Indra (5) grew up in her family while being shunned and ostracized. When she regained the memories of her previous life, she decided to run away from home and thus trained herself to absurdity.

As soon as she left home, she encountered the young adventurer Sword, who looked just like a middle-aged guy. Worrying about the impertinent, eccentric, pointlessly strong, young girl, Sword invited her to go on a journey with him.

Tags: Depiction of Cruelty, Adventure, Fantasy, Protagonist has the strongest Cheat, Female Protagonist, Gag, Comedy, Age Difference

Japanese Title: | オールラウンダーズ!! 転生したら幼女でした。家に居づらいのでおっさんと冒険に出ます |
English Title: | Allrounders!! ~I found myself to be a little girl when I got transmigrated, and since I didn’t feel like living at home, I went on a journed with a middle-aged guy~|
Author: サエトミユウ (Saetomiyuu)


The Royal Capital
Chapter 82: Let’s Take the B-Rank Exam! (First Part)
Chapter 83: Let’s Take the B-Rank Exam! (Second Part)
Chapter 84: I just Wanted to Have some Normal Fun in the Capital, Okay!?
Chapter 85: As for the Skin Aging of a Blue-Collar Worker…
Chapter 86: Checking out the Stalls for a bit longer and then Going to the Guild
Chapter 87: We Joined up with Bennyboy!
Chapter 88: We Joined up with Pale Moon of Dawn!
Chapter 89: We Had a Celebration Party!
Chapter 90: Let’s Try Taking a Request in the Capital!
Chapter 91: It’s Etiquette to Take Down a Wyvern while Riding a Broom!
Chapter 92: Start of the Dungeon Attack!
Chapter 93: No Time to Admire Monsters!
Chapter 94: I love Honey!
Chapter 95: Any Zombie Game Needs Guns!
Chapter 96: Campfire!
Chapter 97: I Tried to Create a Mana Potion!
Chapter 98: Speaking of Monsters Living in a Volcanic Area
Chapter 99: Were these Made on a Playful Whim or Something?
Chapter 100: Discard, Reduce, and Put Back (Sword’s Point of View)
Chapter 101: Speaking of the Volcanic Area’s Boss?
Chapter 102: With Sixth Sense through Ice and Snow
Chapter 103: Contradicting a Proverb!
Chapter 104: Reward for Part Destruction!
Chapter 105: I Died (Sword’s Point of View)
Chapter 106: Let’s Chat with the Last Boss!
Chapter 107: Someone else Waited beyond
Chapter 108: Clearing the Capital’s Dungeon!
Chapter 109: The Uproar after the Dungeon Capture (Sword’s Point of View)
Chapter 110: Old Friend (Sword’s Point of View)
Chapter 111: Reminiscence (Sword’s Point of View)
Chapter 112: Let Bygones Be Bygones (Sword’s Point of View)
Chapter 113: What I Wanted to Do with my Comrades (Sword’s Point of View)
Chapter 114: A Messenger from the Royal Palace Visited (I Won’t Go)!
Chapter 115: The Messenger from the Palace Visited once more (I Don’t Mind Going)!
Chapter 116: Let’s Open a Stall!
Chapter 117: Palace Visit (Sword’s Point of View)
Chapter 118: I Was Brought To Another Room (Sword’s Point of View)
Chapter 119: As Substitute for Booze (Sword’s Point of View)
Chapter 120: The Braves Were Summoned? (Sword’s Point of View)
Chapter 121: Number One for Me (Sword’s Point of View)
Chapter 122: I Opened a Stall!
Chapter 123: Our Home Is Gone!
Chapter 124: Farewell, Royal Capital!
Chapter 125: (Gossip) The Royal Palace after Sword Left
The Academy in the Royal Capital
Chapter 157: Raising the Curtain for the Academy Fantasy Story!
Chapter 158: Caution! Please Do Not Read if You Are Bad with Cruel Depictions!
Chapter 159: Even though We Just Affirmed Our Friendship
Chapter 160: I just Want to Enjoy Common Developments!
Chapter 161: Waging the Seat of Academy’s Strongest (During Swordsmanship Class)
Chapter 162: Waging the Seat of Academy’s Strongest (During Magic Class)
Chapter 163: A Reunion albeit not a Dramatic One
Chapter 164: A New Encounter
Chapter 165: I Was Invited to a Tea Party!
Chapter 166: We Started to Gradually Get Chummier!
Chapter 167: Outside the Loop
Chapter 168: Which Game Faction?
Chapter 169: And here I Thought It Was Sleep-Talking…
Chapter 170: Digging up Old Stories from the Past only Troubles Me
Chapter 171: Enter the Villainess
Chapter 172: I Won’t Accept any Complaints!
Chapter 173: I Was a Dark Magic Practitioner!
Chapter 174: Actually, He Was a Huge Fan!
Chapter 175: She Liked Fermentation, Right?
Chapter 176: Who Is the Mastermind?
Chapter 177: A Sudden Inspiration!
Chapter 178: Let’s Have a Chat with Cain
Chapter 179: Primrose’s Mind Eye Was Amazing
Chapter 180: I Reformed Smith!
Chapter 181: Letters from Swan 1
Chapter 182: Letters from Swan 2
Chapter 183: Letters from Swan 3
Chapter 184: I Accepted a Request from Damsel Scarlet!
Chapter 185: Witnessing the Site of a Judgment (Despite also Being a Villainess)
Chapter 186: Lying Is Wrong, Okay?
Chapter 187: I’ll Resist, even as Villainess
Chapter 188: The Villainess Loves a Useless Bum
Chapter 189: The False Charges Were Cleared (The Real Fun Starts Now)!
Chapter 190: The Flash of a Hero
Chapter 191: I Witnessed a Jumping Dogeza!
Chapter 192: I Must Abide by Common Practice, Right!?
Chapter 193: The Time to Decide Is Now!
Chapter 194: Case Closed
Chapter 195: Keepin’ Things Goin’ as Usual (Sword’s Point of View)

Taking a Breather at Our Base

Chapter 196: I Want to Go on Vacation!
Chapter 197: The Chaudgals Arrived!
Chapter 198: Is this Some Kind of Spa?
Chapter 199: It Is Impossible Without Slirin!
Chapter 200: Adventurism Transcends Gender!
Chapter 201: I Guess We Weren’t Alone
Chapter 202: I Let Him in on the Spur of the Moment (Sword’s Point of View)
Chapter 203: I Made a Special Version!
Chapter 204: Let’s Cut Loose!
Chapter 205: They Are Finally Going Back!
Chapter 206: Bennyboy Is Back!
Chapter 207: Rice, Rice, Riiiice!
Chapter 208: He Sulked
Chapter 209: Sorry for Sulkin’
Chapter 210: I’m Not Pampering Him, Okay?
Chapter 211: Bennyboy’s Request
Chapter 212: (Gossip) Scarlet and Her Prized Magic Tools 1
Chapter 213: (Gossip) Scarlet and Her Prized Magic Tools 2
Chapter 214: (Gossip) Scarlet and Her Prized Magic Tools 3
Chapter 215: (Gossip) Scarlet and Her Prized Magic Tools 4
Chapter 216: (Gossip) Scarlet and Her Prized Magic Tools 5
Chapter 217: (Gossip) Scarlet and Her Prized Magic Tools 6
Chapter 218: (Gossip) Scarlet and Her Prized Magic Tools 7
Chapter 219: (Gossip) Scarlet and Her Prized Magic Tools 8
Chapter 220: (Gossip) Scarlet and Her Prized Magic Tools 9
Chapter 221: (Gossip) Scarlet and Her Prized Magic Tools 10

Woman of the Past

Chapter 222: We Are Going on an Adventure in the Mountains!
Chapter 223: Those Loitering at Clear and Serene Lakes
Chapter 224: Even if that Place Is Hell
Chapter 225: Because You Won’t Get an Answer
Chapter 226: Let’s Have a Love Talk under the Moonlight!
Chapter 227: We Arrived at a Normal Town!
Chapter 228: Common Reason for a Break-Up (Sword’s Point of View)
Chapter 229: Reunion with Ivana (Sword’s Point of View)
Chapter 230: Conversation with Ivana (Sword’s Point of View)
Chapter 231: Finishing the Conversation with Ivana (Sword’s Point of View)
Chapter 232: When I Returned to the Inn (Sword’s Point of View)
Chapter 233: And here I Thought They Are Sexy
Chapter 234: Verifying in the Dungeon
Chapter 235: Let’s Talk with the Dungeon Boss!
Chapter 236: Let’s Talk with Sir Dungeon Core!
Chapter 237: Girls Bond through Cooking, right?
Chapter 238: I’m Not Making any Passes!
Chapter 239: The Two Choices of Being Scared of Me or Taking Me on
Chapter 240: I Found a Good Explanation

Stall Mania at the Bay

Chapter 241: Suddenly Getting Shouted At!
Chapter 242: Let’s Get the Stall Ready
Chapter 243: Let’s Get the Stall Ready – Sequel
Chapter 244: Let’s Get the Stall Ready – Sequel Sequel
Chapter 245: Let’s Get the Stall Ready – Sequel Sequel Sequel
Chapter 246: The Stall Was a Huge Success!
Chapter 247: I Scouted Stall Personnel!
Chapter 248: I Went to Donate at the Church!
Chapter 249: The Saint Came Along!
Chapter 250: Let’s Play with the Saint and Her Party!
Chapter 251: Let’s Play with the Saint and Her Party!
Chapter 252: Let’s Have a Holy Magic Competition!
Chapter 253: People Call that Dark History
Chapter 254: I’m Weak to Trembling, Whimpering Puppy Acts
Chapter 255: Let’s Get the Stall Ready – Once Again
Chapter 256: Let’s Get the Stall Ready – Once Again – Sequel
Chapter 257: Let’s Get the Stall Ready – Once Again – Sequel Sequel
Chapter 258: The Stall Is a Huge Success! Once Again
Chapter 259: A-A Violet Ryoku!?

Next Gen S-Rank Adventurer

Chapter 260: I Arrived at another Town of the Bay!
Chapter 261: Let’s Take the S-Rank Exam (Not)
Chapter 262: SWOOOOOOOORD!
Chapter 263: It’s Covered with a Slimy Liquid!
Chapter 264: The Guildmaster’s Suffering
Chapter 265: Conversation with the Guildmaster
Chapter 266: Let’s Open a Stall with the Take It Easy Members!
Chapter 267: He’s Making Mooneyes again
Chapter 268: Creeepy! Pathetic!
Chapter 269: Shopping with the Taking It Easy Members
Chapter 270: The Instant My Aversion Turned into Rage!
Chapter 271: I’m Going back since It’s Boring
Chapter 272: You Must Stick to Customs!

Let’s Build a Shop

Chapter 273: Time to Design a Shop!
Chapter 274: Wouldn’t It Be Just Fine for Brooms to Fly!?
Chapter 275: Let’s Do a Shop Explanation!
Chapter 276: Let’s Preview the Shop!
Chapter 277: Sakura’s Debut
Chapter 278: What Do You Plan to Do with my Base Body?
Chapter 279: They Arrived in Succession!
Chapter 280: Two People who Went through a Common Event
Chapter 281: Magic Girls and Flying Brooms Belong Together!
Chapter 282: The Pre-Opening Is for Nobility
Chapter 283: I Was Asked about my Upbringing by the Handsome Lad!
Chapter 284: Liquors and Beauty Products Are the Highlights in any World!
Chapter 285: She’s Mastered Riding a Flying Broom!
Chapter 286: Mrs. Ally Is Super Popular
Chapter 287: Ryoku Has!
Chapter 288: Let’s Have a Closing Party
Chapter 289: I Got Seduced by a Customer!
Chapter 290: Let’s Start from Being Friends?
Chapter 291: It Looks like We Got on Track!
Chapter 292: (Gossip) Pumilla’s Fiancé and His Store 1
Chapter 293: (Gossip) Pumilla’s Fiancé and His Store 2
Chapter 294: (Gossip) Pumilla’s Fiancé and His Store 3
Chapter 295: (Gossip) Pumilla’s Fiancé and His Store 4
Chapter 296: (Gossip) Pumilla’s Fiancé and His Store 5
Chapter 297: (Gossip) Pumilla’s Fiancé and His Store 6
Chapter 298: (Gossip) Pumilla’s Fiancé and His Store 7
Chapter 299: (Gossip) Pumilla’s Fiancé and His Store 8
Chapter 300: (Gossip) Pumilla’s Fiancé and His Store 9
Chapter 301: (Gossip) Pumilla’s Fiancé and His Store 10
Chapter 302: When We Got Back to Our Base

Desert Adventure

Chapter 303: We’ll Blast through the Desert in Char!
Chapter 304: We Arrived at a Desert Town!
Chapter 305: They sure Are Running Low on Water
Chapter 306: He’s Been Taking Selfies
Chapter 308: A Conversation with the Boss of the Lake!
Chapter 309: The Diarrhea Has Stopped!
Chapter 310: The Probability of Finding a Lost Coin in a Desert
Chapter 311: I was Picked Up by a Crazy Human
Chapter 312: Male Demonkin Are Quite Peculiar, Aren’t They?
Chapter 313: I’m a Human, Okay?
Chapter 314: The Present Is Being Reflected through a Map by the Horbs
Chapter 315: Demonkin sure Are emotionally weak

Demon King’s Country

Chapter 316: Let’s Go to the Demon King’s Country!
Chapter 317: What to Do if They All Start Crying Together?
Chapter 318: Handing out Candies for Reconciliation
Chapter 319: Demonkin Are Basically Kids in Adult Bodies
Chapter 320: During the Audience with His Majesty the Demon King
Chapter 321: We Obtained Permission to Have some Fun in the Dungeon!
Chapter 322: The Teleport Device is Scary!
Chapter 323: Demon King’s Castle Dungeon – Start!
Chapter 324: What Would Be the Method to Tell Humanoid Monsters apart?
Chapter 325: My Preference Lies with a huge Variety
Chapter 326: Sword Got a New Child to Humor him!
Chapter 327: Dogs Being Four-Legged Makes Them Dogs
Chapter 328: Gyaaaaaaaa!!
Chapter 329: My Sole Weakpoint (As in Me Losing my Mind)
Chapter 330: Trick and Treat
Chapter 331: It Seems to Be a Gathering of Touchy Life-Forms
Chapter 332: For there to Be a Negative Effect in Being Together with a Guy Possessing a Sixth Sense…
Chapter 333: All according to the Legend!
Chapter 334: I Made Them, Didn’t I!?
Chapter 335: Party Floors
Chapter 336: World’s End Dancehall
Chapter 337: Traps TRAPS tRaPS

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