Tale of the Mismarca Kingdom

Mahiro is the prince of the Mismarca Kingdom, he won’t study nor learn sword skills, he is a lazy prince who only plays until late at night. The Royal Knight Pariel would always scold him for his behavior.

And towards that Mismarca Kingdom an elite squad of the Grand Marsenal Empire is approaching. The leader of the squad is Lunas, a warrior princess, the Third Imperial Princess of Grand Marsenal.

All of Mismarca’s vassals voice their will to fight in an all-out war, and yet there is one man who cowardly asks “Why don’t we have a talk with them?” What kind of fate awaits the Mismarca Kingdom and its useless Prince, Mahiro?

Romaji Title: | Mismaruka Kouko Monogatari |
Japanese Title: | ミスマルカ興国物語 |
English Title: | Tale of the Mismarca Kingdom |
Author: Hayashi Tomoaki | 林トモアキ |


Volume 2

Chapter 1: Small Nations Group Syndrome (ED: ApoWo)
Chapter 2: Beginning of the Selection (ED: ApoWo)
Chapter 3: Hurrying towards the South (ED: ApoWo)