Prologue – The Beginning

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Currently I plan to go with 2 releases per week in the future after stocking up, but that also depends on reception. Releases will be chapter parts, unless the chapters themselves are short (like this one). Also, two days ago volume 9 has been released, so there’s a bit of content to plow through.

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February of the Year 2019 AD ― as Hisamitsu opened the entrance door, he was greeted by a cold, dry wind. The instant he stepped outside while pushing the door open, everything turned black in front of his eyes.

His sight returned right away, but it was heavily slanted.

I lost consciousness. Seeing how I haven’t fallen down yet, it must have lasted but an instant.

However, he had lost his balance to a fatal degree during that brief moment.

If I had some experience in sports or martial arts, I might have fixed my posture right away. No, I guess that’d also be unreasonable.

For the last three years Hisamitsu’s physical exercises had been limited to gym class. With this much time spent on not working out, even the most renowned master would have become rusty. Not to mention a complete beginner.

I’ve really got some bad luck, Hisamitsu lamented in his mind.

Even though he had worked hard for this day ― the day of his senior high school exam, he fell down the instant he crossed the entryway.

If you don’t call this bad luck, just what else would qualify then? But, whining about it doesn’t change anything. I should simply pray that I haven’t injured myself anywhere.

Having thought up until there, Hisamitsu noticed his own flow of time being slow.

With this I might be able to somehow manage, he reached for his bicycle just outside the entryway. His fingertips hooked the basket, but that was anything but enough to support his body.

The bicycle slowly tilted over, and the entryway’s tiles gradually kept getting bigger. Hisamitsu closed his eyes, but no matter how long he waited, he didn’t feel an impact.

And then――

“Ouch!” A light shock ran through his body, causing Hisamitsu to throw his eyes open. “…Where am I?”

Sitting up, he let his eyes wander, just to find a field. Small sprouts, their seeds apparently having been sown just recently, were cautiously peeking their faces out of the soil. As far as he could see, the entire surface was blanketed with them.

“Why am I right in the middle of a field?” Hisamitsu muttered in a daze, and stood up.

His ill-shaped, bulky schoolbag slid off his shoulder. When he looked down to the ground in reflex, he saw his bicycle lying there.

“…….Just what should I do about this?” Hisamitsu looked up to the sky with a sigh.



Table of Content | Next Chapter –>

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