Chapter 174: Actually, He Was a Huge Fan!


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I cleared my throat, “Well, if my role is to amplify Cain’s power, it should be impossible for his powers to become stronger with me being unable to use dark magic on top of not knowing who he is. However, it’s certainly true that we won’t make any progress at this rate. I guess we’ll gather the whole lot and do an exorcism. You should be able to do that, right Sword?”

“…You, what are you takin’ me for ‘nyway?” He answered me.

Eh? Why?

“Casting it on one person or a hundred makes no difference, does it?”

“That might count for you,” he told me.


Sword sighed at me tilting my head in confusion, “…It’s difficult to explain my magic to you, but normally the chants are different if you cast a spell on one person or a hundred. Also, I’d like you to not forget that while you don’t use the magic power in your bodymana, I power my spells through mana. If I use a spell on a hundred people, and moreover, chant several spells at the same time, my life’s gonna be in danger.”

For real?

“But, you haven’t said that you can’t do it, eh…? Nothing less of a great hero.”

Oh? Damsel Scarlet has also heard about his exploits as hero?

“I didn’t know that Sword is a hero, but is it normal for nobles to be aware of it after all?” I asked Damsel Scarlet.

For some reason she looked troubled, answering, “Umm… In my case, my father has been a huge fan of Sir Sword.”

“”Huge fan?””

Sword’s and my voices overlapped.

“My father also participated in the battle at the capital. Because I had evacuated with my mother, I only heard the details from my father, but according to him, father challenged the demon to buy time for the king to escape, and got saved by the hero who had rushed over moments before he would have been killed, or some such… He mentioned that the extremely gruesome battle had burned itself deeply into his mind. I cannot even count how often I heard him praise 【Thunderclap Whitefang】 for being as fast as a god of lightning with his attacks being as sharp as the fangs of a war god.”

Sword turned around, and blocked his ears. He was apparently embarrassed.

“Therefore, he broke out into great cheers when I informed him of having formed a friendship with Sir Sword and his partner. Anyway, he kept saying that he would prepare anything, if only you asked him to.”

He he he, that’s really amazing. And it looks like there’s quite many of Sword’s fans around.

“You heard her, Instructor Sword.”

“Shut up! I didn’t hear a thing!”

It seems he’s embarrassed.



Damsel Scarlet appeared to like curry. She constantly wanted to be invited to dinner, and kept requesting curry.

Usually, her maids would serve her dinner. But, this was something made by me, a commoner. And although she let her maids test for poison, Damsel Scarlet’s request was always about curry. Because curry was too different from what they usually made, the maids couldn’t prepare it for her.

Hence, it resulted in me serving her dinner. Using that opportunity, I suggested that the maids should eat with us as well, but since they had their pride as maids, they didn’t dine with us, and decided to take their meal in the same place after our dinner, but with a partition screen set up in advance.

“Pheew, as I thought, curry is a food loved by everyone!” Damsel Scarlet exclaimed in satisfaction.

“It wasn’t what you’d call the “standard-type” of curry, but is that okay with you?”

“There exists no bad curry!”

So she loves curry that much? But then again, wouldn’t it be fine for her to sample all spices and try to create a combination she likes?

…seemingly guessing what I was thinking, Damsel Scarlet closed in quickly and decisively.

“Let me tell you: I reincarnated after dying fairly young! I had passed the entry examination for a woman’s university, and just when I thought things would get started from there, I died after falling down the train station’s stairway! For this reason, I have not done anything like cooking and so on! At most I was allowed to help my mother when she made sweets and bread, so I vaguely remember how to make those!”

Hmm, come to think of it, do your parents make the food unless you like cooking yourself quite a bit? I really don’t remember that part overly well.

……For some reason, a weird memory suddenly revived in my mind. A memory of small pieces of steamed chicken dished out on a plate which were extremely delicious. I ate them with great relish ―― I think?

Shaking my head light since I got caught up in silly thoughts, I asked Damsel Scarlet with a serious face, “Can you smoothly solve [sine, cosine, and tangent] functions then?”

“Ah, I was all liberal arts!” She told me crisply.




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