Chapter 177: A Sudden Inspiration!


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Unfortunately, Swannyboy was a dud. Well, I now know it’s wrong, but I wanted the mastermind to be Cain. The reasoning of him gathering information about me by using a pawn out of caution towards my magic elements would be ideal, but since Swannyboy’s story sounds a lot more coherent, I’ll accept it as a truth – unwillingly.

Me being put in the same room as Swannyboy was intentional as well. Swannyboy’s eyes when looking at me were full of fear, and thus he shouldn’t normally approach me if that much would be enough to scare him, but he still approached me actively from day one.

Having me crossdress as a boy was probably for placing me in the same room as Swannyboy as well. It’s a trick a cunning guy like that would likely pull. If I remember correctly, he said that he’s an aide of the king or some such, so he should have more than enough authority.

The request itself was already plenty fishy, but while this is yet another disappointment, Damsel Scarlet hasn’t lied. That’s why Sword and I have been likely set on this matter.

…Anyway, I just need to pay him back ten-fold.






――A letter was delivered to Shadow. After clearing out all the people, Shadow opened the letter in his private room.

The letter didn’t mention anything significant.

“…This time the contents are unusually tame. For her to train herself everyday means she has a fairly diligent side to her as well, huh?

….Still, her befriending Damsel Scarlet is a very troublesome matter. Duke Chaudgal is generally known to be a big fan of 【Thunderclap Whitefang】. Sword himself didn’t pay any heed to it since he hates such things, but I wonder how she will act…”

The instant he threw the letter into the fireplace while talking to himself, a loud voice suddenly boomed at him.

『Shadow or whatever you’re called! You have become my enemy, right!? Forcing a debt of gratitude on Swannyboy’s parents, you threatened the boy into snooping around my matters, didn’t you!? I have been provided evidence of it! If you want to be my enemy to such an extent, I’ll humor you! And pay you back ten-fold! I will also threaten and subjugate those you love and respect to have them monitor you! If you think I can’t do that, you’re heavily underestimating my abilities! I’ll make you fully realize that!』

As soon as the yelling stopped, an explosion occurred.



Someone was loudly banging against the door.

“Lord Shadow! Are you alright, Lord Shadow!?”

While listening to the voice and banging, he reconsidered that he made a huge blunder.

…….I belittled the one called Indra Springcoat. I underrated her far too much.

Shadow stood stock still in his room that had turned into a ruin.




Now then, it looks like it’s going to be fun if Shadow becomes my enemy. I’ll be able to torture him to my heart’s content without a pang of guilty conscience, right? I sent a declaration of war, but I wonder how he’s going to come at me?

I’d love him to come up with many, many meticulous and sly plans.

Either way, who’s Cain? Even Damsel Scarlet has been saying that she hasn’t found anyone resembling the Cain from her memories…and now that I know the request’s client, wouldn’t it be fine to wrap up this request by saying 『The mastermind are you! Shadow!』?

While at it, I’ll go and beat up Shadow black and blue. He’s just your average, sly, middle-aged dude with a somewhat good-looking face anyway, isn’t he…?

“Ah,” I had a good idea how to find Cain.

……Whenever I catch sight of that girl, some guy is always with her, sheesh.

While thinking so, I called out to her, “Primrose!”

“Oh! Big Brother!”

“That’s wrong!”

It’s going haywire from the very start. That’s why I don’t want to talk with this airhead. I really don’t want to do it, but this method should work.

“I’d like to rely on your appraising eyes.”

“Huh? You want to rely on me, Big Brother?” She answered while turning red.

……Why are you turning red, girly?

“Primrose. Tell me the names of all male students you currently consider as desirable.”

Primrose immediately became dumbfounded.

“……Big Brother? Are you possibly jealous?”

Just what’s this girl blathering?

“Stop it with the nonsense. You seem to have a discerning eye for boys. For this reason, I’d like you to name all the guys you regard as lovely. Given that I’m completely ignorant of such matters, I want to use you as reference.”

To identify Cain.

Primrose was dumbstruck for a moment, but immediately rebooted, and nodded.

“………Umm, okay, I got it! First off, Prince Elias!”

“I know about him.”

“Lord Genius.”

“Him as well.”

“I heard that Lord Direck over here is the son of the Knight Leader, but he’s wild and lovely,” she said while pointing at a burly man behind her.

Eh…….this bundle of muscles is cool? His height is rather short, and so are his legs. Somehow he’s glaring at me, but he’s no good, considering he loses in swordsmanship against that perverted crybaby of a prince.

“Also, Lord Shell. We attend music classes together, and he’s a very dreamy man.

Hmm, that means he’s the musician capture target, huh?

“Anyone else?”

“Eh? Hmm… Ah, Lord Karent! He’s the younger brother of Prince Elias, but he’s a very adorable boy!”

Okay, that boy’s background should be pretty clear, I suppose. So if I had to force a guess, it’d could be the Shell guy.

“Isn’t there anyone else?”

“Ah! Most recently, Instructor Sword…”

“That guy’s out of the question. Isn’t there anyone else?”

Hmm, I guess I’ll give the Shell boy a whirl…

Just as I placed my hand on my chin, pondering, Primrose continued, “There’s one more. Someone that piques my interest. But…I never talked to him before. He’s always so quiet and inconspicuous, so I feel like I should maybe talk to him, but he quickly runs away as soon as my attention is diverted by something else. He’s almost like a fleeting dream…”

……What kind of person is that supposed to be?

“If you ask me, he sounds like a wraith, but whatever. So? What’s his name?”




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