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Imperial Calendar – Year 430, Mid October


Tilia was visiting her mother ― Empress Astrea who had been bedridden for a long time because of her ailing health ― in her private quarters situated in Castle Justia. In spite of her daughter’s sick visit, the empress was gazing at the landscape outside.

But, this was the usual. In fact, by now it was so close to a custom that Tilia had stopped feeling hurt by it.

Tilia hated Castle Justia. Because this castle, which lay half a day’s ride from Alfirk, had been designed with livability as its main focus, its capabilities as a fortress were negligible. A hundred elites of the First Imperial Knight Order were stationed here, but in case of an enemy attack, this place would likely fall within half a day.

Even the fact of the castle having been erected smack down in the middle of a plain with nothing around it, on top of its lacking defenses, seemed to be proof of Ramaru the Fifth’s ― Tilia’s father ― low affection towards her mother, making it even harder for her to come to like this place.

Then again, where not coming to like something was concerned, she also couldn’t stomach her mother always gazing out of the window. After all, it made her mother look as if she was waiting for her father.

However, her father’s love had long shifted towards Chief Court Lady Farna.

“…How about we try holding a ball?”

“What are you talking about all of a sudden?”

“You don’t have a fiancé, do you? That’s why I thought it might be a good idea to hold a ball,” Tilia’s mother answered her daughter’s question with a sigh.

Yet, her mother was right in Tilia having no fiancé. Her father wasn’t overly eager in finding one for her, and Tilia herself didn’t harbor any interest in marriage either.

“I haven’t been considering something like a marriage.”

“But, someday you’ll have to marry and give birth to children. Just like His Majesty and I did. Or, do you already have a gentleman of interest?”

“I-I don’t!” Tilia raised her voice faintly.

For some reason, Chrono crossed her mind, but she immediately rejected the idea by telling herself that it was impossible as Chrono was no more than a friend to her.

“Isn’t it fine then?”

“But, if it comes to organizing it from now on――”

“You just need to have Farna help you with it.”


If Tilia were to be honest, she didn’t feel like borrowing the help of the evil wench who had stolen her father from her mother.

“I’m well aware that you hate her, but that girl is quite useful.”

“…I understand. If you go this far, I’ll oblige, Mother,” Tilia consented.

But, at the same time she wondered how many influential nobles would attend if she sent out invitations from now on.

Leonhart of the First Imperial Knight Order should show up if he’s got nothing else planned, but I feel like expecting anyone else to come will be in vain. No, Tilia shook her head lightly, there’s one more person I can think of. Earl Rio Cheyron of the Ninth Imperial Knight Order. If it’s him, he’ll probably attend, even if he has to cancel prior engagements. Not because he loves to participate in balls, but for the sake of crushing the event itself. I have to clearly tell Farna to not send an invitation to that guy.

Having thought up to that point, she suddenly remembered Chrono.

Since we’re talking about Chrono here, he’ll likely turn it down, claiming that he’s busy with his work as a lord, but since he’s my friend, I should probably invite him anyway.




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