I work as Healer in Another World’s Labyrinth City

Previously! In IWAHIAWLC!  For those who didn’t know about the Reddit translations.

Healer Chapter 4

Healer Chapter 5

Healer Chapter 6 (TL: Shasu, ED: BakaGrappler)

Healer Chapter 7 (TL: Shasu, E: Kruncs)



When Shasu offered to give me and the other Editors a couple chapters of whatever series we wished as a Christmas gift, I felt an enormous gratitude from him, and wished for his gift to us to be a gift from us Editors to the rest of the internet as well.  Some may damn us for not choosing to have our gifted chapters be Nidoume or Hachinan, but I felt that we should at least try and remind everyone about Healer in Another World’s Labyrinth.  I’ve read it to the completion of all it’s current chapters through Google Translate, but that’s a shallow experience.  One I very much enjoyed and hope others can enjoy in English someday.  So this is all about reminding people that the project exists, that the previous translators who attempted it unceremoniously gave up, and that ANYONE who wants to pick it up is not only free to do so, but desired to as well.

This is a teaser. Not a full project.  Infinite Novel Translations has done it’s part.  Now, someone take the ball, and start running with it.  You’ll have people lining up to thank you, with myself at the head of the line.


  1. Thank you very much

  2. Can you please post here chapters 1-3 because Kurotsuki Ryoudan site is blocked…

  3. Umm… where can I read chapter 1-5?

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