Chapter 188: The Villainess Loves a Useless Bum


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Damsel Scarlet loudly clapped her hands together.

“Now then, it was quite interesting as an idea. But, unfortunately it was too lacking to entrap me. Are you still going to continue with this farce despite that? I will not mind it, but Lady Primrose, Lord Genius, did you resolve yourself for the consequences? If you go any further, I will take up the challenge and fight you as the daughter of a ducal family. …Also, Prince Elias.”

The pampered crybaby prince looked really reluctant.


“Lady Indra is completely right. If you are unhappy with me as your fiancée, you do not have any other choice than stepping down as a prince and becoming a commoner, you know? Once you are a commoner, how about becoming a manservant to my family?”

“What was that!? Before I have to do any of that, you just need to step down from being my fiancée, don’t you?! Yield the position to Primrose!”

……Eh? Damsel Scarlet, what do you like about scum like that? There’s plenty of much better men around, I’d think.

“It sure looks like you like useless bums, Damsel Scarlet. Such a lamer would be no option for me whatsoever. I’d totally feel like breaking him by trashing the body and spirit of this conceited weakling, before training him so thoroughly that he’d slam his face against the ground to bow whenever he caught a glimpse of my face.”

“That is because you are an extreme sadist, Lady Indra. You normally wouldn’t use terms like training and breaking when talking about people,” she said in my direction with a broad grin.

I see. Then Sword and I have an extremely sadistic adventurer party going, I guess!



Damsel Scarlet focused her attention on the prince again.

“I have not been considering to 『yield』 anything to someone who is inferior to me. Besides, could you please say all this after obtaining permission from the present king, his aide, and my father first? Otherwise, you are really going to become a 『former』 prince, you see?”

“Before that, you’ve…”

“Shut up.”

As soon as I kicked the prince’s shin, he started to roll around on the ground while whining. It was just a light tap, so he’s clearly exaggerating.

“He’s the type of guy I detest. A big hubris and a cluster of pride while being unable to see reality and believing that it’s only natural for him to be pampered. He scorns the people who spoil him. He isn’t used to having people talk back to him, and if someone does, he resents them without any justification. Because of his life where it’s only normal for him to be given everything, he lacks all consideration towards others. It’s the same even with his fiancée. He believes you belong to him because you’re 『something given to him』, but if there’s something he dislikes about you, he’ll try to get rid of you. Even though you’re a human and a ducal daughter, he merely regards you as 『given object』 and not a 『fiancée』,” I spat out towards Damsel Scarlet while looking down on the prince. “Even though he just needs to give up on everything, including the throne, grab Primrose’s hand, and elope if he dislikes it so much, he wants everything, be it the throne, his status, or you, to move according to his own selfish whim as he ultimately regards all of it as his rightful possession.

――In short, he’s a spoiled brat who hasn’t been educated properly. While it goes against my will, I’d recommend you to go along with this man’s words, quickly tear up the whole betrothal matter, and switch to another guy. …It hasn’t to be this thing of all things, has it? It’s way too disgusting and repulsive, wouldn’t you say? Or were you possibly famous for only loving useless bums?”

Damsel Scarlet sighed, “…You are right, I have been trying to avert my eyes from reality. I mean, he was so cool in RosePri.”

That’s a game, no? It looks like I drastically diverted from the game-Indra, so you should just do the same, shouldn’t you?

“This thing and the game character are different people. If you say that this thing is attractive, it’ll just oust you as a woman who genuinely loves trashy scum.”

Damsel Scarlet shook her head, and answered with a gloomy tone, “He might be a different person, but my affections towards the prince of RosePri supported me up until now. …I’m a ducal daughter and someone who has been appointed as Prince Elias’s fiancée. No matter what kind of person Prince Elias might be, I have no choice in the matter.”

Hmm, I see. Now that she mentions it…a noble woman is seen as a political tool for her family. The feeling of protecting your heart by projecting a loser like him into a cool character from a game, who has a similar outward appearance, after being forced to marry him is…nothing I want to understand.

“……Being nominated as the fiancée of this thing means you’ll have to retrain this lamer from scratch in a way that he can be allowed to sit on the throne in one way or another, you know? Otherwise, I for one will blow up the entire royal palace if such a failure becomes the king.”

“Okay, I understand. I will somehow handle that part, so please do not blow up the palace.”

Well, if I had a say in the matter, I’d actually prefer this guy to be disinherited after he elopes with Primrose, though. I’d totally hate it to be connected with trash like him through Damsel Scarlet after finally having obtained a steady supply of wonderful, black tea.

But, for the present, I’ll shelve that issue.

I clearly stated, “The false accusations against Damsel Scarlet have been cleared with this, right? ――Now then, it’s time for the long-awaited punishment! Let’s think about how we should make these guys repay their debt for the crime of having tried to trick you with false charges!”

I wasn’t able to play villainess, but I’ll get my fill of spanking.

“Should I brand them with the hot iron, which the noble folks like so much, after making them kowtow while stark-naked? Hmm, in that case, I think I should go with an imprinting of 『I’ll never defy a ducal daughter again!』 while making sure that it can’t be removed even with healing potions. In addition, I guess I should have them experience pain so excruciating that they’ll naturally fall prostrate whenever they see Damsel Scarlet. Yep, sounds good. I’ll go with these two.”

I got all cheerful and excited.

“…Lady Scarlet! I promise to never approach Primrose again! So, please save me!”

The one frantically imploring while crying in fear was the peeing music boy.

“I do not really mind if you approach her, you know? Leaving that aside, could you stay away from me?” Damsel Scarlet admonished him while casually retreating three steps.

But that’s only logical, since he stinks from all the pee.



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