapter 60: Leeching is a No-No!
Chapter 61: 【Thunderclap Whitefang】 & His Partner (Serge’s Point of View)
Chapter 62: It’s Educational Guidance!
Chapter 63: Apologize (Sword’s Point of View)!

Reformation of the Base

Chapter 64: Ys! I’m back!
Chapter 65: Let’s Build a Farm!
Chapter 66: Let’s Build a Restaurant!
Chapter 67: A Merchant Showed Up!
Chapter 68: I Made a Transport Golem!
Chapter 69: Driving with a Temporary License
Chapter 70: I Love Music!
Chapter 71: You Cheeeaater!!
Chapter 72: Jumping and Flying!
Chapter 73: Accounting? What’s that?
Chapter 74: I’m so Nervous!
Chapter 75: It’s the Pre-Open Reception!
Chapter 76: Hero, you say!?
Chapter 77: B-Rank Adventurers Have Shown Up!
Chapter 78: Despite this one being okay, that one is out!
Chapter 79: Standard Templates of Fantasy Stories are Beneficial!
Chapter 80: (Gossip) State of the Springcoat House
Chapter 81: I’ve Become 13 Years Old!

The Royal Capital

Chapter 82: Let’s Take the B-Rank Exam! (First Part)
Chapter 83: Let’s Take the B-Rank Exam! (Second Part)
Chapter 84: I just Wanted to Have some Normal Fun in the Capital, Okay!?
Chapter 85: As for the Skin Aging of a Blue-Collar Worker…
Chapter 86: Checking out the Stalls for a bit longer and then Going to the Guild
Chapter 87: We Joined up with Bennyboy!
Chapter 88: We Joined up with Pale Moon of Dawn!
Chapter 89: We Had a Celebration Party!
Chapter 90: Let’s Try Taking a Request in the Capital!
Chapter 91: It’s Etiquette to Take Down a Wyvern while Riding a Broom!
Chapter 92: Start of the Dungeon Attack!
Chapter 93: No Time to Admire Monsters!
Chapter 94: I love Honey!
Chapter 95: Any Zombie Game Needs Guns!
Chapter 96: Campfire!
Chapter 97: I Tried to Create a Mana Potion!
Chapter 98: Speaking of Monsters Living in a Volcanic Area
Chapter 99: Were these Made on a Playful Whim or Something?
Chapter 100: Discard, Reduce, and Put Back (Sword’s Point of View)
Chapter 101: Speaking of the Volcanic Area’s Boss?
Chapter 102: With Sixth Sense through Ice and Snow
Chapter 103: Contradicting a Proverb!
Chapter 104: Reward for Part Destruction!
Chapter 105: I Died (Sword’s Point of View)
Chapter 106: Let’s Chat with the Last Boss!
Chapter 107: Someone else Waited beyond
Chapter 108: Clearing the Capital’s Dungeon!
Chapter 109: The Uproar after the Dungeon Capture (Sword’s Point of View)
Chapter 110: Old Friend (Sword’s Point of View)
Chapter 111: Reminiscence (Sword’s Point of View)
Chapter 112: Let Bygones Be Bygones (Sword’s Point of View)
Chapter 113: What I Wanted to Do with my Comrades (Sword’s Point of View)
Chapter 114: A Messenger from the Royal Palace Visited (I Won’t Go)!
Chapter 115: The Messenger from the Palace Visited once more (I Don’t Mind Going)!
Chapter 116: Let’s Open a Stall!
Chapter 117: Palace Visit (Sword’s Point of View)
Chapter 118: I Was Brought To Another Room (Sword’s Point of View)
Chapter 119: As Substitute for Booze (Sword’s Point of View)
Chapter 120: The Braves Were Summoned? (Sword’s Point of View)
Chapter 121: Number One for Me (Sword’s Point of View)
Chapter 122: I Opened a Stall!
Chapter 123: Our Home Is Gone!
Chapter 124: Farewell, Royal Capital!
Chapter 125: (Gossip) The Royal Palace after Sword Left

Chance Meeting with a Brave

Chapter 126: We Arrived at a Port Town!
Chapter 127: If anything, It’s a Wakeboard
Chapter 128: Braves have Traits
Chapter 129: I Heard the Brave’s Story!
Chapter 130: You Shan’t Use anything Starting with Ta!
Chapter 131: I Invited the Brave!
Chapter 132: I Encouraged the Brave!
Chapter 133: Don’t Be so Fussy over that Part!
Chapter 134: Delicious Octopus!
Chapter 135: (Gossip) Brave Amato’s Adventures 1
Chapter 136: (Gossip) Brave Amato’s Adventures 2
Chapter 137: (Gossip) Brave Amato’s Adventures 3
Chapter 138: (Gossip) Brave Amato’s Adventures 4
Chapter 139: (Gossip) Brave Amato’s Adventures 5

Fairy Crafters

Chapter 140: Enter the Earth Fairies!
Chapter 141: It’s a Town of Hard-Headed Crafters!
Chapter 142: As for Different Races, It’s Taboo!
Chapter 143: I Received a Request from a Pretty Elf!
Chapter 144: We Went to the Request’s Destination with the Pretty Elf!
Chapter 145: I’m really sorry for being a Weaponsmith Crusher!
Chapter 146: I Invited a Shota-Dwarf!
Chapter 147: Dancing Cherry Blossoms

Increasing the Personnel at the Base

Chapter 148: I Introduced the Fairies!
Chapter 149: Someday We Will Find Cherry Trees!
Chapter 150: Regarding the Work Pressure of that Maid
Chapter 151: Regarding the Days-Off of that Maid
Chapter 152: I Was Told a Story of the Past!
Chapter 153: New Staff Secured!
Chapter 154: The Method of Producing a Car is Simple (however, Limited to this World)!
Chapter 155: Plain Shock
Chapter 156: All kinds of new Discoveries

The Academy in the Royal Capital

Chapter 157: Raising the Curtain for the Academy Fantasy Story!
Chapter 158: Caution! Please Do Not Read if You Are Bad with Cruel Depictions!
Chapter 159: Even though We Just Affirmed Our Friendship
Chapter 160: I just Want to Enjoy Common Developments!
Chapter 161: Waging the Seat of Academy’s Strongest (During Swordsmanship Class)
Chapter 162: Waging the Seat of Academy’s Strongest (During Magic Class)
Chapter 163: A Reunion albeit not a Dramatic One
Chapter 164: A New Encounter
Chapter 165: I Was Invited to a Tea Party!
Chapter 166: We Started to Gradually Get Chummier!
Chapter 167: Outside the Loop
Chapter 168: Which Game Faction?
Chapter 169: And here I Thought It Was Sleep-Talking…
Chapter 170: Digging up Old Stories from the Past only Troubles Me
Chapter 171: Enter the Villainess
Chapter 172: I Won’t Accept any Complaints!
Chapter 173: I Was a Dark Magic Practitioner!
Chapter 174: Actually, He Was a Huge Fan!
Chapter 175: She Liked Fermentation, Right?
Chapter 176: Who Is the Mastermind?
Chapter 177: A Sudden Inspiration!
Chapter 178: Let’s Have a Chat with Cain
Chapter 179: Primrose’s Mind Eye Was Amazing
Chapter 180: I Reformed Smith!
Chapter 181: Letters from Swan 1
Chapter 182: Letters from Swan 2
Chapter 183: Letters from Swan 3
Chapter 184: I Accepted a Request from Damsel Scarlet!
Chapter 185: Witnessing the Site of a Judgment (Despite also Being a Villainess)
Chapter 186: Lying Is Wrong, Okay?
Chapter 187: I’ll Resist, even as Villainess
Chapter 188: The Villainess Loves a Useless Bum
Chapter 189: The False Charges Were Cleared (The Real Fun Starts Now)!
Chapter 190: The Flash of a Hero
Chapter 191: I Witnessed a Jumping Dogeza!
Chapter 192: I Must Abide by Common Practice, Right!?
Chapter 193: The Time to Decide Is Now!

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