Chapter 206: Bennyboy Is Back!

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Several days later, Damsel Scarlet contacted me through the wireless.

『…Lady Indra, can you hear me?』

“…Hmm? That voice…Damsel Scarlet?”

『Oh! It really connected!』

『Whaaat!? Seriously!? Let me have it!』


『Indra! It’s me! Gerard!!!』

…Whoa, too loud…what a lively fellow.

“It’s been a few days, Sir Gerard. Is something the matter? Are you possibly in trouble?”

I wonder what’s going on? Maybe they’ve been surrounded by a crowd of bandits!? I’d rush over right away! *excited*

『Eh? Ah…you could call it trouble, I guess』

Hmm? Somehow he sounds awfully dispirited all of a sudden, doesn’t he?

『…Umm, do we have to come to your place or you in person for registering someone with ChaNon and Bronko?』

Did they get flooded by applicants after returning to their mansion or something like that?

“No, I can control it remotely. After all, it’s a magic tool I 『only rented out』. Regardless of whether my magic tools are close or far away, I have the highest authority. That’s why I can also control the biometric registration from over here, but…driver’s training is indispensable, and if I carefreely hand out registrations, it’ll also raise the probability of crimes, you see? So far as it goes, those are 『multi-wheeled magic-stone-powered driving golems』 and might very well be the first ones of their kind in this world. Personally, I don’t really want to use the remote function to register new users.”

『No, you don’t need to worry. The applicant’s identity is set. ………..I mean, she’s my wife after all』

Hmm? So his wife wants to drive them? A duchess? A genuine, noble lady?

“…I don’t mind, but seriously? She’s a duchess, isn’t she? I could still understand ChaNon, but…Bronko had been turned down even by Damsel Scarlet who actually knew about that type of vehicle, you know? Isn’t that a bit too much for a lady?”

Suddenly I heard a cough.

Hmm? Is she possibly nearby?

『…Nice to meet you. I am Gerard’s wife, Ally Chaudgal』

Oh my, the wife made an appearance!

『Please forgive us for allowing my husband to intrude upon you the other day. Moreover, you were so generous to rent us these wonderful golems. I do not know how I should ever thank you』

“Nice to meet you as well, though you have to excuse me for it being limited to voice-only. My name is Indra, a former school friend of Damsel Scarlet. I think you might have heard about me, but I have formed a party with S-Rank adventurer Sword. I have already heard that you are an acquaintance of Sword as well, Duchess Ally.”

『Yes, quite so. That is why I believe that Sword might know if you ask him, but I used to be a royal knight of the princess』

…Ah, I see. Someone who can ride a horse, huh? And that’s also the reason why she can handle that restive, irrational duke, I suppose.

“I see. In other words, you’re saying you have some confidence in your motor abilities. …Okay, then I’ll register you. Please learn how to drive ChaNon from Damsel Scarlet and Bronko from Ann. Until you properly pass the teaching course, limit the speed as you’re told by your teachers. Also, you might understand if you’ve ridden a horse, but Bronko comes with a fairly high level of lethal danger. Since he moves on two wheels, unlike a horse, your sense of balance matters a lot more in comparison to riding a horse. Please make sure to wear proper, protective gear.”

『I understand!』

Whoa, she sure sounds extremely happy. That family is definitely a gathering of oddballs.

I should ask Sword about her.



Just when Sword and I thought about departing, Bennyboy and his guards came back.

“Oohh! Bennyboy! So you were still alive, huh!? I was already worried!”

“Heya! I’m still alive n’ kickin’. Comin’ from the seaward side became quite a detour. But, seeing how the route usually would take around half a year, I’d say I’ve been fast this time?”

For real? It takes that long? Hmm, I was planning to get Bennyboy to procure seafood for me, but it looks like that will be unreasonable.

Because they were all exhausted, I assigned a guest room…err private room to Bennyboy, since he was mostly freeloading her anyway, and gender-split double rooms to the two pairs of men and women as thanks for their hard work.

“You can use these rooms as you please. The bathroom and toilet are shared, and if you eat your meals at set times with everyone else, and readily help out the servants with their requests, I’ll waive the rent.”


I did a thumb-up while casting a sidelong glance at Pale Moon of Dawn who were hooraying.

“It’s just as you heard. Feel free to use them as you please. Even if they might be rotten, they’re B-Rank adventurers, so I think they’ll be able to cope with tough requests such as asking them to go hunt delicious-looking monsters. While they’re here, work them hard, you guys. Be it as luggage carriers or guards.”

“”As you wish.””

As such it was decided that the adventurer party would be managed by our servants.



I asked Bennyboy about the fruits of his journey.

“The one you were talkin’ about is this, right?”

What he retrieved from his bag was without a doubt – rice!!!

“Yes, this is what I was looking for!!” I grabbed Bennyboy’s hands and earnestly thanked him, “This is what I wanted! You’re a merchant specialist. Well done on having found and obtained it for me. Please spend your time in the mansion as you like. That’s why, can you obtain it regularly for me?”

“Whoa, what an amazin’ hospitality. …I understand, I promise I’ll get it for you frequently! Or rather, I expected that it might turn out like that and set up a joint business with the producer! They said they’re going to prioritize selling it to us! In exchange, they’re asking for a commission and the purchase of a fixed amount, though.”

O-O-Oh my god! He already set up everything!?

“Bennyboy~! You’re my VIP merchant! Tell me anything you want! I might make everything come true for you!”

Apparently unable to watch it any longer, Sword cut in as I pressed down on Bennyboy who was starting to back away.

“Alright, stop it there. Don’t get any more excited. Certainly, it might be an incredibly important item for you, but…”

Looking at Sword, I grinned, “The produce obtained by Bennyboy can be used for high-quality wine. This wine was my favorite in the past.”

“Ben!! You did it, man! Please tell me ‘nythin’ and I’ll do it for you!”

“Whoa, both of you, your gleamin’ eyes n’ blatant way of speakin’ is scary as heck!”

With Sword also joining in, Bennyboy drew back even further.




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