Prologue – Written Invitation




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Imperial Calendar – Year 430, End of October


Chrono signed the document in front of him and placed it on the stack of the other signed documents. Then he picked up a new document and checked it for mistakes.

It appeared to be correct.

The document itself was a permit for running a street stall. So, even if it did come with mistakes, it’d be possible to salvage the situation. However, that didn’t mean that it was just fine to make mistakes. All the more so since it was a new system they had introduced.

Chrono had put a tax reduction into practice as soon as he became the lord – at the end of May. As a result of that, the farmers had produce left, now seeking ways to turn that excess produce into money. Accordingly they had introduced a license system for the street stall business. Having said that, the procedures were simple.

As long as someone filled out an application form and paid a set fee, they could run their business on a designated spot for one year. The assessment was much laxer than the permit for slave trade or brothels, too.

Of course, they hadn’t set it up like that out of good will. The idea was that it’d increase the number of applicants, if they lowered the hurdles to start a street stall.

People would gather where goods congregated. And if people gathered, so would money. Eventually leading to an enrichment of Chrono’s coffers.

Ultimately that was the intention. However, at present it was at a stage where Chrono could only dream of it developing like this.

“…I wonder what I should do once I’m done with this.”

He paused his hands after signing the document. He still had a good chunk of paperwork left, but he anticipated that he’d be able to finish until noon.

“I think I’ll go out on inspection after lunch,” Chrono mumbled under his breath.

He was curious about the state of the city, the progress of the new barracks’ construction, and the reclamation of new land.

Alright, let’s go on inspection in the afternoon.

Just as he made up his mind, he heard someone knocking on his door. It was a knock using an exquisite adjustment of strength.

This kind of knocking…it must be Alyssa.

Chrono fixed his seating posture.


“Please excuse me.”

Following his permission, the door was quietly opened. Alyssa bowed respectfully and then stepped inside.

“Master, a letter from the capital has been delivered.”

“Bring it to me.”

“As you wish, Master.”

Alyssa gracefully walked up to Chrono, bowed, and placed the letter on his desk.

When Chrono picked up the correspondence, Alyssa silently withdrew. Out of consideration to not end up seeing the message.

That consideration made Chrono feel embarrassed, as if he’d become some important personage. Of course, that was a hallucination. Just because he had become a lord, it didn’t mean his personality had changed.

I must keep in mind to not get carried away.

Chrono unraveled the cord, and read the letter. It used long-winded phrasing, but basically it invited him to attend a ball that would be soon held.

“It sounds like they’re going to hold a ball.”


Alyssa agreed conversationally after a short pause. She had likely wavered on how to reply here.

“I want to meet with Dad for the first time in a long time, so I think I’ll participate.”

“It shall happen as you desire, Master.”

Alyssa agreed calmly. Realizing that it was a sudden event, and as it was decided that he’d go to the capital――

“What do you think? How many guards should I take with me?”

“Please forgive me, but that is something I cannot tell you.”

“No need to fret. I’m going out on inspection after lunch, so I’ll ask Cain if I run into him. Alyssa, please take care of my preparations for the trip.”

“Please leave it to me,” Alyssa bowed humbly and left Chrono’s office.




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