Chapter 5 – Results




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Imperial Calendar – Year 430, Early October


The first tax collection since Chrono’s inauguration as lord finished safely, despite placing a heavy burden on the administrative officials such as Sitter, and the chief accountant Elena.

The drastic reduction in the taxes clearly showed its effect as the farmers, who couldn’t pay their taxes, didn’t have to sell their daughters to slave dealers nor did they rise in rebellion. Chrono suspected that the farmers would only get a short break before they needed to sow the winter wheat while the inhabitants of Harshel had already started to prepare for the coming winter around this time.

Right now he was staring at three reports which were the crystallization of his subordinates’ efforts. Once again Chrono opened the tax report, which he had read several times by now. The paid taxes ― crop estimate in this case, the actual crop harvest, and the wholesale price of the produce was meticulously listed per village in there. Even though things would be over by checking the family register and documents when levying taxes at towns, they had to follow certain steps when it came to levying taxes from farm villages.

First, the tax officials would go around the villages until early July and estimate the crop harvest. That estimate would be used as the basis for the tax that had to be paid. Then, after the harvest was over, the tax officials would visit the villages once more, this time to collect the crop. And finally, at the end of all that, the produce would be sold to merchants, thus turning it into money.

Though it might lower the burden on us, if we can get them to pay the tax in money, Chrono thought as he stared at the completely exhausted Elena. Unfortunately it’d be tough for farmers to handle sly, experienced merchants. Just as it happens with the tax collection, we have to follow certain steps with this transition as well.

“Good work on the report, Elena.”

“The tax income of the Erakis March amounts to 60,500 gold. Because the bandits, whom you took in as subordinates, reset the crop estimate, it should have decreased by 1,000 gold, but the slave dealers, who made huge profits, covered those losses for us,” Elena grimaced in blatant unhappiness.

For her, the former mercenary Cain and slave traders must be persona non grata.

“I do believe that they’re taking their work seriously.”

“You mean the bandits? Or are you talking about the slave dealers who made such a killing in mere two months?”

“I’m talking about Cain and his men,” Chrono answered with a sigh.

He’d like Elena to learn a bit more modesty, but personalities didn’t change so easily.

Chrono picked up the second report ― the earning report of the paper mill that went into service a week ago.

“Since we sold 35,000 sheets of paper at a rate of one brass per sheet to the Picks Company in one week, the proceeds amounted to 17 gold and 10 silver. If we deduct the 7 gold for labor wages, the profit comes out at 10 gold 10 silver,” Elena explained as if to beat him to the punch.

Given that the Picks Company was selling the paper at 5 brass per sheet, it wasn’t as though Chrono didn’t wonder whether he hadn’t set the price per sheet too low.

“I had been worried since we hired ten more people than planned, but there are no troubles and I suppose there won’t be a need to worry at this rate.”

All of the 20 people working at the paper mill were residents of the almshouse. Initially Chrono had expected that ten people would be sufficient to make paper, but when Goldi checked with the mock-assembly-line, he concluded that they were lacking hands to gather ash and collect wood ― or in other words, supply the materials ― and thus they expanded the labor force.

“You don’t seem overly happy about this, do you?”

“Right now, the material costs aren’t included. Of course it makes me happy that we succeeded in cultivating trees…and because of that I think we’ll be able to set up a second paper mill.”

“You’re quite the wary and patient guy, aren’t you?” Elena spat out with a fed-up tone.

The cultivation of trees was a measurement against running out of raw materials. According to Goldi, the trees used for the paper-making grew wildly all over the march, but it was obvious that they’d run out of wild trees in the near future, if they went through 500 kg a day.

“If you can’t secure a stable supply of materials, it won’t ever reach the status of an industry. If we simply cut down trees without a thought, I feel like we’d stumble at some unexpected place, you see?”

“Ah, let me correct myself, you’re actually a terrible worrywart, aren’t you?”

“I’m just not too bold and reckless.”

“Heeh, I see.”

Let alone believing him, Elena stared at Chrono with eyes blurred by scorn and contempt.

“Is there anything you wish to say?”

“Plenty, but I don’t plan to do it now and here.”

Once he picked the budget draft last, Elena spoke up.

“I mentioned it earlier, but this year’s total income amounts to 60,500 gold. Since we have a budget surplus of 21,000 gold, next year’s budget will be 81,500 gold, but…”

“Is something the matter?”

“There was something that bothered me a bit. Here, look at this and this,” Elena walked up to Chrono and pointed at two entries, “The operating expenses for the hospital went up, and I can also understand the donation to the Ocher Temple, but is it really necessary to repair the fortress and build new barracks? Let me just tell you in case, but even if you build new barracks, the Empire won’t send you any more soldiers.”

“I know as much myself,” responded Chrono with a bitter smile.

The Empire was very strict when it came to embezzlement of military funds, but they were generous about commanding officers and lords paying extras out of their own pocket. If you considered that the Empire had established a standing army to prevent the formation of military factions, it was a rather contradictory policy, but it was also true that an organization wouldn’t work if you didn’t allow a certain degree of freedom and flexibility down the ranks.

“I don’t mind you currying favors with the demi-humans, but don’t you think you’re going too far here with new barracks?”

Elena cast her bright red face down when Chrono lightly laughed at her.

“It’s not that I’m currying favors with them. It’s just connected to a grander scheme of public works. It’ll return the taxes to the residents and at the same time, it’ll become an income for the farmers who don’t have any work during winter.”

Chrono explained with a sigh and leaned back in his chair.

“If you say so, I won’t comment on it any further. For the time being, that’s all I have to report.

“Good work. Feel free to take a break for today,” Chrono thanked her with a smile.

Elena pursed her lips in a bad mood, “…Only that?”

“Only that, yes.”

Elena looked down at him with a beet red face, “I-I’m telling yo――”

The instant Elena spoke up next, a humble knocking could be heard from the office’s door.


“…Please forgive me for disturbing you, Master.” Alyssa bowed politely and entered the room, “Lady Shion and the village chiefs are waiting for you in the council room.”

“Got it.”

Seeing Elena scowling at Alyssa with a reproachful look, Chrono whispered into her ear.

“S-S-Something like p-preparing myself when c-coming to y-y-your room next t-t-time…are y-you stupid or what!? You damn pervert! D-Die! Go and die in a ditch, damnit!”

Chrono left his office while having Elena’s jeers hurled at him from behind.

“Master, this way please.”

Guided by Alyssa, Chrono headed to the council room. It’d be fine even without her leading me there, Chrono thought while he was looking at Alyssa’s back.



“Thank you very much for having saved me and my daughter.”

“What is it all of a sudden?”

“I felt that I should express my gratitude once more. Not only were you as kind as arranging for medical treatment and a new home for us, but on top of that, you are even paying me a salary…”

“It’s nothing that would require your thanks,” Chrono replied immediately.

After all, he had his own motives when doing all that. So he felt somewhat awkward about her repeatedly thanking him for it.

“Nonetheless, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Because of this, I have become able to let my daughter commute to a private school. I plan to repay this debt with unwavering loyalty.”

“Just don’t push yourself too much, okay?”


Alyssa nodded silently and soon stopped in front of the council room. Chrono and her could hear the noise inside the room through the door.

“Master, are you ready?”


No sooner than Alyssa opened the door, the noise that had filled the council room died down altogether. Chrono realized that all eyes were pinned on him, but he pretended to be calm while taking a seat.

“Ms. Shion, how far have you explained things to everyone?”

“S-So far, I-I only explained the part about clover allowing the fields’ fertility to recover.”

“Ah, okay. I see.”

The village chiefs all looked frightened as soon as Chrono shifted his eyes to them. Chrono guessed that they very likely couldn’t believe Shion’s explanation and argued against her suggestion. That was also the reason why they feared to fall in disgrace with Chrono if Shion were to tattle to him.

“So as you heard, I’d like you to cultivate clover on the fallow land. Of course, I don’t plan to enforce this for all fallow land all of a sudden. At first, we’ll implement this for 10% of the fallow land. If next year’s harvest decreases by 20% in comparison to the average crop harvest over the last five years, we’ll regard it as a failure. The cultivated land in question will be excluded from taxation.”

Chrono hid his face behind a bridge of his hands while scanning the faces of the village chiefs. 1

“I’d be happy if one of you could volunteer for this.”

“Then I shall do so.”



The one raising his hand with those words was an old man Chrono remembered to have seen before. It was the chief of the village at the base of the fortress that had been used as a hangout by the bandits.

“Very well, I’m counting on you then. Moreover, we’ll buy the clover seeds for you, so please don’t forget to pick them up. The next topic is…”

“O-Okay, I understand,” Shion jumped up from her chair upon Chrono’s eye signal. “I-I’d like to start speaking about planting from now on.”

Shion started off, nervousness dyeing her face. So far, the villages had decided what kind of vegetables were grown in the Erakis March, but this method had produced an imbalance. Accordingly, they had prepared this venue to discuss the future planting.

At times, Shion was at a loss for words, but ultimately, she advanced the meeting without a hitch. When the meeting reached its end, Shion looked in Chrono’s direction.

“U-Umm, Lord Chrono…I’d like to receive permission to end the meeting, if possible?”

“Alyssa, prepare the carriages and make sure that the village chiefs are seen to their villages.”

“As you wish, Master. Dear Village Chiefs, please wait for everything to be prepared in the courtyard.”

The village chiefs left the council room, following Alyssa. Only Chrono and Shion remained behind.

“Haah~, I was so nervous,” Shion sighed deeply, curling her back.

“Good work.”

“It looks like the cultivation of beet was impossible.”

“I explained the possibility of using it as material for sugar, but you have to dig out the soil deeply, and the extra fertilizer also takes time and effort.”

“Though I really wanna mass produce sugar as quickly as possible.”

Chrono linked his arms behind his head, looking up to the ceiling. The beet they harvested from Shion’s field amounted to 300 kg. They could extract 50 kg sugar from that, but that was an amount too lacking for trading.

“How about adding the cultivation of beet as work mediated by the almshouse?”

“Is that alright with you?” Shion widened her eyes in surprise.

“However, you won’t be allowed to sell the harvested beet to anyone but me.”

“T-Thank you very much!”

Shion grabbed Chrono’s hand and knelt down as if to offer a prayer.



Chrono left his mansion, planning to go take a look at the state of the slave market. Smoke was rising from the new paper mill, and the clanking of hammers could be heard wide and far.

“Swing your wooden sword down with more of a whoosh! A whoosh, I am telling you!”

Looking in the direction of the voice, Chrono spotted Fay teaching swordsmanship to the three kids, Tony, Matthew, and Sofy, in a corner of the mansion’s grounds. Probably because she was a girl, Sofy didn’t really look all that eager.

“Fay, weren’t you off duty today?”

“Yes, Lord Chrono!”

When Chrono called out to her while approaching, Fay straightened her back.

“Since these children asked me to teach them swordsmanship just as I was brushing my horse, I granted their request!”

“I see.”

“I shall appoint them as retainers when the Muhlifain family has been reinstated! Until then I will make sure you survive, Lord Chrono, so that you can leave a proper heir behind.”

“So you’re saying, I’ll have served my purpose once I made children?”

“That is the purpose of a noble’s life!”

“I don’t want anything to do with such a salmon-like life!” Chrono sighed deeply. “I guess I’ll watch you guys for a bit longer.”

“Continue your practice-swings!”

As Chrono sat down on a nearby wooden box, Fay planted herself next to him.

“I’ve heard about your work here from Cain.”

“I-Is there any problem with it?”

“No, he praised you for doing your job diligently.”

“T-That is great to hear,” said Fay, full of relief.

Cain had also added that she made many mistakes because she wasn’t overly flexible in her thinking, but he requested Chrono to overlook it since he and his men would cover her blind spots.

“Moreover…a letter from your previous superior officer arrived.”

Fay’s body froze for an instant.

“W-What did it say?”

“Hmm, the same stuff as the previous one, I’d say. Did you do something to him? Like trying to kill him by strangling during training or beating him black and blue with a wooden sword in a mock battle?”

“I just refused to become his mistress.”

“What a small-minded guy.”

Given that he was strangled into unconsciousness after believing Fay’s words the other day, Chrono couldn’t simply swallow her side of the story just like that.

“Since I thought that it’d be rude to keep ignoring him, I wrote, 『Lil’ Fay is a serious and good girl』, on the back of his letter and sent it back.”

“…I am older than you, Lord Chrono.”

Chrono stared at Fay while putting on a sullen expression about her being bothered about that part of his remark.

“Big Sis simply doesn’t get it, just as I thought.”

“Call me teacher when I am training you in swordsmanship!” Fay thundered while pointing the tip of her wooden sword at Tony who had exaggeratedly shrugged his shoulders after stopping to swing his training sword.

“…Teacher simply doesn’t get it.”

“What do I not understand?” Fay furrowed her eyebrows, apparently believing that she was being mocked.

“Lord Chrono covered for Teacher, so you must thank him properly.”

“I am a knight and older than Lord Chrono! I cannot ignore him calling me 『Lil’ Fay』 or some such!”

“Lord Chrono is more important than you, Big Si…err, Teacher, so you must treat him appropriately. It’s wrong if the one of lower standing doesn’t pay heed to the one of higher standing.”


Fay sank into silence, seemingly having comprehended Tony’s point. Tony expanded on his pet theory for around five minutes.

“Lord Chrono, would it have been better for me to let it slide?” Fay asked Chrono while looking like a beaten puppy after having listened to Tony’s explanation.

“I don’t really mind, but some people do, right?”

“L-Look, Lord Chrono said he does not mind it!” Fay exclaimed in triumph.

“Yeah, I see, you still don’t get it, Teacher,” answered Tony while waving his index finger.

“Anyway, keep at it.”

Leaving Fay and the kids to their own devices, Chrono headed for the business district while making various stopovers.



If you want to have sex with prostitutes who don’t carry any disease, and desire slaves in perfectly good health, then go to the Erakis March. Such a rumor seemed to spread among gentlemen looking for comfort.

“Somehow, you know…” Chrono leaned back on the sofa, gazing at the stage.

A slave girl was walking along the stage’s rim. She wore a strip of cloth, allowing for her nipples and thin pubic hair to flash in and out of sight each time she took a step. The cloth itself seemed to be clean, and no traces of her having been mistreated could be seen on her body.

To add on top of this, the slave market appeared to be a huge success, seeing how all seats were occupied with some people even standing.

The slave girl stopped in the center of the stage.

“M-My name is Maria. Because I grew up in a farm village, I haven’t received any education, but I’ve become able to do simple reading and writing,” she explained with a nervous look due to all the guests.

“Welcome. So, what are you aiming for today?”

“I’m just here to inspect the facility.”

Elaine had sat down next to Chrono, and immediately snuggled up to him.

“The slave market sure looks like a success to me.”

“It sounds like there were talks about increasing the market days to twice a week, but I hear it fell through. I mean it’d be bad if they disappointed the customer’s expectations, right?” Elaine giggled.

“You mean the slaves are taught how to read and write in order to raise their value?”

“Looks like it,” answered Elaine as if it was someone else’s problem ― though it’d be just like that if her story of being only in charge of providing the venue was true.

“30 Gold!”



Chrono wetted his lips with water while watching the price for the girl rising.

“50 Gold!”

“Is anyone willing to pay more than 50 Gold? No? Okay, we have a winner!”

The auctioneer had the sex slave hold her slave quality report and handed her over to the successful bidder. The slave quality report specified the result of a doctor’s medical exam and proved her to be a virgin. This was yet another service the slave dealers had started to increase their profit.

The quality of the slaves had improved because of the introduction of a license system, and as soon as the slave trade kicked up in activity, it started to bring huge profits to the slave traders and the Erakis March.

“My brothel is continuously increasing its profits, too.”

“I’m not really sure whether I should be happy about that.”

“At the very least, the number of women meeting misfortune has decreased,” Elaine answered with a faint smile on her lips. “I’d like us to keep up a good relationship in the future.”

“If possible, I’d wish for the same, but…”

Chrono really thought that he’d like to get along with her since she had helped him out during the switch to the license system for the slave trade and brothel management, but she had some shady parts, too.

“Oh my, is there something bothering you about me?”

“You’re a bundle of things bothering me, to be honest.”

“Like what?” Elaine asked him with a coaxing tone while leaning closely against him.

“Like your background, for example.”

“Don’t you think it’s better for a woman to be mysterious?”

“It’s scary to not know the identity and background of a woman who might become your business partner.”

“Oh my, thanks for saying something so nice,” Elaine leaked a stifled chuckle. “But okay, if you’re going this far, I’ll tell you. I come from the Free City States, and my occupation is guildmaster of the prostitute guild?”

“Is it okay for you to tell me all that?”

“Not really, but now that I did, it won’t make much of a difference.”

So that’s how she’s going to play it, huh? Well, considering it properly, it’s not like Elaine has committed a crime in the Erakis March.

“Still, I must admit you’re amazing to have become a guildmaster at such a young age.”

“…Not quite. Even if the position is called guildmaster of the prostitute guild, it’s actually me being a errand girl for the old men,” Elaine explained with a sigh after lightly widening her eyes.

“Errand girl means you were ordered to approach me, huh?”

“No, that’s wrong. I already told you back then, but I was curious about the man who defeated General Igniz.”

“Well, it’d be great if you don’t get too disappointed…”

“I’m not too worried about that. I can proudly claim that I don’t misjudge people.”

“I’m afraid you might find yourself disappointed down the line.”

“You sure don’t have a high opinion of yourself,” giggled Elaine.



At night ― just when Chrono was reading over the reports once more while sprawled on his bed ― he heard a banging. Someone was powerfully knocking against his door.


“H-Hey! Didn’t you hear me knocking!? How about opening up the door right away!?” Elena roared with a bright red face as he had intentionally ignored her.

“Sorry, sorry, I just was reviewing your reports.”

“I’ve checked the calculations many times over. Even you confirmed that they had no mistakes, didn’t you?”

Elena stomped over to Chrono, and peered at the report in front of him.

“Sheesh, filling it with so many calculations…are you doubting me so much?”

“It’s the precious money entrusted to us by the residents.”

“You’re truly and utterly a weirdo.”

Faint traces of a lavender fragrance tickled Chrono’s nose.

“It’s the smell of the soap you had the dwarves make. Still, I certainly didn’t expect you to know how to make soap.”

“There was some ash left over, and buying it is too costly.”

“That’s not the point here, but…whatever.”

Seemingly thinking that it’d be pointless to keep minding it, Elena sat down on the bed.

“Elena, have you prepared yourself?”


Elena cast her beet red face down upon Chrono’s question.

“How many times was it again?”

“…As if I’d count something like that.”

Chrono slowly approached Elena and hugged her from behind.

“How many times?”

“F-Four times.”

As soon as he grabbed her collar, her face became overcolored with fear and expectations. Chrono wondered why he felt so oddly aroused when seeing that complicated expression of hers.

“N-No! Kissing is a no!”

When he tried to bring his lips close, Elena crossed her arms in front of her, holding back Chrono.

Even though she’s fine with a blowjob, kissing is a no? How does that work?

Chrono asked himself, puzzled.

“Which reminds me, moments ago you cast your face down without saying anything, but did you possibly come here unprepared?”

“――――th! T-That’s…” Elena faltered to speak, her face burning crimson.

“Then it can’t be helped even if I were to use that place, right?”

“C-Can’t be helped is wrong, isn’t it?”

“So far I held back on it for you. Besides, if you let me use this place here, then the other place…”

Elena’s body stiffened up when Chrono touched her abdomen.

“You came here unprepared even though I told you that I’d forgive you. In that case, it’ll be inevitable even if I take your virginity, correct?”

“I-I did prepare.”

“Ah, somehow…you see…I kinda lost all interest in using the one you prepared since you didn’t tell me the truth outright. Well, I won’t say no, if you ask me nicely, though.”

“A-Ask you?”

“How about you ask me nicely so I can recover my motivation to use that place?”

“I-I got it,” Elena agreed, but it required a bit more time and persuasion before she started to beg.



In the morning, when Chrono woke up, Elena was sleeping next to him with her back turned his way. Of course, both of them were naked.

“…I’m favoring the demi-humans too much, huh?”

Chrono recalled yesterday’s conversation with Elena. Back then, he had said that the construction of new barracks was for the sake of returning the taxes to the residents through public works, but ultimately that was nothing more than a front.

My real objective lies in rewarding my men. No, I suppose I just want to escape the feelings of guilt for having sacrificed my men by taking good care of those left alive.

“…All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights, huh?”

He repeated a phrase of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Considering the reality of this world, it was an absurd pipe dream, and sounded like a barefaced lie. But, Chrono still thought that he should try to change the environment of his subordinates ― the demi-humans ― as much as he could.

It might be impossible in ten years. And it might be difficult to put it in practice in twenty years too. Then, what if my children and their children devoted their time to this as well? No, even then it’d be tough to realize it, I think. As long as the demi-humans possess no authority and power, it’ll be impossible to make others acknowledge their rights. What should I do to change this?

“…Education, huh?”

If they learn more things, their options will naturally widen.

After quitting their job as soldiers, it’d be possible for them to start businesses or private schools, find a job, or work as civil officials in Chrono’s fief.

Just when he thought about what would happen if this flow continued for a hundred years, Elena slowly sat up.

“…My butt hurts.”

Chrono smiled bitterly at Elena’s voice which seemed like it came straight out of hell.

“What are you laughing for!? Didn’t I tell you that I can’t stand it since my butt hurts!?”

“You begged me for it, didn’t you?”



“T-That’s… But, why…so roughly…idiot! Idiot, idiot, idiot! You’re seriously the fucking worst!” Elena screamed and then buried her face in the pillow.

“…My butt hurts.”

“Umm, Ms. Elena?”

“What!?” Elena scowled at Chrono in a bad mood.

“…You’re cute.”

“Shut up, stupid.”

She turned her face away as her cheeks turned red out of embarrassment.



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