Chapter 5 – Service Schedule


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It was just time for lunch when Yuuta returned to his room after the floating box had driven him back home from the medical examination. As he hadn’t been able to eat breakfast for the sake of having an empty stomach, Yuuta wolfed down the lunch delivered to him by the autonomous robot. In the end, hunger was always the best spice you could get.

Still, eating by yourself is kinda… That’s commonplace in this world, though.

Despite having a guilty conscience as he knew that it was bad manners, Yuuta used his tablet while eating. He selected the Service form, and used its search function to look up the keyword 「Housework」.

This appears to be another popular Service Activity.

Men lived in their own Exclusive Male Zone, and the ways for women to enter that zone were limited. Service accounted for one of those ways.

The medical examination Yuuta experienced today was a perfect example of that. The doctor and her three nurses were able to enter the Exclusive Male Zone and perform Yuuta’s examination at a dedicated facility.

Other than Service Activities, some women were also permitted to enter the male zone as a labor force to maintain the functions required for the Exclusive Male Zone to work as habitat for men.

And the biggest reason why women would want to enter the Exclusive Male Zone was marriage. Women married to a man were allowed to freely enter and leave the Exclusive Male Zone where their spouse lived. Moreover, even pre-marriage relations such as fiancée or girlfriend made it possible for a woman to enter that zone as long as the man invited her.

Married women possessed a family name. That was special because neither women nor men carried a family name upon birth. Men, however, would create their own family at the time of their first marriage. And because all women married to a particular man would have the same family name, it was immediately clear who was married to whom.

Also, because men couldn’t use a family name that already existed, their own family name would inevitably become unique in the world.

For all those reasons and more, the permission to enter the Exclusive Male Zone was a cause for happiness, an honor, and a social status for the women of this world.

Of course, the main objective for women here was to marry a superb male and have children with him.

Several Exclusive Male Zones existed in Nihon. Yuuta was living in Toukyou’s, but Hokkaidou, Kyouto, and Fukuoka also had Exclusive Male Zones.

The main workforce of male zones were autonomous robots. Because of that, women weren’t required for their labor in many fields, and most of the jobs asked from women were tasks that were too complicated for robots to solve while also giving very few opportunities to catch a man’s eye.

For this reason, housework to support a man’s single life was a highly popular Service Activity. The number of requests for this type of Service was astounding, too. At the same time, it meant that the man had free choice to select the woman that suited his tastes the most.

I need to narrow down the terms even further…

Yuuta entered his preferences, continuously refining his target group.

20 years old, a height of 164 cm, the three sizes at 96/56/88 with an I-cup chest, a cute face, and gentle, huh? Oh wait, this one is 22 years old, has a height of 168 cm, and is endowed with a K-cup chest with 102/58/89! Wow! The number of women with erotic bodies to appeal to men is truly ridiculous. This makes choosing damn tough. To make matters worse, any woman will be kind towards men. Extremely masochistic men who love super sadistic women probably don’t exist in this world.

It wasn’t a world where a man was allowed to do anything just because they were male, but it was a fact that many women desired men. Hence, it was inevitable for men to have a predominant position in society. Women were submissive towards men, showing off their cuteness, beauty, and lewdness in order to draw a man’s interest.

Just by looking at their profiles, Yuuta ended up thinking that the women of this world were all way too attractive. As such he couldn’t quite make up his mind, but at this time Yuuta had forgotten something very important.

Hmmm…seriously, what should I do here? I guess I’ll go with this lewd, 22-years-old, K-cup lady for one day.

The Housework Service Activity basically was limited to one day. It wasn’t as though a woman could take care of a man for days on end just because her Housework Service request had been accepted. In other words, it was possible for Yuuta to legally invite a different charming lady to his room every day for the sake of performing the Service Activity of allowing her to do his housework.

But, in reality this was never done.

I’ll be regarded as an unfaithful, insincere guy, if I overdo it, won’t I?

Because completely autonomous robots existed, the women didn’t seem to look very fondly at a guy requesting a woman to clean his room every day. Going by Yuuta’s perverted mindset of his previous world, it’d be a dream-like harem life, but the women over here would deem him to be a weirdo.

If he were to accept Housework Service requests over many days in a row, and if that information got shared among women, Yuuta’s reputation would immediately plummet to the bottom.

Besides, if the Service Activity results reported to the state were to be filled with nothing but housework, his reputation with the official authorities would go down the drain as well, Yuuta suspected.

The dream of a harem life!…in order to realize that, I need to get my rank raised, form relationships with women who are compatible with me, and then marry them.

Having said that, he was currently in an emergency situation. Today was January the 15th, and he had to carry out sixteen Service Activities until the Rank Exams at the beginning of March.

By just allowing a woman to do his housework, he could easily fulfill one request that would count as one Service Activity. Yuuta believed that the country would accommodate him to some extent, if it resulted in him doing his utmost until his junior high graduation.

With that decided, he tried to accept the Service request of the K-cup lady.

And send…… Huh? No good? Ah! Shit! My rank, huh!?

The Service requests of women set the rank the woman wanted the man to have. Yuuta’s chosen K-cup lady had requested a man of E-Rank and above. And because of that, F-Rank Yuuta couldn’t accept it.

Damn it! After having safely concluded the medical examination, I completely forgot that I’m shut-in F-Rank trash.

Yuuta added F-Rank and above as condition. Yet, the number of Housework Service requests still remained fairly high. But, this made sense since the Service Activity was similar to the medical examination in regard to junior high first-years accepting such requests. Hence, women aiming for those first-years naturally set the condition to F-Rank and above.

I wonder whether the woman is going to see me as a target of scorn at first like it happened with the earlier examination…once she learns about me being an F-Rank despite being about to graduate junior high.

Yuuta felt slightly down, but right now he couldn’t afford to mope around as he had to perform Service Activities.

He searched for a woman suiting his tastes from among the women listed as search results.

An attractive young miss with huge tits who’s cute, good at cooking, and gentle to F-Rank trash like me… If I consider these filter options in light of my previous world’s value system, even I’d consider myself real scum, but it’s not all that weird in this world! He encouraged himself.

Oh! This woman looks perfect! A pretty J-cup missy with 98/60/87 who’s 26 years old and has a height of 165 cm! Her name’s Lisa-san, huh? How nice…she looks very kind. Alright! I’ll ask her to visit tomorrow!

Once he accepted the Service request, tomorrow’s housework schedule was immediately sent to him. The cleaning would be done in the morning, and she’d be allowed to make him lunch and dinner.

By the way, Lisa-san requested to wash my underwear, if possible. If a woman wants to do a man’s laundry, and especially when it comes to underwear, she has to include it in the description of the Service request. Lisa-san seems to also be fine with the man refusing the laundry option, if he hates it, but of course I requested her to wash my underwear as well.

Rather…I kinda wonder what’ll happen if my trunks are stained and stink a bit? Soaking them with semen would be weird as heck, but as long as I expose the trunks to the characteristic smell of men and some pre-cum… No, wait. The men of this world have normal, sexual desires to begin with. They jerk off. There also exists a Zenga with Tenga-like tools for masturbation. In that case, they also have wet dreams, right? So would a development of shut-in trash like me having wet dreams as it’s too much of a hassle to jerk off…fly? 1

As he was pondering about all kinds of plans for Lisa during tomorrow’s Housework Service Activity, time flew by in the blink of an eye.

Uh-oh, not good, not good. I still need another sixteen Service Activities. I can’t only rely on Housework Services, so next would be…

Yuuta decided to investigate the Service Activities junior high students would often accept. But, he couldn’t rely on Yuuta-kun’s knowledge in regards to that as no good Service Activities were stored in Yuuta-kun’s memory.

Exchanging information with my classmates will be tough as well, won’t it? I mean Yuuta-kun is…totally hated by the men and women of his class.

The tablet’s display also showed an entry that would allow Yuuta to chat with his classmates. There also existed a group chat that was joined by all men in his class, but Yuuta-kun had been excluded from that.

Originally he had belonged to that chat group as well, but the leader among the men of Yuuta’s class drove Yuuta-kun out of the group chat one day, telling him that shut-in F-Rank trash should get lost.

Now after all this, Yuuta couldn’t simply enter that group chat and start asking questions.

But, questioning the girls in my class is also…

Unfortunately, Yuuta-kun was quite hated among the girls in his class. For women, who aimed to proceed through the steps of friendship, lovers, betrothal, and marriage with men, the guys in their class were the easiest targets to deepen their exchange. Because of that, excellent male classmates could become extremely popular, but on the other hand, existences like Yuuta-kun would be seen as total losers by the girls in their class.

Furthermore, because Yuuta-kun was shut-in F-Rank scum who stood out in a bad way, he was detested by the girls in his class as a target of scorn and disgust.

No choice. I guess I’ll gather some info online.

Yuuta decided to search the Internet for the information he needed. Articles about the ideal Service Activities for men, articles about the ideal Service Activities for women, and other information, where he didn’t know how much trust he could place into it, as it was written on anonymous forums.

Taking all of these into consideration, Yuuta sought the most efficient Service Activities for him under his current circumstances.

Video calls sound like a great option.

As a result of gathering information, he found out that men regarded video calls as one of their ideal Service Activities. Such video calls were also popular among women. During video calls with women, the man would only talk with her. The shortest calls could be set to ten minutes. But since almost no woman would actually request a video call for ten minutes, even the shortest video call would usually take thirty minutes. The most popular duration among women was one hour.

If it’s fine for F-Ranks to do these, I think I’ll stock up Service Activities with video calls. I’ll also use the Housework Service several times, and as long as I manage to somehow reach the quota with this…

Yuuta continued to plan his Service Activities until it was time for him to go to bed.



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Translation Notes:

  1. Tenga is a company producing stuff like cock sleeves and other such tools


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  2. I wonder how many generation of “harems” it would take to rééquilibrate the man/woman ratio…. no, I’m thinking about it the wrong way. Assuming same life expectancy, after some 80 years the population will have been basically fully replaced by those men’s children, and at this point the population ratio will be the one of natural childbirth.
    Well, looks like the basis that “women all evolved giant boobs to seduce men” doesn’t really make sense given the time frame XD

    But there is a mixed classroom setup for all kids after all. uh. That’s how how I understood stuff in the earlier chapters.

    (also lol, video calls ? Come on bro, you’ll get bored to death)

    • Who told you that the element leading to less men being born is gone? And how do you know any of the time frames between the “old world” and Yuuta’s current one? 🙂

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