Beyond the Friendzone


Yamase Fuyu, a typical office guy who was being worked to the bones at his game company, reunited with his ex-girlfriend Ito. The two went out drinking together to celebrate the good old times, but ended up in bed thereafter. Being a diligent guy, Fuyu wanted things to get back on track towards a proper and wholesome relationship, but he had reckoned without Ito, marking the start of two working adults fumbling their way through a kinky, romantic comedy.


Tags: Comedy, Romance, Adult, R-15, Relationships, Drama

Japanese Title: | 恋人以上のことを、彼女じゃない君と |
English Title: | Beyond the Friendzone |
Author: 持崎湯葉
Illustrator: どうしま


Volume 1

Chapter 1: Ito
Chapter 2: Sevens

Volume 2


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