Madan no Ou to Michelia



“I’m waiting. For your arrow to reach the Sizurite.”

Guided by the girl’s words, the boy, who had always been taught that bows are weapons used by cowards in his motherland, sought his own path and gained something he ought to protect.

Two years later, the kingdom of Brune had forged an alliance with Zhcted to start a war against the major power Muozinel. Tigre headed out onto his first battlefield instead of his father who got stricken by illness.

It looked like the battle was proceeding in Brune’s favor, but after suffering a surprise attack, the front line of Brune’s army collapsed. Tigre’s unit had to flee.

The one rescuing Tigre and his men when they found themselves in a predicament was Ludmila, the Vanadis of Olmutz. The two rejoiced over their reunion after two years, but new battles were already waiting for them.

The battle against the forces of darkness, hidden in the shadows since the times of legends, in an era overflowing with wars is now going to start!


This story is a spin-off of the series Madan no Ou to Vanadis. It helps to read the main series, but it is not necessary.


Romaji Title: | Madan no Ou to Michelia|
Japanese Title: | 魔弾の王と凍漣の雪姫ミーチェリア |
English Title: | The King of Magic Archery and the Snow Princess of Frozen RipplesMichelia |
Author: Kawaguchi Tsukasa | 川口士 |


Volume 1

Chapter 1: First Campaign
Chapter 2: Michelia
Chapter 3: Nixy
Chapter 4: Black Bow

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