Chapter 15: Eternal High Families


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Having lost his virginity in this world, Yuuta felt satisfied over having been able to release his pent-up sexual drive after a long time. After coming back to his room, he ate a slightly late breakfast while reminiscing about the sex with Mayumi.

That felt really awesome. I came twice inside Mayumi-san. Seeing her all messed up was amazing, too. Super erotic and lewd.

As he had ejaculated inside Mayumi, Yuuta had browsed the Internet to find out about the treatment of pregnant women.

In a world with few men, childcare would become a woman’s sole task. It looked like the state would pay pregnant women. So, even if Mayumi got pregnant with his child, she wouldn’t suffer any inconveniences in her livelihood.

But, the question of who fathered the child would still be a problem, I guess. If she really got pregnant…I’ll accept it as my child. It’s not clearly spelled out online, but they’ve indirectly explained that it’d be no problem for the woman, if the guy admits behind the scenes that it’s his child in case the pregnancy is an outcome of a deal.

What Yuuta had read there were stories about women of high families. After all, those kinds of deals were mostly limited to high family women. Seeing that as a chance, Yuuta thought that he ought to contact Kanda Sports. He didn’t know Mayumi’s contact address as it was prohibited to pass on such private information during a Service.

Originally it was a rule set up to hinder women from trying to find out the man’s contact address or telling him her own contact address.

Accordingly, Yuuta thought that he’d be able to find out about Mayumi’s condition if he contacted Kanda Sports. He wanted to make sure that it wouldn’t cause her any problems, if she got pregnant.



With this, I got nine Service Activities left until I meet the quota, huh? I’d like to do that Live Gaming Stream Service. And as for the rest…I can use another Housework Service…and Video Calls…

He set up his schedule for the nine Service Activities within the remaining two months. He decided that he’d do the Stream as government Service instead of accepting someone’s individual request. If he did it like that, the state would provide a room, allowing him to stream his gaming on the appointed day from there.

When he put that into practice, his Service reservation was immediately booked. It was going to take place three days later in the evening. Yuuta suspected that the state had set this date to be on the weekend to make it easier for many women to watch the stream. Because it was a Stream Service, and not a regular stream, the women would be able to watch it for free. On top of that, it’d be announced to all women in Nihon that Yuuta was planning to do a Live Gaming Stream Service. By the way, in the case of a Streaming Service seen by many women, the Service rating would be carried out by the state.

I wonder whether Lisa-san and Mayumi-san will watch? Maybe the girls from Kanda Sports, that doctor and her nurses are going to watch too. I sure am excited about this. I’d be happy if I could have many women join the stream, but I might be hoping for too much here, seeing how I’m F-Rank shut-in trash.

This lowered the number of necessary Services to eight. With him planning another two Housework Services, one at the beginning and one at the end of February, the total would be deducted by another two, leaving him with six more Services being needed.

Thus he added another five Video Call Services, which were rather easy for cutting down the numbers.

As for the last one, he went with another Training Service. This time he set it to take place in a facility located within the Exclusive Male Zone. He believed that it’d be a tad too conspicuous if he did two Services outside the Exclusive Male Zone in a row.

Okay, I’m set with this! I should be in time for the ranking exams at the beginning of March. If I can become an E-Rank with this, the evaluation of my classmates should change somewhat, too.

Yuuta still thought that he didn’t want to get in contact with his classmates yet. Although he ended up meeting Kensuke and Tsubasa, he’d only become a target for bullying, like those two did, if he met his other classmates at present.

If I can get my classmates to believe that I’m contributing to society after having stopped being a shut-in and doing my Services decently, I should be able to build a better relationship with them. Besides, there’s simply too many things I don’t understand by myself. I want some friends who can share information with me.

Above all, I want information about high school over here. I wonder what they’re going to do about everyone’s 「Class Creation」. Besides, I guess that person is going to contact me soon.

That person referred to the state’s case worker. Every man would get a personal case worker assigned to them. But, ever since Yuuta woke up in this world, his personal case worker hadn’t contacted him even once.

Having said that, even a case worker who didn’t meet their charge frequently would definitely encounter them during the ranking exam. Because of that, it didn’t seem overly odd for the case worker not having contacted Yuuta so far. At a first glance, that is.

It wasn’t odd, but no matter how you looked at it, it’d be more than reasonable for his personal case worker to approach Yuuta, seeing how he had suddenly restarted his Service Activities, and quite vigorously at that. And yet, there had been no meeting, no contact, or any other form of communication.

Very likely…they gotta be Yuuta-kun’s collaborator. No matter how you spin it, I can’t think of any other explanation for their behavior.

A man who was under strict surveillance, and moreover, a junior high third-year who had no authority whatsoever, went through a personality transplantation reconstructed from the genetic information of an ancestor of the Old World; no one other than the case worker could have been the collaborator in order to achieve such a feat, going by the information Yuuta had gathered since waking up in this world.


═════════•°• ⚠ •°•═════════


Scene change – a certain place in Toukyou.


“That is all about the information of Yuuta-sama’s actions at Kanda Sports. At the end, he entered the locker room together with Mayumi, but first the president Mai was in front of the locker room, and once she went inside, the receptionist Sarah also went in front of the locker room, so I couldn’t get a read on what was going on inside the locker room.”

“I see…that Yuuta-sama, eh…? Did he offer a deal to a normal citizen? That’d mean we should raise his evaluation a bit.”

A woman was listening to the report of her subordinate in a mansion which could only be described as a palatial residence at the height of luxury.

“Just when I thought…he was finally able to recover from that incident…for him to go through such a rapid growth…I wonder what kind of change in his mental state has been at work here,” the woman muttered to herself.

Being able to get hold of Yuuta’s actions at Kanda Sports indicated that this woman held a considerable amount of influence and power. She had obtained the news of Yuuta’s Service outside the Exclusive Male Zone which normally ought to be inaccessible to anyone, but her subordinate’s report apparently fell short on the love affair that took place inside the locker room.

“Well, having said that, it’s unnecessary to change his overall assessment at present. I will have Yukishiro-san keep aiming for Takuya-sama.”

“I think that is a wise decision.”

“Tomorrow is a School Day. Everything is ready on Yukishiro-san’s side?”

“Yes. All has been put in order.”

“We must make sure that Takuya-sama and Yukishiro-san marry for the sake of Minato…. Though I cannot stomach the fact that the lass of those blasted Yoshiwaras has been a classmate of Yukishiro-san.”

“It appears they are not aiming for Takuya-sama, however.”

“That is a wonderful piece of news, but…they are still an annoying bunch of people!”

This was the mansion of the Minato family, one of the Eternal High Families situated in Toukyou. Eternal High Families referred to Nihon’s historic families which had remained High Families uninterrupted since the adoption of the current system. They were what you could call the nobility of High Families.

Two such families resided in Toukyou – the Minatos and the Yoshiwaras. However, neither 「Minato」 nor 「Yoshiwara」 were surnames. Surnames were set by the man after his first marriage and thus the successive generations of family heads among Eternal High Families all had different surnames. The same applied to the Yoshiwaras. 1

Minato and Yoshiwara were the names of places. The Minatos resided in Toukyou’s Minato Ward while the Yoshiwaras lived in the Yoshiwara Ward.

Strangely enough, the family heads of the Minatos and the Yoshiwaras, the two great, distinguished families of Toukyou, had daughters at the same age. And currently their daughters were in the third year of junior high. In other words, they were Yuuta’s classmates.

On the other hand, the bad blood between the Minatos and Yoshiwaras was famous. Rumors claimed that both families plotted all kinds of schemes in order to have the other side lose their name as Eternal by making them interrupt their high family status.

“Madam, I picked up an interesting rumor in regards to tomorrow’s School Day.”

“Oh my? What might that be?”

“It is said that the Yoshiwara daughter was permitted to have a common citizen’s daughter accompany her to school.”

“A common citizen’s? What does that mean?”

Tomorrow was a School Day. But, this School Day wasn’t about the female students commuting to the schools they usually attended. It pointed towards one of the days when the female students would be allowed to attend the male student’s school in the Exclusive Male Zone.

Classes for male students were basically online courses at home. For this reason, commuting to school and studying in a classroom didn’t take place. But, on a School Day, the boys would also head to school. For the sake of interacting with their female classmates.

Female students, who had the approval of the state, could go to the school in the Exclusive Male Zone on School Day. And because every boy had his own classroom, the female students would head to the classroom of the boy they were going for. But because it wasn’t set in stone that boys had to attend school on those days, it also happened that female students wouldn’t be able to meet the boy they wanted to meet.

And yet, any female student, who had permission, would always attend School Day. Out of a sheer desire to interact with their favored male students.

The only female students, who would be permitted to attend the school in the Exclusive Male Zone 2, were the girls of High Families. This stemmed from their parents having used their clout and money to obtain permission for their daughters ahead of time.

Naturally, the daughters of the Minatos and Yoshiwara were allowed to attend.

The female students, who had been approved of going to that school, held yet another, special privilege. They could choose up to two female students to go to the zone school together with them. Using that privilege, the High Families could use the permission as a leverage to raise their standing among the other High Families.

Owed to that fact, it was a common rule for the female students accompanying a qualified student to be girls of High Families.

However, the subordinate’s information clearly stated that the Yoshiwara’s daughter would bring the girl of a common citizen with her.

A fairly rich family who threw a huge bribe at the Yoshiwaras? But, this privilege is nothing you’d be able to buy with money alone. Would one really use it to get some bribes? …There must be something more to this. If we can link this to a blunder of the Yoshiwaras…how intriguing.

“Please call Yukishiro-san.”

“Yes, as you wish, Madam.”

The family head of the Minato quickly summoned her daughter Yukishiro, and had a discussion with her about tomorrow’s plans.


═════════•°• ⚠ •°•═════════


Scene change – Toukyou’s Yoshiwara.


A very nervous female student was currently presiding in the Yoshiwara’s mansion. Two women were sitting in front of her.

“Is that truly alright with you, Aoi-san?”

“Yes, Mother. I shall take Moe-san with me tomorrow.”

“T-Thank you very much! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

The nervous girl was Moe, a common citizen and junior high third-year student. The two sitting in front of her were the current family head of the Yoshiwaras and her daughter Aoi. Right now they were in the middle of talking about tomorrow’s school day.

“Very well, Moe-san, I’m going to come pick you up with a car tomorrow morning.”

“N-No! I will come to you ahead of time!”

“Don’t worry about it. We have to pass your home while heading to school anyway. There is no need for you to go out of your way to come here.”

“O-Okay… Thank you very much.”

Yoshiwara’s family head was closely watching the exchange between Moe and her beloved daughter. Yet, her mind was filled with nothing but worries.

For Aoi to take along a common citizen girl of all things…it’d be really great if that stupid Minato brat didn’t pull any horseplay on us.

Because both families were constantly watching each other, Yoshiwara’s family head was well aware of the possibility that the Minatos had already learned of Aoi bringing Moe along. For this reason, she couldn’t help but feel anxious.

“Be careful on your way back home.”

“Yes! Truly, I thank you so much!”

After bowing many times over, Moe left the grounds though the gate of the huge mansion and went back home. After having seen her off, Aoi went straight back to her mother’s room.

“Mother, thank you for listening to my selfish request.”

“It’s okay. You should follow your heart, Aoi-san. I won’t oppose what you’ve decided. After all, you’re a clever girl who resembles that person. So I’m trusting your judgment.”

“Thank you.”

Mother and daughter shared a close relationship. And watching this made those working at the mansion happy, too.

“Manami-san is going to be your other companion, right?”

“Yes. Manami-san and I will do everything to back up Moe-san.”

“The get-well wish of that old Lady, right…? It’d be great if any of the boys are willing to accept it. If it should cause any problems, I’ll take care of it as the family head of the Yoshiwaras, so go for it without any worries.”

“Yes, thank you.”

“Anyway, let’s have dinner, shall we?”

Switching her thinking towards a fun dinner with her beloved daughter, the Yoshiwara’s family head went towards the dining hall in a great mood. But, on the way, she suddenly recalled the report she had received a little while ago.

Yuuta-sama has suddenly grown up… But, there’s still too many unclear parts about this. It’d be bad to carefreely recommend Yuuta-sama to Aoi-san. It’s better to watch the situation for a bit longer.

It was unthinkable that the Yoshiwaras would be unable to obtain the information the Minatos had obtained.



By the way, Yuuta didn’t plan to attend tomorrow’s school day. Not a single female student would visit the classroom of the F-Rank shut-in scum Yuuta anyway. But that was inevitable since Yuuta-kun had avoided attending school ever since his first and last School Day during his first year as a junior high student.




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Translation Notes:

  1. I’ll abbreviate Eternal High Families to Eternals
  2. I’ll abbreviate this one to zone (junior/middle/high) school.

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