Intermission – Elena’s Peaceful Days Against all Odds




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Two months have passed since I ― Elena Graphias ― was bought by Lord Chrono.

My job here is that of an accountant. Or at least it was supposed to. However, recently I’ve been even handling regular office work.

To be honest, the job is quite taxing. After all, no one other than me can handle the accounting, and thus the burden congregates on me. Which results in me sitting at my desk from morning till evening.

Nevertheless, there’s worth in doing that job. I get paid a salary, and doing work based on the abilities I fostered myself is mentally calming.

If I hadn’t studied before――

Thinking about that, I shudder. It’s nothing to brag about, but I don’t have any confidence in my physical prowess. Hence, I’d undoubtedly die within a week if I had to work in a mine or on the fields.

In such a case, my only value would lay in me being a woman. But, I’m no beauty, nor do I own a big chest. Therefore it’d be clear that I’d be sold off to some backwood brothel after losing my virginity, doomed to spend the rest of my life over there as a cheap whore.

That’s why I’m happy about being able to work here. The current me has secured herself a place to call home with her own abilities; this is the sole fact I can still be proud of.

For this reason, I’ve been tackling all the work. But it’s also a fact that doing that work on a daily basis has become very dull.

My day begins with me crawling out of my bed while rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. Me bumping my head against the wall in the middle of it is a daily occurrence, and it’s not unusual for me to miss a step while using the stairs either.

Occasionally I succumb to my sleepiness, sleeping through the morning like a log.

At such times, the maids have to take care of me. However, the maids, who used to be soldiers, carry me like luggage. And because I’m really being treated like luggage, it’s not rare for them to handle me roughly, resulting in my body suffering bumps.

I want to question them about it, but since I’m asleep during the transport, I have no memory of it, so I can’t do that either.

After finishing my breakfast, I return to my own room, and bring my personal appearance in order to look somewhat presentable. Then I head over to my work office, and have a staring contest with numbers until evening.



On that day I’ve been, just like always, grappling with numbers since morning. It was just past noon ― around the time when I’ve started to ponder whether I should grab lunch at the servant’s mess ― that someone knocked on my office’s door.

“If you’re there, hurry up and open the door.”

“I’m in the middle of work.”


The landlady walked up with a rough stride, and placed a tray on my desk. A piece of bread and soup were set on the tray.

“No matter how busy you might be, you gotta eat. Otherwise it’ll be rude, you see?”

“Rude to whom? The farmers or the Divine Mother who rules over Yellow Ocher Harvest?”

“Don’t ask the obvious. To me, of course.”

The landlady folded up her arms, pushing up her bountiful chest and thus causing it to sway.

“Aren’t you ashamed of yourself, considering your age?”

“G-Gimme a break!”

Apparently feeling embarrassed, the landlady hid her chest with both arms.

To be honest, the landlady’s maid attire is indecent at best. Her skirt is short and her neckline is wide open, allowing a good peek at her deep cleavage. Though I believe that it’d probably be acceptable if she was a bit younger――

“…But, thanks.”

“You should have simply said so from the start. You’re so not cute, you know?”

While casting a sidelong glance at the landlady, I took a spoonful of the soup to my mouth. My lips unintentionally broke into a smile due to its rich flavor. Despite her lewd outfit, she definitely has a knack for cooking.

Of course my hunger helped the cause as well, but I kept eating soup and bread with relish.

After finishing the meal in the blink of an eye, I leaned back on my chair, feeling deeply satisfied and happy.

“It was good that you didn’t skip lunch, wasn’t it?


I scowled at the landlady who was smiling smugly at me.

Seemingly having thought of something, the landlady grabbed my collar with an evil smile.

“What’s the idea behind you suddenly grabbing my collar?”

“Oh, that’s weird. Earlier, when Lord Chrono grabbed it, your legs gave way.”

She’s talking about me getting chided by Lord Chrono when I was harsh on a dwarf a little while ago. For even the landlady to have observed my shameful sight; I’ve been too careless.

“Hey, you’re quite experienced, aren’t you?”

“What are you talking about out of the blue?”

“There’s a little something I want to ask you, but…first, give it a rest and let go of my collar, will you?

I brushed away the landlady’s hand, and took a deep breath, “Whenever Lord Chrono grabs my collar or looks coldly at me, my heart begins to race. Is this possibly love?”


The landlady answered with silence. It’d still be fine if it were to be limited to just that, but on top of that, she was looking at me as if watching a filthy bug.

“All I can tell for sure is that it’s no love.”

“Since I’m aware of Lord Chrono as a woman, it’s got to be love, no?”

“If you phrase it like that, it does sound like love, in a way.”

“Why are you saying it in a denying manner?”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t help you with this,” the landlady answered with a sigh.

“You’re unexpectedly useless. Even though you did it six times with him.”

“W-W-Why do you know about that!?” The landlady’s face became as red as a beet, but she immediately recovered her calm, and grinned broadly, “Ooh, I get it. Did you peep on us?”

“I-I-I didn’t peep.” This time it was my turn to become bright red. “I-It was just a coincidence! Coincidence, I tell you! When I passed by accidentally, you were entering Lord Chrono’s room――

“And then you ended up peeping, huh?”

“I only eavesdropped!” I roared unintentionally, just to quickly gasp.

“You already admitted that you watched until the end. Are you an idiot by chance?”

“I-I-I’m n-no i-i-idiot!”

Actually I had planned to go back to my room at first. But, the landlady being at her wits’ end was kinda funny, so I stayed till the end…

“Well, I can’t tell whether what you feel can be called love, but aren’t you two a great match?”

“What do you mean by that?”

“You know that I’ve run an inn before I was hired as a cook, right?”

“Well, of course. I’ve been deducting your loan repayment from your salary after all.

Currently, the landlady is owing Lord Chrono 98 gold. Even if she returns one gold per month, it’ll still take her more than eight years to repay the entire loan.

“At one point I seduced Lord Chrono, trying to get him to become my patron.”

“You should be a bit more aware of your age.”

“E-Even though I may look like this, Lord Chrono told me that I’m pretty!” The landlady exclaimed, her face bright red.

Not her husband, but Lord Chrono, eh? She might not be aware of it herself, but at this point, she’s already Lord Chrono’s lover with heart and soul. I’m sure her husband is crying in his grave.

“…At that time, he told me various things.


The landlady folded her arms with her face blushing out of embarrassment.

“For example, that he’d do ×× with my butt’s ××, and that he wouldn’t mind even doing ●● with △△, and some such.”

“B-But, he didn’t do anything of that sort, did he!?”

“Well, it means he has such desires, doesn’t it?”

For him to think of such things…I shuddered in terror. I mean, i-it would leak, if I had ×× done with my butt’s ××, wouldn’t it? I’m sure Lord Chrono would then look down at me with an expression full of disgust.

“Why are you grinning like that?”


Having it pointed out by the landlady, I noticed that I was smiling slovenly.

“Y-You’re wrong!”

“I’ll go back to work,” the landlady picked up the tray and left the room as if to escape an unknown fear.



As for ascertaining my feelings, there’s a problem I must tackle first. As far as the gossip among the maids goes, Lord Chrono has a lover who visits his room every night. If I remember correctly, she’s called Layla.

According to the maids, she played a major role in the battle three months ago.

Either way, that woman will be a nuisance if I want to confirm my feelings. As such I must clearly tell her to stay away from Lord Chrono’s room for tonight.

And that’s why I’ve come to the training ground outside the wall.

I only know her name, but I’m sure it’ll work out one way or another.

“…Still, it sure is hot,” I groaned lightly.

Being exposed to the blazing sun, I feel a tingling pain across my skin. If I don’t finish my business here and get back quickly, I’ll get blisters.

I surveyed the vicinity. Demi-humans were exchanging blows on the training grounds. Mixed in among them were also humans. The bandits who Lord Chrono took in as his subordinates.

They’re friends of the scum that killed my mother. Just looking at them makes me feel like puking.

As I looked around for a while, a minotaur approached.

“Ye have some business with us?”

“Someone called Layla is here, right? I wanted to talk with her.”

“She’s right now in the middle of trainin’. Can ye wait until we’re done here?”


You damn cow, I almost yelled at him, but after taking several deep breaths, I calmed down again. I was told to strive in treating his likes as politely as possible.

“Alright. Could you tell her to come to my room once the training is over?”

“Sure thing.”

I had planned to get back to the ducal mansion right away, but decided to take a look at the city first. After quickly passing through the outer districts with their bad public order, I eased on the pace midway through the residential district.

Because I was taking an extended walk for the first time in a while, my feet felt like goo.

“…It hasn’t really changed for the better, has it?”

As usual, the area felt chaotic, but compared to a month ago, I get the feeling that the public order has improved somewhat.

Back then, the place was teeming with vagrants and prostitutes, but today I can hardly see any of those. Being unable to work as a prostitute unless at a brothel with permission also plays a role in this, but I think the lion’s share of the improvement in the public order is being contributed by the almshouse.

Even if you register at Harshel’s almshouse, your property won’t be confiscated, and nowadays it’s a place that provides you with bedding and mediates work for the poor so that they can get back on their own feet.

“Out of the way! Step aside!”

Hearing that energetic voice, I hurriedly moved to the street’s side. Immediately following, wagons filled with tree branches and caskets passed through. Both were steered by employees of the paper workshop. The tree branches were materials for the paper they had gathered in the forest, and the caskets were filled with ash.

When I asked why they’d require ash, I was told that it was necessary to separate the fibers off the tree’s rind.

“…Well, while I’ve got the opportunity…”

It was totally unplanned, but I decided to visit the almshouse.

“Is the director in?”

“She came back just a little while ago. Do you wish to register with us?”

When I called out to the woman standing at the almshouse’s entrance, she answered me with a tone almost identical to the landlady’s.

“I’m the one in charge of the Erakis March’s accounting.”

“Hee~, so you’re the one. I’ve heard the rumors.”

Since the woman grinned broadly at me, I got pissed off and glared at her.

“Now, now, don’t pull such a scary face, ‘kay? Even when you were about to be killed by a slave trader, you didn’t have it in you to put up a fight, did you?”

“Hearing it out of your mouth doesn’t make me overly happy as it sounds like you’re making fun of me. Anyway, can I go inside?”

“Sure, go ahead.”

“…Thanks,” I muttered quietly and went inside the building.

The almshouse’s first floor was a hall ― albeit separated by partitioning screens as the director intends to give the tenants some space and time for themselves.

“…It sure is cleaner than I thought.”

The almshouse was as neat as during its reopening as the employees seemed to faithfully keep it clean. I went up to the second floor, and entered the director’s office, located at the end of the corridor, without knocking.

Inside Lord Chrono was pinning down the director ― not. Not at all.

“Ah, the accountant…”

The director ― a priestess of the Ocher Temple called Shion ― stopped writing her letter and faced me.

“I’m Elena. Elena Graphias.”

“U-Umm, Ms. Elena? What kind of business do you have with us today?”

“Hmm~, I had some free time, so I simply came for a visit. You’re not going to serve any tea?”

I looked around the room, noticing the bookshelf at the wall. It was loaded with old books and jute bags.

“I only serve tea to guests.”

“And I’m no guest?”

“Ms. Elena, you’re a co-worker,” Shion smiled kindly.

“Well, whatever. So, are you in the middle of work?”

“Since the donations were restarted thanks to Lord Chrono, I wanted to report back to headquarters.”

“Ah, something like that did happen, didn’t it?”

I stood up and walked over to the bookshelf, opening a book writing about the secrets of the land.

“――gh!” I gasped at the contents written in there

“T-That’s…!” Shion raised her voice into something akin to a scream.


“W-What might it be?”

“This here contains stuff that’s not very proper for a priestess, doesn’t it?”

Shion cleared her throat and then answered, “The Divine Mother who rules over Yellow Ocher Harvest also rules over fertility and procreation. T-Therefore, one also has to learn about sexual intercourse between men and women as part of a priest’s education.”

“Okay, then I’ll borrow this.”

“P-Please wait! So far as it goes, those are secret rituals of the temple!”

“Secret rituals?”

“That’s what I just told you, didn’t I?”

Shion slumped her shoulders, looking pathetic ― I guess she truly feels pathetic. Okay, well, calling such things secret rituals is definitely pathetic.

“But, right now it’s necessary for me.”

“I-If you go that far, I shall lend it to you, but please give it back, okay?”

“I promise on the God who rules over Pure-White Order.”

If that god had heard this, he’d likely get angry, though. The priests of the Pure-White Temple preach something along the line of having to keep your purity until you marry.

I went back to the marquis’s mansion and resumed my work.

Receiving the inspection results of brothels and slave traders from an administrative official, I finished them up so that Lord Chrono would only need to put his signature below. Around the time I finished, the sky had become completely dark. But, just then, someone timidly knocked on my door.

“Come in.”

“…Excuse me.”

A short moment later, an elf, no, half-elf with brown skin entered my office. This half-elf seemed to be Layla.

I scrutinized her closely. A woman like a doll ― was my first impression of her. Though, those are no words of praise. It means she’s lacking emotions like a doll.

“I’ve heard you’ve been receiving Lord Chrono’s favor?”

“Yes, that is correct,” answered Layla matter-of-factly without a shred of bragging.

It didn’t feel as though she was looking down on me either.

Apparently she understands that Lord Chrono’s authority isn’t her own. Well, she might have simply been trained to do so.

“You have been receiving Lord Chrono’s affection every night, haven’t you?”

“Not every night.”

“I heard that it’s every night, however?”

“Of course he graces me with his affection as well, but oftentimes he is teaching me.”

“…Teaching, huh?”

“Something wrong with that?”

“Lord Chrono sure is cherishing you.”

“…Yes,” Layla averted her eyes a bit, seemingly feeling shy.

“I wanted to consult you about not going to Lord Chrono’s room tonight. Could you do me that favor?”

“No, I will not,” replied Layla with a determined voice.


“Because I have not been ordered by Lord Chrono to not come.”

Tsk. She’s been trained down to the core. But, you know, that simple honesty of yours is your undoing.

“Then you won’t have any complaints if I go to Lord Chrono’s place as well, right?”


Layla remained silent.

“You won’t have any complaints, right? If you got it, inform Lord Chrono of it in advance.”

“…I understand.”

“Great, if you understand, you can go back.”

Upon my words, Layla left my office.



That evening I wrapped up my work earlier than usual, diligently washed my body, and put on a negligee.

At that point, the book I had borrowed from Shion caught my attention. That had been bad since I was greedily wolfing the book’s contents when I came to. As for the contents themselves, they were seriously terrifying. The Ocher Temple wasn’t joking around for sure.

I’m pretty sure the person, who wrote this book, completely lost all distinction between religious passion and sexual desire. I mustn’t read any further.

Even though I was thinking so, my fingers kept flipping the pages and my eyes flew across the text and illustrations.

N-No way, s-such m-methods――

I suddenly lifted my face after finishing the book.

“I-I got too absorbed in it!”

I grabbed a pillow and ran towards Lord Chrono’s room. Sprinting up the stairs at full speed, I arrived at the door to his room, and pressed an ear against it.

“Okay, should we go to sleep anytime soon?”

“Yes, Lord Chrono.”

Alright, I’m on time!

I vigorously threw the door open.

“D-Do you have some business with me?”

“Y-You have heard my message from the half-elf over there, haven’t you?”

“About what?”

Lord Chrono and I faced Layla. Thereupon, Layla quickly took off her clothes and slipped into Lord Chrono’s bed.



“Well…I told her that I’d come visit your room tonight, Lord Chrono.”


“I forgot,” Layla nonchalantly answered while lying on the bed.

“Y-You! You actually remembered, didn’t you?”

“No, I truly forgot about it.”

T-This woman…!

My fists trembled out of fury.

“So, why did you come here?”

“…W-Why, you ask…”

Being asked by Lord Chrono, I flinched away. I didn’t want to tell him that I had visited to ascertain the true identity of the feeling behind my throbbing heart when my collar was touched by him. At least not in front of Layla.

“I-I came here to share a bed with you.”

“Eh? Are you saying you’ll let me do you?”

“As if, idiot!”

I hurled an insult at Lord Chrono who looked happy.

“I-I believe in the God ruling over Pure-White Order. Therefore, such things are impossible until I’m married.”

“Oh, I see,” said Lord Chrono while looking disappointed.

“T-That’s why I’m really just going to sleep with you.”

“…I understand.”

“Wait, why are you undressing then!?”

“Because I always sleep naked.”

“D-Don’t undress.”

Lord Chrono pulled his underwear back up, looking annoyed, and flopped down on the bed. I placed my pillow on his bed.

“…I-I’m going to cry if you assault me at night.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t.”

Somehow I couldn’t believe it, but thinking that I’d handle the situation when it came to it, I laid down on the bed.

Lord Chrono’s bed was big enough for two people to sleep on it, but it was somewhat too small for three people. It was cramped, but I must have been tired due to having moved around so much for the first time in a while, seeing how I immediately fell asleep.



“…A dream?” I muttered while looking up to the ceiling.

My whole body was drenched in sweat. I’d seen yet another nightmare. It happened around once a week. The nightmares had all kinds of contents, sometimes they were about the time when the bandits raided our mansion, other times about my stay at the slave trader, or hypothetical futures of me not having been bought by Lord Chrono. Especially the last one was so terrible that I wanted to resent my own imagination.

I sighed in relief.


At that moment, something touched my body. I stiffened up, but when I realized its true nature, I breathed out in relief once more.

Lord Chrono’s arm had touched my body. It probably came in contact with me when he tossed over while asleep. Given that it was unthinkable for me to wake him, I simply turned my back on him.

But, suddenly Lord Chrono’s hand touched my belly. His hand slowly crept upwards towards my chest.

“You’re just pretending to be asleep, aren’t you?”

“…I’m sleeping.”

“Who are you kidding!? You’re obviously awake!”

Once I retorted like that, Lord Chrono grabbed my collar.

“A-Are you angry? I-I’m sorry, I-I didn’t mean to upset you.”

By just having my collar touched, I stopped feeling like I could resist him altogether.

“P-Please, don’t h-hit me.”

I had learned under that slave trader that I shouldn’t be pointlessly cross. Even though that should be the only thing I learned――




Hearing Lord Chrono whisper into my ear, I recalled the landlady’s words.


“…At that time, he told me various things. For example, that he’d do ×× with my butt’s ××, and that he wouldn’t mind even doing ●● with △△, and some such.”


A chill crept up my spine and my head was filled with the descriptions I encountered in Shion’s book――

“I-I’m telling you, you’re wrong!” Cradling my head, I dropped off the bed, “W-What are all these d-delusions!? I’m no…I’m no freak! G-Get out! Get out of my head!”

I repeatedly slammed my head against the floor in order to expel those weird delusions.

“Wai-, you’re taking it too far!”

“I’m sane! I’m just chastising myself to get rid of weird imaginations!”

“That’s what I meant by taking it too far!”

The magic lamp at the wall lit up with a poof, illuminating the room. I sat up, panting heavily.

“Ah, you were awake as well?”

“Anyone would wake up if you make so much noise.”

“Then stop Lord Chrono when he tries to grope my body!”

“I do not have any such an authority,” answered Layla indifferently.

“I understand you being noisy, but suddenly hitting your own head against the floor is weird.”

“…I might be weird.”

“Well, you are not telling me anything new.”

“I-If I think that my collar might be grabbed and s-something terrible will happen to me…I get the chills. Maybe I became deranged after having been beaten too much by the slave dealer?” I asked Lord Chrono while on the verge of tears.

At last, at long last I began to think that I might be weird.

“Isn’t that what you call masochistic?”

“…What’s that?” I couldn’t hide my surprise when hearing that unknown term.

“It’s a fetish where you feel pleasure from feeling pain after getting hit or being placed in shameful situations…I guess it’s something like a fetish.”

It looked like Lord Chrono didn’t quite understand it either, but it gave me a slight peace of mind. My symptoms were common enough to have a name attached to them.

“Wait a sec…when I was beaten by the slave trader, I didn’t feel anything. Isn’t that weird then?”

“Isn’t it just that you’ve started to enjoy mental burdens or a certain extent of pain? Not like I’m an expert on it, though.”

“…How much is a certain extent?”

Upon my question, Lord Chrono revealed a sleazy smile, totally unbecoming of a noble.

“Should we test it out?”

“I-I’m fine without having it tested!”

Lord Chrono lifted his foot up to the height of my nose, and lowered it to the ground in front of me.

“…Lick my foot.”

“D-Don’t say such stupid t-things!”

Now that I grasped the identity behind that feeling of excitement, my business with Lord Chrono was done. I should be able to control this feeling as long as I knew what it was.

Suddenly my eyes met with Layla’s. She was staring down at me in triumph. Her eyes telling me that she’d have no problems with doing something simple like licking his feet.

“…Kuuh, I-I’ll do it. I just need to lick it, right?”

Forcing up my butt, I groveled at Lord Chrono’s feet. My head felt blank as if light-headed from a fever. I brought my face close to Lord Chrono’s foot, and extended my tongue, trying to lick the base of his toe.

T-This d-dog-like behavior! How…humiliating!

And yet I was filled with an indescribable feeling of satisfaction. On the verge of my tongue touching his toe, Lord Chrono pulled his foot back.

My eyes chased after his foot with me feeling disappointed.

“E-Excuse me. I-I didn’t intend to spend so much time on it.”

“I have to apologize.”

“Eh?” I sat up.

“Well, I didn’t really plan to make you lick my foot, to be honest.”


While Lord Chrono said so with an awkward expression, Layla’s lips distorted faintly.

“Y-You wench!”

The instant I realized that I had been taken for a fool, my anger exploded.


“Don’t give me such lip-service! If you feel sorry, t-then die, you bastard!” I insulted Lord Chrono and rushed out of the room.

On the way, my legs lost all power and I fell over, though.



I was doing my job while sleepily rubbing my eyes at noon the next day. Probably because of my lacking ability to concentrate, I was repeatedly making mistakes.

Because I had left my pillow in Lord Chrono’s room, my neck was sore. But, just as I asked myself whether I should take a nap to clear up my mind, someone knocked on my door.

When I ignored it――

“Hurry up and open the door if you’re in,” the landlady said as she entered the room.

“…I won’t eat lunch today.”

“Ain’t that simply because you’re half-asleep?”

The landlady put down a tray in front of me.

“What’s this?” I asked while pointing at a white mass on a small plate.

But, the landlady only grinned, and answered, “Eat it, and you’ll understand.” Clearly unwilling to give me a reply here.

I scooped it up with the provided spoon, and put it in my mouth. The instant it entered, coldness and sweetness exploded inside my mouth.

“C-Cold? W-What’s this?”

“It’s ice cream, a dish Lord Chrono taught me. The recipe is――”

I ignored the proud lecture the landlady was giving me, wolfing down the ice cream instead.

“That’s how you make it.”

“I won’t make it.”

I had emptied the whole plate by the time the landlady finished speaking.

“Did you enjoy last night?”

“W-Why do you know about it!?”

“Even though I may look and act like this, the maids idolize me,” answered the landlady with a broad grin. “So, how was it? Did you do it? You did, right? Be honest and spit it out.”

“We haven’t done it. And there was a nuisance present as well.”

“Wouldn’t it have been fine to have some fun with the three of you?”

“Prattling nonsense since it got nothing to do with you, eh?”

“Well, of course. Hehehe,” the landlady laughed through her nose. “No helping it. I’ll pitch in and help you.”

“No need, really.”

“Now, now, just leave everything to me, okay?” The landlady picked up the tray and left the room.



That evening I also wrapped up my work earlier than usual, diligently washed my body, and put on a negligee. Then I read the book I borrowed from Shion for a tiny bit, before heading to Lord Chrono’s room.

When I opened the door with my heart thumping, Lord Chrono was lying on the bed. Layla wasn’t present.

I breathed out in relief and sat down on the bed, peeking at Lord Chrono’s sleeping face. It was as innocent as that of a child.

Come to think of it, he’s just one year older than me, isn’t he? Since he’s so strangely calm, he feels a lot older, though.

What’s the difference between me and this guy? A difference in standing? Gender? Or military experience?

I brought my face close, staring at the scar on his right eye.

“You’re awake, aren’t you?”

“I’m asleep.”

Lord Chrono lifted his body reluctantly.

“What happened to your right eye?”

“How sudden.”

“N-Not really. I wanted to ask you for a while now, but I just had no opportunity to do so.”

Lord Chrono stroked the scar with a finger, looking depressed.

“Holy Kingdom Argo’s army attacked us around three months ago. We managed to repel them, but it ended up in this state after I took a slash from an enemy soldier.”

“Was that soldier so strong?”

“No, I simply was too weak. After all, I couldn’t even draw my own sword.”

Lord Chrono stroked his scar once more.

“So you donated to the Ocher Temple because you want to get this scar healed?”

“I don’t plan to have it healed, no,” answered Lord Chrono with a sigh. “Many of my men died because of my orders, and some of them are still suffering from their wounds, mental and physical ones. So I can’t just get my eye healed as the only one.”

“…I see.”

This small chat allowed me to realize that Lord Chrono isn’t suited to be a commander, no, statesman. I was unsure whether I should tell him, but in the end, I kept the advice to myself.

“Why did you come here?”

“I-I came to retrieve my pillow.”

“Huh? I thought you visited to continue where we left off yesterday, though?”

My body immediately froze.

“Well, sit down…on the floor.”

“A-A-Are you a-an idiot? Didn’t I tell you that I merely came here to get my pillow back!?”

Even though I complained, I obeyed.

Lord Chrono directed a pitying look at me, and gently touched my collar. The instant he did, a chill crept up my spine.

“Y-You won’t d-do anything nasty to m-me, right? Kisses are a no-no. P-Putting it in is out of the question as well.”

Although I tried to protest, Lord Chrono could steal either at any moment, if he felt like it. If he forcibly stole them――

Just the imagination of it caused my abdomen to heat up.

“I won’t.”

“…I see,” I muttered quietly, adding loudly, “I-It’s not like I feel disappointed or anything, okay!?”

“Is that so?”

“It is!”


Lord Chrono sank into silence, apparently pondering, while I was restlessly rubbing my thighs against each other.

Aah, I wonder what’s going to be done to me.

“Could I have you imitate the cries of animals?”

“I-If it’s something of that level…dog, cat, or bird?”

“Okay, let’s go with a pig then.”

For an instant I blacked out there. Of all things he’s asking me to imitate a pig.

“T-There’s no way I can do that, is there?”

“I won’t return your pillow then.”

Haaah, then do whatever you want. I can sleep without a pillow, and I can at least buy a new pillow myself, too.


And yet, I bowed my head and imitated the oinking of a pig. Once I stole a glance at Lord Chrono, his expression seemed to be full of dejection.

“Elena, are you trying to kid me with that imitation?”

“I-I did it, so give me my pillow back!”


Lord Chrono picked up my pillow and laughed like a devil.

On that evening I became a pig.



The next morning I woke up to my body hurting. Last night, I was bitten, licked, and had fingers thrust in me. When the memories revived in my head, I got entranced――

No, that’s not it! My body is trembling out of humiliation! I’m sure!


“…Y-You fiend, give me my negligee and underwear back!” I yelled with my body curled up like a sleeping dog.

I was naked, and so was Lord Chrono.

“Ah~, sorry.”

“Don’t do it in the first place if you’re going to apologize afterwards! Uuhh~, the places you bit sting, and your dick smells like fish… Really, and I mean it, you’re the worst. Seriously the worst! Die!” I put on my underwear and negligee while insulting Lord Chrono.

Once I lowered my eyes, I found teeth-marks. Mostly around my chest. My jaw was also hurting. The instant I got out of bed, I felt a dull pain from my butt.

“Umm, are you alright?”

“A-As if I’d be alright after all this! Just where did you stick your fingers in!”

“Your butt’s――”

“Shut it! Die!”

I left Lord Chrono’s bedroom while enduring the pain of my butt.

He’s the worst! Truly the worst!

“B-But…unless I go to fetch my pillow again, i-it’s no good, is it?” I stopped walking as my body shuddered all of a sudden.




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