Chapter 205: They Are Finally Going Back!

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Damsel Scarlet and I spent our time in a relaxed manner, watching the ranch, making sweets, and getting all excited talking about the other world with Mr. Amato.

In-between, during the breaks, I drew up the designs for Bronko and its sidecar. Seeing the finished product, Damsel Scarlet asked, “Wait, this looks just like ‘that one’, doesn’t it?”

“Hmm? I thought you didn’t watch such hero stuff?”

My otherworld knowledge contained a scene of two protagonists in a hero anime for adults riding on a bike with a sidecar. Because Sword’s Bronko was fairly close in color to the anime bike, Damsel Scarlet apparently recalled it.

“That one was famous! Old man x pretty boy…guhehehe.”

Oof! So that was her point of interest, eh!?

“Y-Yeah… Well, so you watched it, right? I rooted for the female high-school student’s romance, though.”

“Oh my? But, in reality, such a cute girl would never fall in love with some dull and unattractive middle-aged guy, right?”

Since this is coming from a former high-school student, it might be true. But!

“Wouldn’t you say it’s even more unlikely in reality for a pretty boy to fall in love with such a dull and unattractive middle-aged guy?”

“No, absolutely not! Such cases do exist!”

They exist, she says… This part really makes me feel our difference in knowledge.

When I asked Mr. Amato, he said he saw it and found it interesting, but didn’t have that much interest in it, “You see, I felt sad when looking at the protagonist being kinda like a salary man on the verge of getting sacked.”

Yeah okay, thanks for the very corporate-slave like opinion.



I focused on providing cheap, fast food from the other world for lunch while entrusting breakfast and dinner to our highly-motivated cooks.

But, as might be expected of the duke who was called an eccentric (by Sword).

――Damsel Scarlet, Mr. Amato, Sword and I still made sense since we were all commoners. But, the duke is a genuine noble, isn’t he? Why is he so eager about eating commoner food? He even ate the ramen while slurping loudly, okay?

Even Sword was like, “Eh? You were a noble, weren’t you? Behavin’ like this is alright?”, while drawing back.

And yet, the duke kept eating while slurping as if nothing happened.

“――Sir Gerard, I seem to have underestimated you. I had never expected that a genuine noble like you would break the table manners taboo of 『Eating loudly』.”

The duke answered my murmur proudly, “If this is a commoner rule, I’ll follow it! I’m an adventurer at heart!”

I see! How admirable.

“Ugh, it’s escalatin’. I’ve been feelin’ that it’s been a very bad idea to allow Gerard and Indra to meet. …Scarlet, is your Dad goin’ to be alright? Will he be able to turn back into a noble?”

“……Once we get back home, my mother will be there, so…”

Hearing Damsel Scarlet’s whisper, Duke Gerard jumped with a start.

I see, so his wife is wearing the pants in their marriage, eh?



When I completed the delivery Bronko, the duke family’s servants, with Ann in the lead, swarmed the thing in the name of training their driving. The maids had cast off their dignity and manners, wearing leather jackets, leather pants, and boots in a Rider style!

“Wow, Ann! You look so groovy!”

Ann got embarrassed from Damsel Scarlet’s praise, but she seemed to be happy about it.

“Thank you for your kind words,” she bowed while being beet red.



So, when I finished making most of the requested items, the Chaudgals and their servants had completely settled down at our base, their noble manners and so on being no more than a distant dream, but when a letter reached them from back home, they quickly began to get everything ready for heading back.

“I regret it…I truly and utterly regret it, but if we don’t go back home, my wife…”

“Leave it at that. I can mostly guess the rest anyway. Keeping your wife happy by obeying her whims makes for a better family life, I’d say?” I soothed the duke.

“Ah, there it is again. One of her old-man remarks.”

“…I swear, Lady Indra must have been a middle-aged guy before reincarnating over here.”

The two in the back were saying some cruel things about me.



When I was asked about my wishes in regards to the rental fee for Bronko and ChaNon, I became troubled, but then I decided to have them send over all kinds of raw materials I wouldn’t be able to obtain without connections. After all, gathering the materials is usually much more of a chore than using them to build something.

Alright, with this it looks like they’ll get the raw materials for me if I need something. Hihihi



Damsel Scarlet went back while enthusiastically driving ChaNon (moreover after opening up its roof and with the duke sitting on the passenger’s seat). They sure took all kinds of souvenirs with them.

Good grief.

After catching my breath, I looked up to Sword who’d been seeing them off with me.

“Now then, it looks like we’re finally going to depart on our next journey.”

“Yeah. …Let’s go then,” Sword answered with a boyish smile.

――As I thought, in the end Sword is a natural-born adventurer.




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