Chapter 2 – Activation


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The physical examination was completely different from rank examinations. But even so, it was extremely important for men.

Confirming the body’s good health status is essential, right? Besides, it’s being carried out for the sake of 「Another Rank」.

Two major ranks play a role when women choose men in this world. The first was the male ranking. Right now, Yuuta was F-Rank in that ranking.

And the other important rank was the 「Sperm Rank」. This rank defined how easy it was for a woman to get pregnant from a man’s sperm, and its quality.

Natural conception is a great happiness for women, huh…?

In short, sex. Women felt happy over becoming pregnant through sex with a man, instead of artificial insemination. Moreover, it was believed that those women, who became pregnant through sex, were more likely to give birth to males.

Because of that, the annual physical examination was one of the duties assigned to men, but the only time Yuuta-kun partook in the examination was during his time as first-year at his junior high.

Back then, his Sperm Rank was E, wasn’t it?

A Sperm Rank of E during your first year at junior high was considered excellent. For this very reason, the country had tried all kinds of measures to somehow get Yuuta-kun to recover after becoming a shut-in.

The Male Rank is something that will continue to grow throughout your life, but the Sperm Rank only rises during the time from junior high to senior high. It’s said that the peak time for sperm lasts for ten years between 18 and 28. After that, the Sperm Rank is going to gradually fall, although it depends on the individual.

Yuuta decided to take the physical examination for the sake of improving his own situation. Of course, this physical examination could also be carried out by a completely autonomous robot.

But, this can also be used as 「Service」, can’t it…? In short, it means I’ll have live humans…moreover, a female doctor and nurses…perform the physical examination instead of a robot.

In a world, where women craved for the opportunity to come in contact with men and thus put up Service requests, the physical examination of men was naturally desired as one of the Service Activities as well. For Yuuta-kun it’d have been something similar to hell, but for the current Yuuta it was something akin to heaven.

I got no choice but to simply do it! Yeah!

Yuuta operated his tablet without any hesitation, opening the 「Service」 page which Yuuta-kun hadn’t accessed ever since his first term as junior high first-year. Using the search function, he looked up 「Physical Examination」. Thereupon, he was shown a long list of many hospitals.

Well, it’s not like I’ll go to those hospitals, however.

When it came to a man visiting a hospital outside the Exclusive Male Zone, it’d turn into a different kind of Service Activity altogether. For the physical examination in a case like this, a hospital’s doctor and nurses would arrive at a facility inside the Male Exclusive Zone and perform the man’s examination over there.

Whoaa…if I believe Yuuta-kun’s knowledge…the women of this world have a crazy high level, don’t they?

As if to draw the affections of the few men, the women’s appearance, style, and characters had evolved in a way to tickle the men’s preferences. Yuuta’s preferred doctors and nurses touted themselves with smiles on the screen.

Uh-oh, not good, not good. I mustn’t mistake my objectives here. Umm…I gotta go with a hospital that’s fine with F-Ranks for servicing.

The women were able to assign the men’s rank at the time of putting forth a service request. In the style of setting it to ‘E-Rank or above’ or ‘D-Rank or above.’

Because Yuuta’s F-Rank was the lowest rank existing, he had no choice but to go with 「F-Rank or above」 for the rank requirement. However, it came in handy that relatively many hospitals had set the rank requirement to 「F-Rank or above」 since physical examinations were also taken by junior high first-years. Of course, hospitals requiring you to be E-Rank or D-Rank and above also existed.

Hmm, let’s go with this place. It looks like it’s possible to get an appointment for tomorrow, too.

Yuuta decided to request a hospital, which had kindly smiling doctors and nurses on its introductory page, from among the Service Requests for physical examination requiring F-Rank and above.

As soon as he finished entering his data on the tablet, he received a message about the scheduled appointment for tomorrow, informing him that the examination was set to start tomorrow at 10 a.m.

Today’s January the 14th, huh? The rank exam for junior high third-years will be held on March the 1st, so…doing the missing number of Service Activities until then would be the least, huh? Given that Yuuta-kun has done only one Service Activity…two times in the first year, six times in second year, and nine times in the third year…all in all, I’m missing another 17 Service Activities. I’ll have to work hard at this.

After doing some light exercises, taking his meal, and seriously doing his online courses, Yuuta retired early in preparation for tomorrow’s physical examination.


═════════•°• ⚠ •°•═════════


The hospital, where Yuuta had applied for the Service Activity of a physical examination, was a general hospital just outside the Exclusive Male Zone. Learning about a man’s application for a physical examination as a Service Activity, the doctors and nurses inside the hospital all got excited.

All of them clamored to be the ones to go to that physical examination.


Their reaction took a complete turn with a single comment from the director.

“The one who applied for a Physical Examination Service Activity this time…is Yuuta-sama, who’s currently a junior high third year student. It’s that F-Rank Yuuta-sama.”


As soon as they heard that the patient of the physical examination would be Yuuta, who was also known as shut-in trash, the reaction of the doctors and nurses obviously changed into disappointment. Their struggling to be chosen for the examination until then completely abated, replaced by an atmosphere of bewilderment.

“Is there anyone…who wants to go?”

The responses were split into those hesitating to raise their hands and those having lost all interest at that point. The latter were women believing that they didn’t want anything to do with some shut-in F-Rank scum.

Then again, you could call this reaction very normal for the women of this world.

On the other hand, those who had been hesitating whether to raise their hands, were the women who thought that he was still a guy after all was said and done, even if only shut-in F-Rank scum. While he might be useless to the core, he was still a guy…was their train of thought.

“I will go,” one doctor among those women raised her hand.

She was 42 years old. A kind-looking woman with a gentle countenance. However, she was too old…to accept a man’s physical examination as a Service Activity.

The opportunities to come into contact with men was preferably yielded to women at a suitable age to give birth.

“It’s a rare chance… Besides, if it’s that Yuuta-sama…well, won’t it be alright even if this or that happens? Right?”

The ones the 42-years-old doctor looked at were young nurses who were favored by this particular doctor. Sensing the deeper meaning behind the doctor’s words, the nurses…

“I-I will go as well!”

“Me too!”

“Me as well, please!”

They raised their hands, one after the other.

And thus one doctor and three nurses were set to be in charge of Yuuta’s physical examination tomorrow.



“Kurumi-sensei… Please make sure to not do anything weird. Even if it might be Yuuta-sama, there are bound to be  limits to everything. You understand?”

“Yes, I do. I will not do anything that would cause trouble to you, Mrs. Director… But, he is a man who has been staying at F-Rank all the time without accomplishing his duties, so I will simply have him be of use for us women.”

“Good grief. Please, I beg you. I will not take any responsibility for whatever happens. Okay?”

“Of course.”

After receiving a stern warning directly from the hospital’s director, Doctor Kurumi set out to prepare everything for tomorrow’s physical examination.


═════════•°• ⚠ •°•═════════


On the next day, Yuuta woke to the dazzling rays of the morning sun. Because he would have a physical examination today, he skipped his breakfast.

After exercising his body lightly, he took a shower and left his room at 9:40 a.m.

Come to think of it…when was the last time Yuuta-kun left this room?

Even when he searched Yuuta-kun’s memories, he’d apparently been staying cooped up in his room for so long that he couldn’t quite remember the last time he left.

Although it was his first outing after a long time, an autonomous car was waiting for him outside his room. It might be called a car, but it was different from the cars of Yuuta’s old world. It was more of a box that transported people autonomously.

Based on some kind of principle Yuuta didn’t grasp…the box was floating faintly above the ground as it would carry its male passengers to their destination. Yes, male passengers, since this type of car, which used a fairly sophisticated technology only existed within the Exclusive Male Zone.

It took the box 15 minutes to transport him before arriving at the destination.

Yuuta stepped out of the box in front of the facility that would be used when men took their physical examination. As soon as the automatic door in front of him slid open, four women were waiting for him on the other side.

“We have been awaiting your arrival, Yuuta-sama,” greeted a woman who appeared to be a doctor going by her outfit.

Yuuta was slightly surprised. After all, this doctor was a lot older than Yuuta had expected. Her gentle smile was lovely and in his old world, she’d have been considered an extremely charming, mature woman, but he couldn’t believe that she was at an age fit for receiving a man’s Service Activity in this world.

Of course, Service Activities aimed at elderly women existed as well, but the man would know about his partner being older at the time of accepting the request. Yuuta had thought they’d entrust the Physical Examination Service Activity of a man, and moreover a junior high third-year, to a much younger doctor.

“I’m Yuuta. Please take care of me today,” Yuuta replied with a polite greeting to the doctor and nurses.

But, this caused the four women to be surprised. Yuuta wondered whether they hadn’t anticipated receiving a polite greeting from a man in return.

“The pleasure is on our side. Thank you very much for filing a physical examination with our hospital. My name is Kurumi. I shall be in charge of your examination today, Yuuta-sama. Please allow me to give you a thorough check.”


The three nurses behind the doctor were women at ages Yuuta had expected. All three had attractive appearances and styles, truly representing the women of this world.

Being guided by the doctor and the nurses, Yuuta walked towards the examination room deeper inside the facility.

Is this how it goes?

Yuuta felt like something was slightly out of place. Although he possessed Yuuta-kun’s memories and knowledge, for Yuuta these four were the first women he met in this world. He had been observing what kind of reaction they’d show towards a man, but it was different from what he had imagined.

He wouldn’t go as far as asking them to be more…delighted, but he felt like they could at least show any reaction towards being able to meet one of the few, precious men.

Or…is it because the other party is Yuuta, an F-Rank shut-in trash?

While feeling somewhat uneasy about their reaction, Yuuta entered the examination room.



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