Prologue – The Morning After




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When Chrono woke up, pale light was already pouring into the room through the gaps in the curtain. However, it wasn’t moonlight, but the first weak rays of the early morning sun.

He felt refreshed this morning. The gloom he had felt over killing Rick and his men was gone thanks to the landlady’s comfort.

Well, midway she ended up drinking one glass after the other, resulting in something going way beyond comforting, though.

Wondering whether she had already left, Chrono looked next to him, just to sigh in relief. She was peacefully sleeping while facing his way. The blanket had flipped over, revealing her seductive contours from the shoulders all the way down to her hips.

She had mentioned that she couldn’t stomach being compared to other women, but Chrono considered her to be very attractive. A voluptuous chest, a tight waist, and a plump butt.

Chrono liked Layla’s slim body line, but he also liked the landlady’s sensual figure.

His eyes wandered to her left hand. Probably because she had been scrubbing and washing stuff, her skin was slightly rough. But, what drew his attention the most was her ring finger. A silver ring――most likely her wedding ring――twinkled at him.

When he lifted his line of sight, feeling somewhat guilty, her sleeping face entered his sight. It was filled with peacefulness and innocence like that of a little girl.

The landlady moved her mouth a bit, tears spilling out of her eyes.

Maybe she’s dreaming about her late husband. No, I’m sure she’s got to be seeing him there right now. After losing him, she should have experienced many painful and sad things. I suspect she was almost crushed by the sorrow and loneliness. And yet, she protected the inn with its restaurant for five years. And on top of that, all by herself.

She had told him that she had visited to comfort him, but maybe she actually wanted to be comforted by him.

“…I guess that would be a way too convenient interpretation.”

This is no eroge, Chrono smiled wryly. But, if she needed some comfort and I was able to give it to her, it’ll make me happy.

Chrono pulled the blanket over her body, and looked up to the ceiling.

“…I’d really love to take it easy today, but…”

Since he had just yesterday finished the bandit subjugation, he didn’t expect to be punished for dilly-dallying today, but a plethora of things waited for him to be done.

“I got to inspect the city…and before that, I need to go to the workshop and afterwards I have to visit Cain and his men.”

They would be his subordinates from now on, and as such he’d brought them to this city. However it was a city completely unknown to them. It was also necessary for him to visit so that they’d relax their guard.

Well, it’s quite likely that they’ll pretend my visit to be a bother, though.

“I’ve entrusted the settlement with the merchants, who got attacked by the bandits, to Mr. Sitter, so that side will be OK. Afterwards, the prostitution and slave trade――”

“Gnnh,” the landlady groaned next to him, causing Chrono to shut up.

As might be expected, even he would feel very sorry if he woke her with his monologue.

The prostitution and slave trade regulations, the paper sales, the protection of the poor and needy――, he counted on his fingers. None of those items can be handled within a day, but I’ve got no other choice but to work on them.

“Oh well, let’s sleep for a bit longer.”

Chrono closed his eyes. He was convinced that he had more than enough sleep, but in the end sleepiness assailed him in no time.



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