Chapter 203: I Made a Special Version!

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The Chaudgals were fairly aggressive. They were interested in everything around here, constantly triggering the security system. What drew their curiosity the most was Char Non-Violence.

“Oh my! Nothing less of you, Lady Indra! Your cheats are incredible! You built a “car,” didn’t you!?”

“As a replacement for a carriage, yeah… I usually ride this one here if I don’t have to observe a high level of decorum.”

I’d be totally okay with Char, but sadly this world wouldn’t allow me to use him for every occasion. Duke Chaudgal also latched on.

“This…outstanding! So not even the royal sorcerers are able to match you, Indra!?”

“No, they’re not. The only one who’s somewhat on her tracks would be our local elf, I guess,” Sword chimed in.

Damsel Scarlet got immediately triggered by that, causing the duke to also latch on, “”E-Elf!?””



So, we introduced Plana to them, and since they had taken an interest in the plates, Sahad as well. And while at it, we also introduced the brave, Mr. Amato.

“Ah! A diligent noble lady!” He cried out as soon as he saw Damsel Scarlet.

…Hey? What about me?



Damsel Scarlet apparently became unable to hold back after seeing Car Non-Violence, and unleashed an adorable pleading pose in my direction.

“Say, Lady Indra. What about a car? Is a car no good? Can’t you make me one? I got my driver’s license during spring break before I was reincarnated! I was super eager about driving all over the place, just to die soon after!”

…was what she told me, but…

“…I won’t mind if you’re okay with 『renting』 it. My magic tools are all 『rent-only』. Except for the items I made for Swords, I hold the highest priority with all other items. Other people are only given rental rights. Are you still okay with that?”

“Yep! If it’s a rental car, I’ll actually be able to have you do the maintenance for me!”

…So that’s her take on it, huh?

“Well, you’re not wrong about that. However, I’ll demand you to take care of the daily maintenance. Then again, you probably won’t do it yourself as a noble lady, so have your servants take care of it.”

“I knowww! Yay! Yay!”

She was dancing around in joy. Anyway, she’s cute, so I’ll allow it. And humor her.

Having watched that exchange, Sword retorted, “…Hey, why are you oglin’ women with a lewd look? Bein’ weak to cute women is a fault of old men, isn’t it?”

Shut it! I’m not ogling! I’m simply admiring!

“I believe in the justice of cuteness, regardless of race, gender, and age.”

When I made such a clear statement, I got casually rejected by Damsel Scarlet, “Whoaaa, Lady Indra, so you swing both ways? But, you should give up on me since I’m a big fan of the prince?”

Sure, even in my wildest dreams I haven’t thought that I want to become your lover.

“Let’s stay great friends from now on, okay?” I struck back with a smile.



Anyway, I made it. After being told that she wanted it to be like a camping car, similar to Char, if possible, I quickly and easily adjusted the designs, used a classy rouge as color, and finished building the car.

“This is a Char Non-Violence – Special Edition, I’d say.”

“What a long name.”

I was shot down, but it can’t be helped, can it? Damsel Scarlet showered me with questions as she looked all over its exterior.

“It doesn’t have a side mirror?”

“It comes with cameras.”

While at it, I also explained the specs to Damsel Scarlet.

“It uses biometric authentication. Please make sure that only someone, who had their biometrics registered, opens the door. If someone else touches it, the antitheft magic will activate.”

Damsel Scarlet froze.

“……Isn’t that scary?”

“They just don’t have to touch it. I’m sorry to say, but this is a spec of the car. I can’t stand people trying to touch my things all over as they please. I recommend you have your servicemen register their biometric data. ――Ah, you can only drive this if you’re registered. …However, I’ll hand you a key card for emergency situations.”

I showed her the key card.

“Registering with this key card allows the card holder to drive for one hour per day. Since I’m going to give you three such cards, you’ll be able to drive three hours per day. Anyone wanting to drive for longer than that requires my permission. ――Of course, before that, they’ll also need your permission though, Damsel Scarlet. And a driving course.”

Since we have no traffic rules around here, it’s not all that difficult to just drive a car. I mean, they mostly run on auto anyway. And they have an in-built navigation system.

“I took the liberty to incorporate a speed limit. The roads aren’t really all that great, so it’s possible to topple over if you race too much. Ah, moreover, driving while drunk is forbidden. If the car systems detect alcohol in the air, they’ll stop the car.”

“…You sure added a huge bunch of things to prevent car accidents, haven’t you?”

Of course I did. I get angry if something I built gets broken, you know?




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