Epilogue – Assumption




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Pale lighting of the magic lamp illuminated a pile of papers stacked on the table. It was paper produced in the Erakis March, and not the Free City States as would be common for paper.

Tilia picked up the topmost piece of paper. Its feel was coarse, and the tip of a quill would get stuck if you tried to write letters on it. But, there was no doubt about it being paper. Moreover, it was paper that had been produced with a method differing from the one used in the Free City States.

The Erakis March had managed to produce paper which the Empire had to import until now. That fact held value beyond saving on money.

If the Empire handles this skillfully, it could lead to the destruction of one of the cities forming the Free City States. And yet, Chrono isn’t even aware of such consequences. Very likely he doesn’t understand how much General Igniz’s defeat meant either.

Pulling off unbelievable things without being aware of them. Chrono is that kind of a man.

“…It means the defeat from back then also had a meaning since I could befriend a man like him.”

Tilia giggled, but then she suddenly recalled an anecdote of the founding emperor she had heard in her childhood. In her early childhood she yearned to achieve something similar, but once she became six, she started to consider it a fable.

I probably couldn’t avoid doing so for the sake of maintaining the dignity of my family line.

“Still, 『having come from a different world』 was probably no more than exaggeration.”

But, she continued in her mind, if that story was true, what should I do if someone 『having come from a different world』 shows up in front of me?

“…That’s obvious, isn’t it?”

Tilia picked up her quill while silently offering a prayer to her god. She threw the quill, now engulfed by a white light, deeply embedding it in the door.

Even if they might come from the same place as the founding emperor, I’ll get rid of them if they prove to be harmful for the Empire. That’s all there is to it.



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