Overkill Princess


Teo Korpi, a young man dreaming of becoming a cortege blacksmith, was on his way to the borderlands, just to have his coach attacked by a horde of orcs.

On the brink of death, help arrived…but, something wasn’t quite right with the swordswoman who was supposedly his savior.

Far from just killing the orcs, she slaughtered, slaughtered, and slaughtered them in the most gruesome ways…as if finding pure joy in a gory massacre.

Then she turned around towards Teo…

Romaji Title: | Juken no Hime no Overkill |
Japanese Title: | 呪剣の姫のオーバーキル |
English Title: | Overkill of the Cursed Sword’s Princess |
Author: Ougyo Kawagishi | 川岸殴魚

Volume 1

Chapter 1: Annihilate! The High Orc
Chapter 2: Brainkill! The Margrave’s Temptation
Chapter 3: Poison to Death! The Wyvern
Chapter 4: Hack Apart! The Ground Spider
Chapter 5: Corrode! The Basilisk
Chapter 6: Overwork! The Day Off
Chapter 7: Halfdead! The Troll
Chapter 8: Destroy! The Undead Dragon



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