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The researcher Yoshimura Keigo encounters dungeons for the first time three years after the cataclysm. Follow his life as he tries to lead a relaxed life as strongest human.
Romance | Modern World | Dungeons | Adventuring | Science| Slice of Life | Cruel Depictions | R-15

Dungeon Battle Royale

Kurosaki Shion becomes one of a million Demon Kings in a post-apocalyptic world. He strives for survival by unifying the world through brains and brawn.
Strategy | Combat | Modern World | Magic | Dungeons | Cruel Depictions |  R-15

Hakai no Miko

Kizaki Souma is summoned to another world to become the “Divine Child of Destruction” in order to lead Demi-Humans in the war against Humanity.
Romance | Politics | Strategy | Combat | Weak Protagonist | Cruel Depictions | R-15

The Spearmaster and the Black Cat

A tear in reality pulls Shuuya Kagari into a white room where he can set his race and traits. As new vampire hybrid he ventures out into a vast, everchanging world.
Adventuring | Romance | Harem | Combat | Magic | Mature | Cruel Depictions | R-18

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