Chapter 199: It Is Impossible Without Slirin!

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All blood drained from Damsel Scarlet’s face, and yet she approached with a quick but elegant stride.

You’d expect nothing less of a ducal daughter, really.


In her confusion, Damsel Scarlet messed up how she addressed me.

“T-T-T-T-T-T-The t-t-t-toilet! I-I-I-I-I-I-It flushes!”

“All hail magic arts,” I answered with a shrug of my shoulders.

Damsel Scarlet immediately started to tremble, just to suddenly scream, “Don’t wanna! If I live in this place, I’ll become unable to ever go back to my old lifestyle!!”

Heeey, wait a sec, you’re showing way too much of your old character.

“You just need to consider it like a foreigner visiting our country and entering a toilet. The otherworld version of that. Once they go back to their own country, they’ll be faced with the same old inconveniences, but they’ll get used to it right away.”

When I soothed her, she timidly asked me with upturned eyes, “…By the way, assuming I’d request this, would it be possible?”

“No. Before we started to live in this mansion after buying it, I repaired it on a fairly large scale. It went almost as far as rebuilding it while thinking of everything, like drainage systems. Back then I had time for that, but now I won’t find such a spare time since I’m involved in various other things. In the first place, I’m an adventurer. Once everything is more or less settled, making it possible to leave all the rest to the residents over here, I’m planning to depart again.”

She dropped her shoulders and became depressed when I clearly turned her down.

But, that won’t change anything. It’s not like everything’s done and over with by just building a toilet bowl with streaming water. You must also consider the water’s destination and its processing, otherwise things will turn really ugly.

In my own mansion I can set my own rules, but since that’s impossible in the mansion of other people, it’ll doubtlessly end in failure.

“In the other world, filthy water streams through the sewage into a processing plant where it gets purified. We’ve been using that system without being particularly aware of it. ――But, you see, this world doesn’t have anything like that. In other words, you must carry out the sewage processing somewhere in your own mansion. Of course, it’s necessary to maintain that system and you have to clean it regularly so that it doesn’t get clogged. You must use the sewage while also understanding the means of how to maintain it.  I don’t know whether the residents of your mansion are capable of that. That’s why it’s impossible.”

Albeit still looking dispirited, Damsel Scarlet had apparently understood and nodded her confirmation lightly.

“……Okay, I got it. You’re saying it’s no good if it’s just superficial convenience, right?”

“Correct. I desire a hygienic life and don’t shun any effort for that sake. The residents of this mansion also comply with that. That’s why it’s possible over here.”

But that’s true isn’t it? Our residents have come a long way, haven’t they? It’s only comfortable when you’re using it. But, I think at this point, the difficulty and importance of its maintenance has sunken deeply into their minds instead.

Well, my beloved Slirin has been handling the cleaning of the drainage, though.



Some time passed after this, and when I passed in front of a terrace in the evening, I spotted the Chaudgals drinking orange-flavored water in comfy clothes. It looks like they enjoyed the bath.

“…As I thought, the bath was first rate. I would love to have one of those for our mansion as well, but…”

“Uh-huh, it’s definitely magnificent, but preparing that much hot water is quite a chore, you know?”

“Yes, indeed… Though it would be alright if we could draw it from a hot spring vein.”



Given that they were holding such a conversation, I drew close and spoke up to them.

“It looks like you were able to enjoy yourself, and that is all that counts. Dinner will be served in a little while. Please look forward to it. Our cooks are fairly skilled. I am sure it will be to your satisfaction.”

“Oh my? It is not going to be made by you, Lady Indra?” Damsel Scarlet asked with her head tilted.

I shook my head, “At first I made all kinds of dishes together with them while experimenting, but as might be expected, I haven’t been doing that these days. I’d get scolded for stealing the servants’ work. Although I’m not even this mansion’s owner…”

And yet I still got scolded. So, since it can’t be helped, I’m not doing it.

But, in reality, we all have the same standing, you know?

Since they’d start to cry and become extremely dejected if I told them that, I kept it to myself. For them I might be the true Countess Springcoat. It’s an illusion or hallucination, but maybe they won’t be able to keep going without that as people who used to be servants of nobility.

It’s probably because serving a commoner is asking too much.

Yep, let’s leave it at that.




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