Living in a Class-Based World


When Yuuta wakes up, he finds himself in a new body with most of his memories intact. It’s a world with a man to woman ratio of 1:10,000, rebuilt from the ashes of the old world – our current, modern world.

Naturally, men are treated as precious by each country, and they’re provided everything they need for living. But that comes at a price. Men have obligations and they are but one cog in a society of females which follows strict rules and adheres to a harsh class-based ideology and traditions.

This story is similar to World End Harem in its underlying idea, but unlike the manga, it follows a violence-free approach, putting more focus on the system. It contains soft porn and later on sex scenes, but even without those (not that their existence poses a problem though 😉 ), it makes for a very decent story.


Tags: R18, Sc-Fi, Politics, Classes, Sex (all kinds of), Intrigues, Drama, Weak to Strong, Factions, School Setting


Romaji Title: | Kakudzukesareru sekai de iketeiku |
Japanese Title: | 格付けされる世界で生きていく |
English Title: | Living in a Class-Based World |
Author: Flesh Rod | 肉の棒 |

First Volume – A Different World upon Awakening

Chapter 1: Awakening
Chapter 2: Activation
Chapter 3: Medical Examination ①
Chapter 4: Medical Examination ②
Chapter 5: Service Schedule
Chapter 6: Housework Service ①
Chapter 7: Housework Service ②
Chapter 8: Housework Service ③
Chapter 9: Video Call ①
Chapter 10: Video Call ②
Chapter 11: Kanda Sports ①
Chapter 12: Kanda Sports ②
Chapter 13: Kanda Sports ③
Chapter 14: Kanda Sports ④
Chapter 15: Eternal High Families
Chapter 15: Eternal High Families
Chapter 16: School Day
Chapter 17: Gaming Stream
Chapter 18: Case Worker Ayaka ①
Chapter 19: Case Worker Ayaka ②
Chapter 20: Case Worker Ayaka ③
Chapter 21: A Man’s Beauty Treatment ①
Chapter 22: A Man’s Beauty Treatment ②

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