Chapter 180: I Reformed Smith!


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“P-Please wait! I don’t have any friends other than this demon! If the demon is gone…I…”

Flabbergasted, I spoke up.

“…And for that reason you’re going to tie down a spirit world dweller who wishes to go back home? You let the demon possess you willingly, didn’t you?”

Smith jumped in fright.

Okay, this time I got it right.

“Give up. If you really consider the demon your friend, see her off with a smile, even if you might miss her. If you only want to satisfy your own needs while clinging to that demon as your only friend from now on as well, I won’t mind you letting her possess you. But, I’ll need to report it, and if something that could be related to you happens in the future, you’ll likely be killed without any questions asked. Bind the demon to yourself while being resolved for that.”


I shrugged my shoulders exaggeratedly, “You’re no threat whatsoever for Sword and me, but a 『demonkin who let himself possessed by a demon』 will likely be seen as threat by people not knowing your circumstances. We want to leave this place as soon as possible, so if we inform the request’s client that we allowed the demonkin boy to remain possessed upon his own request since he’s no threat to us and that we leave the rest to the discretion of our client, he’ll likely dispose of you in one way or another.”

Smith became ghastly pale and cast his eyes down.

“…Your truly a sadist to no end.”


I think I just told him about reality and what to expect in the future.

『You won’t be lonely if you come with me to the spirit world, you know?』

The demon tempted as you’d anticipate from a proper devil, but Smith shook his head.


Figures! I mean, that would mean he has to die!

“Okay, then bid farewell to her. I wanna get on with this and exorcize her as soon as possible.”

Despite blaming others for this and that, Sword is trying to smoothly wrap up the whole matter as well.


“……Thank you for everything up until now,” Smith muttered.

『Smith, please widen your view. I’m sure there are people out there who understand you, so don’t give up』

After giving that sound advice, the demon let herself being exorcized by Sword.

The End.



“She wasn’t strong or anything like that, so I kinda pity her for having been sealed away.”

“Well, that’s the level of strength for normal demons, but that’s also seen as threat level A-Rank. Your threat level as the one describin’ her strength as weak should be beyond S-Rank, I’m sure.”

Like U (Ultra) or some such?

While thinking that, I looked at Smith.

Oh, his outward appearance has changed somewhat. His eyes have become crimson. And the amount of his magic elements has gone up a tiny bit as well, I feel. But, it’s just a weeny bit.

“From now on, train yourself and foster your abilities so that you won’t need to rely on anyone else. Give it a rest and graduate from being pampered by your parents and depending on others. You’re a guy, aren’t you? If the thing dangling between your legs isn’t a fluke, then stand on your own two feet.”

As soon as I finished speaking, my head was hit by a fist.


“Your really vulgar! No wonder that you played games…with pretty girls as a male protagonist despite bein’ a woman yourself!”

Nothing less of Instructor Sword, that was a beautiful retort.

“Yep! But, I don’t like harems. I’m the type who plays with just the pretty girl I like! The exact opposite of Primrose!”

“Oh really. To be honest, I don’t give a shit, so can you stop with the vulgar remarks?”

He emphasized.

Meanwhile Smith was standing stock still with an expression as if having suffered a shock.

“……Certainly, it’s vulgar.”

It got emphasized once more!

But, apparently having understood what I wanted to tell him, he lifted his face after obviously brooding for a bit.

“…I don’t have a demon as a friend anymore. You’re right, I’ll try to be a bit more assertive. So far I’ve spent every day erasing my presence so as to not have my true identity exposed, but since some people seem more demonic than demonkin, and others have been possessed by a demon much stronger than me, I’m sure that someone like me is no big deal.”



Hmm? What does he want to tell us with that?


After saying all that, he briskly left.



When I saw Smith again several days later, he was being swarmed by cute girls. He had apparently acquired a skill to buy their sympathy with his own trademark routine (stories of his suffering and unhappiness). Showing a devastated expression (out of calculation), he led the girls around by the nose.

…Okay, he’s standing on his own two feet, and he appears to enjoy his school life. That’s great to see.



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