Chapter 172: I Won’t Accept any Complaints!


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I asked Damsel Scarlet about Cain’s profile.

According to her, he’s a pretty boy with indigo blue hair and eyes, but in reality, both are red. He seems to usually disguise the true colors with magic.

…That’s rather vague information, isn’t it? Pretty boy… I can tell a beautiful girl apart, but pretty boys are out of my league. Of course, I can easily tell that I’m a beautiful girl as well!



“Doesn’t he have any other outstanding traits?”

“He was raised without being aware that he’s a demonkin. Given that it is a shojo game, the setting is a bit half-baked, but him getting possessed by a spirit should have, if I remember correctly, happened during his childhood when he carelessly broke a seal. But, there was no mention of what kind of seal and where it was located.”

Hmm, in that case, it’ll be impossible to investigate the seal’s location, huh?

“…In the first place, isn’t that guy harmless anyway? He hasn’t caused any trouble, has he? It might be necessary to catch him if he perpetrated more than I did, but I doubt it’s a problem to leave him to his own devices if he’s just a boy with a slightly bigger amount of magic elements than usual. Although you said he was possessed by a spirit, we might as well let Primrose exorcize him if she’s capable of it. I’m completely thick headed when it comes to spirits. Which is extremely unfortunate! I can detect wraiths, but the same can’t be said about spirits at the moment. If it’s something I can’t handle, it won’t change my inability to cope with it, no matter what I do.”

Somehow it’s become a major pain at this point. I want to drop this whole matter, get on Bronko with Sword, and race out of here.

In the first place, I’ve got plenty of unfinished business at our base waiting as well. So I want to get back temporarily, wrap up everything, and then head out to search for cherry trees~!



“Please do not look so completely unmotivated. If I am not mistaken, I feel like the kingdom might perish if the hidden route is not handled properly.”

“I don’t particularly care whether the kingdom vanishes. Let’s move to the demon king’s country, Sword. We’re going back to our base and I’ll mass produce Chars.”

“Please wait! I will be troubled. I have finally managed to obtain a small cheat at great pains, allowing me to eat delicious bread and drink wonderful black tea! I have taught my family about the concept of baths and my people have started to take a bath everyday, but if the kingdom perishes, all my efforts will go down the drain!” Damsel Scarlet cut in energetically. “I will also try to recall a bit more, so please continue your investigation. …Also, about Lady Primrose…”

Since she looked like she was going to complain, I waved my hand lightly.

“Ah, I won’t accept any complaints. That one is unmanageable even for me. She will either break up with the prince or he’ll retire from his post for her. If the prince insists on turning that girl into his queen, he’ll definitely lose his succession rights.”

“…….Is that so?”

Hmm? She’s become somewhat gloomy.

“What’s up? Did something happen with that perverted crybaby of a prince?”

She glared at me furiously.

“…I was a big fan of the prince in [RosePri]!”

“I see. …And?” I tilted my head in confusion.

“I didn’t want to become the villainess! I’ve put in lots of effort into evading the bad ends, but I won’t give up on the prince either!”

Or so she says.

“I don’t quite get the romantic matters, so I can’t say much more than “I see.” For me, this world is a place I don’t want to be ever born into again and I hate meddling with the humans of this world so much that I get goosebumps, so there’s no way I could answer in any other way.”

Once I told her that, Damsel Scarlet cast her eyes down, “…So that is how it is for you. But since my life has improved as a ducal daughter, I like this world. Even in regards to the prince…I have thoroughly trained myself to become suitable as the prince’s fiancée, so I will not give up on him easily.”

She sure is a role model for hard work.

“Well, just like you have a type of guy you like, the prince also has a type of girl he prefers, and in his case it’s that girl. I don’t know how far you’ll get with this, but since love becomes stronger the more obstacles it faces, confront them with reality while moderating yourself so as to not meddle too strongly. Tell them about the training for a queen, or the training for a queen, and that they won’t have any choice but to become poor commoners, if she hates all that training.”

“…I understood. Thank you very much for having brought that to my attention,” she thanked me in past tense with an expression you could call anything but grateful.




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