Maou no Utsuwa

A world of swords and magic.

While being born into a noble family of a major power, the boy, who can’t use magic properly, spends time living in misery. Such boy’s fate begins to stir after meeting a certain demon.

The fateful encounter changes the boy’s life and before long it becomes something shaking the foundation of the world changing his surroundings.

That’s the kind of story this is.

Romaji Title: | Maou no Utsuwa |
Japanese Title: | 魔王の器 |
English Title: | The Demon King’s Vessel |
Author: Tsukino Fumito| 月野文人


All credits for the chapters of Ainushi are displayed on their site.


Chapter 1: The Classmate’s True Identity (Ainushi)
Chapter 2: Words of Oath (TL: Shasu, ED: Marco)
Chapter 3: I made a Female Friend (Ainushi)
Chapter 4: Can this be even called a date? (TL: Shasu, ED: Marco)
Chapter 5: I was summoned (Ainushi)
Chapter 6: It doesn’t seem like getting along well with the Imperial Princess-sama is possible (TL: Shasu, ED: Marco)
Chapter 7: A great noble has taken interest in me (Ainushi)
Chapter 8: Joint Lessons are meaningless, you say? (Ainushi)
Chapter 9: A date with the object of admiration of the Academy (Ainushi)
Chapter 10: I will properly train as well (TL: Shasu, ED: Marco)
Chapter 11: A second date, is it? (TL: Shasu)
Chapter 12: Something like mercy for your enemy is unnecessary (TL: Shasu, ED: Marco)


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  2. Whaooo!! this is being translated!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  3. Is this the LN or WN version?

  4. I just saw the news on ainushi !! Thank you for continuing this novel !! I would have been too sad to see him give up with all those good chapters !! I can not wait to see the suite anyway !! Another big thank you 🙂 ( sorry for my english , i m french )

  5. I’m glad sashu will keep translating MnO, thanks for your hard work and just do it on your own pace. We’ll wait patiently.

  6. Shasu rules for picking this up!

  7. Bell Clare Ferguson

    is there any chance of this being picked back up again? it’s such a good story!!!!!

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