Records of Chrono’s Wars



Chrono Chroford, a noble of Empire Cepheus, had a secret. It was that he came from a different world – modern Japan. He didn’t know how or why he was sent here, he wasn’t bestowed with any “cheat” abilities and his knowledge of modern technology was only that of a teenager’s.

A young man with modern values in a savage world, he is abandoned by his superiors, left in command of the Empire’s rejects consisting of demi-humans such as Minotaurs, Dwarves, and Elves, and thrust into a position as head of a poor fiefdom.

Chrono will do everything he can to rebuild and strengthen his forces and revitalize the land, aided in part by his knowledge from the other world. He is also aided by many capable women and becomes a harem king.


Romaji Title: | Kuro no Senki |
Japanese Title: | クロの戦記 |
English Title: | Records of Chrono’s Wars |
Author: Saito Ayumu | サイトウアユム

Volume 1


Prologue: 『The Beginning』
Chapter 1: 『First Battle』
Chapter 2: 『Indictment』
Chapter 3: 『Conferring of Peerage』
Chapter 4: 『Landlady and Flower Seller』
Chapter 5: 『Slave Market』
Chapter 6: 『Gang of Bandits』
Epilogue: 『Assumption』


Volume 2


Prologue: 『The Morning After』
Chapter 1: 『Tilia Departure』
Chapter 2: 『Yellow Ocher Temple』
Chapter 3 – 『Almshouse』
Intermission: Elena’s Peaceful Days Against all Odds
Chapter 4: 『Reservists』
Chapter 5: 『Harvest』
Epilogue: 『Omen』
Extra: 『Military Exercise』


Volume 3


Prologue: 『Written Invitation』
Chapter 1: 『Inspection』
Chapter 2: 『Capital』

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