Chapter 175: She Liked Fermentation, Right?


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I got an earful of complaints while sipping on black tea,

“…As for me, I consider you, Lady Indra, to be odd, you see? In the first place, since I have some otherworld knowledge as well, I was planning to use it to my advantage. But, I kept running into walls like starting from growing yeast when I tried to make bread, or having no scales when I tried to make sweets! Even for cooking, I was lacking soup stock! No consomme either! Making things taste totally bland!”

You’re getting too excited, allowing your tone to gradually become more casual, you know?

“If you cook various kinds of vegetable skins and scraps for a long time over a very low flame while adding bones and pieces of your favorite meat, you just need to keep adding water every once in a while. Then, after filtering out the ingredients, you just need to cook the broth until a third or half of its original amount remains while paying attention to not get it burned in order to obtain Western soup stock. Though it won’t last long if you don’t have any freezing or refrigeration magic.”

“Seeeeee! That’s the kind of cheat knowledge you blurt out like it’s nothing!!”

Damsel Scarlet had completely returned to her natural way of talking.

“Your handling of spices and herbs is amazing, too! The sandwiches during lunch are super delicious! I mean, they’re even tastier than the convenience store sandwiches I ate in the other world!”

Well, that’s of course. The ones I’ve been aiming for are the trendy sandwiches of high-class bakeries.



Sword joined the conversation.

“…That means, Indra got a plethora of otherworldly knowledge?”

“It’s not at the level of just a plethora. Look, it’s not like I’d ever know how to make liquor! With cooking, you could easily gather the seasonings and whip up stuff right away! Of course I’ve never even tried to think of something like me being unable to make the dishes because I don’t know how to make the seasonings! The biggest deal is the soap! I’ve got no soap, and I don’t know how to make it either! I heard that it uses some strong poison or some such, but I don’t have a clue how to even obtain that strong poison! In the first place, the poison doesn’t even have a friggin’ name!”

Damsel Scarlet broke.

“Now, now, calm down a bit. How about another serving of black tea?”


While at it, I cheered her up, “But, you also perfected the black tea, didn’t you? This tea is truly great, you know?”

“It’s not like I instructed them on how to make it. At most I inspected the whole process and trained the workers to do it properly by cracking down on them when they slacked off. I even went as far as meddling with the selection of the tea leaves.”

I see~ So it depends on the raw materials after all, I guess.

“…When it came to the bread, I was super shocked about them not using yeast, but although I didn’t quite know the principle behind yeast, I recalled that Mum had crushed strawberries and used the juice after keeping it in a bottle, and that proved to be a good idea by chance. However, it’s far from perfect, okay? The bread still comes out somewhat hard.”

Makes sense. They don’t use fermented stuff for anything but alcohol in this world. The bread is unleavened as well. And yet, they dare to have so many booze drinkers, right?

If I remember correctly, my otherworld self also became a heavy drinker when she started to make all kinds of liquors herself. No, I suppose she simply liked fermentation.

“That’s already an issue with wheat, so I cannot help you with that either. Damsel Scarlet, you’ve probably noticed it yourself as well, but this place has only one type of wheat flour like the other world in the distant past. You should make a clean cut and accept that it’s like that.”

This world doesn’t know the concept of weak, medium-strength, and hard flour.



Now then, when I finished the meaningful chat with Damsel Scarlet, I returned to my mission of searching for Cain.

I wonder what I should do, assuming I can’t use my 『strategy of randomly slaughtering all guys』?

…Just as I started to wonder about that, there was some movement.




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