Chapter 198: Is this Some Kind of Spa?

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First, the maids and servants explained our mansion to the attendants of the Chaudgal family. We also had them register their biometric data. Without that, they’d get attacked by the Ryokus and the mansion’s security systems.

“We’re boasting of a security that should even withstand an attack by the capital’s knight order. But, as a side effect of that, every person, whose biometric data hasn’t been registered, will be unilaterally attacked. And as we have different security levels, some areas are off-limits to guests, too. If you receive a warning, you should quickly leave the restricted area. Otherwise we won’t be able to guarantee your safety.

“Whoa! Were you the one who created this security system, Lady Indra?”


By the way, Duke Chaudgal stuck his face everywhere, checking out all places while the sparkling in his eyes became more intense by the minute. His manners as a noble have completely dissipated at this point.

“……You being able to feel at home is what matters the most.”

“……I am truly, truly sorry for my father!!”



I led them to their rooms.

“Your rooms come with bathrooms, but if you wish to use the large bathroom, I would like you to inform us of the time in advance. Since our residents have gotten used to freely entering the large bath throughout the day, we must reserve a time slot for you after receiving your booking. However, please avoid the time right after breakfast since that is the time when the bath gets cleaned.”

“Eh? …Large bath?” Damsel Scarlet jumped at that.

“The design is simple, okay? After all, it’s made for commoners. The bathrooms in the guestroom, on the other hand, are luxurious.”

“…But, it has been built by you, right Lady Indra? Did you make it like a hot spring?”

“Indeed. There’s a bath made out of fragrant wood, and another one made by pasting stones together. Men and women switch baths during the cleaning time. The wooden bath also has a sauna, and the stone bath a stone sauna.”

“Is this some kind of “Spa?”” Damsel Scarlet retorted.

“It was the brave’s suggestion. The brave with us had been working as corporate slave, unable to take a bath for many days while stuck at his company, but he’s an incomprehensible guy saying that he often went to a “deluxe public bath” despite that. I built a large bath in order to cut down on the cleaning effort and because I want the residents here to keep their bodies clean, but when he told me about this and that, claiming that I should use the opportunity after going out of my way to build it anyway, I added various functions.”

The stone bath has a whirlpool and a stream of water cascading onto your back. The wooden bath has medical baths. I further explained that the medical bath would change depending on the mood of those in charge of the cleaning.

“Okay! Here, one booking for the large bath! Please register me for one hour!” Damsel Scarlet raised her hand, returning to her unadorned character.

“It sounds interesting, so can I also request a booking for the large bath?”

And with that said, we decided that we’d let them enter the large bath for one hour before dinner.



Putting that aside, I contacted Sword, who had concealed himself, through the wireless transmitter.

“Hey, I know how you feel about this, but don’t skip dinner. It’d be rude if the lord of the house wasn’t present for dinner, right? The duke is somewhat odd, but he’s a very humble man. You can humor him at least that much, right?”

『…Ain’t just ‘somewhat’. That guy hasn’t changed at all, you know?』 Sword replied.

Hmm? His way of talking means…

“Are you guys acquainted?”

『…I told you that there was a time when I studied at the academy, didn’t I? The current king, Shadow, and Gerard were famous for being a trio of extreme oddballs!』

I see. In short, it’s that. I guess he’s saying they’ve been Sword’s groupies since that time.

“I grasped it for the most part. But! Now that he’s here, it can’t be changed, right? I’ll entertain him as much as possible. Right now he’s completely engrossed with the mansion, forgetting all his manners as a noble. The cooks are gung-ho about creating a gorgeous feast, and if we also let him drink some liquor, we can distract him to a degree, correct?”

『Ah, I’d love to see it play out just like that. Since he got married and seeing how his daughter has grown up so much, it means he calmed down a bit』

I see. Sword hasn’t even gotten married, and yet he’s already a middle-aged guy. Pfft.

『…Oi, did you think somethin’ weird just now?』

Ah, there it is; his esper ability.

“I didn’t. Anyway, please attend dinner. Also, since they’re going to head to the large bath before dinner, it’d be smart to avoid that place.”

『I’ll be at my room. Or rather, I don’t wanna leave my room. I wanna stay there, drinkin’ booze all the time』

A declaration to become an alcohol-dependent shut-in.



By the way, if it’s my room, Sword’s room, and the guestrooms, then it’s possible to stay in there all the time. The guest rooms have bathrooms with built-in toilets, but those have been expanded in size, and above all, they got flushing. Sword’s and my rooms have separate bathrooms and toilets, but those are even more spacious.

The cleaning is a chore, but leaving aside Sword, the servants dislike me using the large bath or shared toilets, so I’ve gotten used to making do with the ones in my room.

The only one not fussing over me in this mansion except for Sword would be Mr. Amato. That makes him a valuable asset. Also, Bennyboy enters that category, I suppose.



――Come to think of it, Bennyboy still hasn’t come back. I heard that if you’re approaching from the ocean’s side, you can only cross the mountains or take a detour, since he’s riding Char, he could only choose the detour, but despite that it shouldn’t take that long, if he drives Char at full speed, should it?

Since he occasionally contacts us through the wireless transmitter, I think he’s doing fine, but…I’m slightly worried.




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