Chapter 183: Letters from Swan 3


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Month ○ Day ×

At last I was able to wake up right after Indra left. Because I spotted him heading into the woods behind our dormitory, I rushed out of the room in a hurry, following him.

Indra was doing morning practice. Apparently training his swordsmanship.

As the relationship between Indra and Lady Scarlet had continued to grow closer, everyone started to gossip about them. But, since Prince Elias was sharing a happy relationship with Lady Primrose, it seemed to be tit for tat.

――――Lastly, I don’t think that Indra has any particular weaknesses. He’s as fearsome and strong as demons while being a human.

A demon can be defeated with light or holy magic, but the same cannot be said about Indra. I think it’d be the smartest choice to avoid angering him, or even worse, turning him into an enemy.



The letter this time didn’t contain anything overly interesting. I’m worried about his last lines, but overall it was a normal letter.

“…This time the contents are unusually tame. For her to train herself everyday means she has a fairly diligent side to her as well, huh?

….Still, her befriending Damsel Scarlet is a very troublesome matter. Duke Chaudgal is generally accepted to be a big fan of 【Thunderclap Whitefang】. Sword himself didn’t pay any heed to it since he hates such things, but I wonder how “she” will act…”

The instant I tossed the letter into the fireplace while speaking to myself, 『Shadow or whatever you’re called! You have become my enemy, right!?』 thundered a loud voice, 『Forcing a debt of gratitude on Swannyboy’s parents, you threatened the boy into snooping around my matters, didn’t you!? I have been provided evidence of it! If you want to be my enemy to such an extent, I’ll humor you! And pay you back ten-fold! I will also threaten and subjugate those you love and respect to have them monitor you! If you think I can’t do that, you’re heavily underestimating my abilities! I’ll make you fully realize that!』

As soon as the yelling stopped, the letter exploded.



――――Some time passed with Shadow having been confined to his own room.

A letter was delivered to Shadow who was being tormented by regret. It had already gone through an inspection.

Shadow opened the seal, slowly pulled out the paper, and started to read.


Month ○ Day ×

I thought I wasn’t qualified anymore to send you any letters, but I got worried what might have happened to you, Lord Shadow, so I have taken the liberty to send you one last letter.

Lord Shadow, please forgive me.

Indra caught me before I sent the last letter, and as he threatened to torture me, I spilled everything and agreed to his conditions for sending that letter.

Indra apparently added some trick to it, but I don’t know what he’s done with it. Therefore I cannot tell whether you’re alright.

I spent my days in fear of what I should do if Indra or you did something to me, but later on I received a simple message telling me to stop the investigation, and after my parents visited and spoke with me, my heart calmed down somewhat.

…To be very frank, from the very start it was unreasonable for someone like me, who isn’t brave, careful, smart, and trained, to spy on a superman like Indra. As I spent my days feeling guilty and frightened of Indra, I started to resent you who forced such a life on me, but it’s also true that you helped my parents. As such, I want to end this work after writing to you what kind of person Indra is in my eyes.

Indra always seeks the thrill. On top of his spirit, body, and magic being ridiculously strong, he finished all his education during his early childhood, so he’s always bored.

For this reason, he tried to pick fights with nobles, got involved with the prince, and sought experience anyone else would regard as crazy.

But, deep down he might be a generous and gentle boy. He’s undoubtedly kind towards women and he apparently forgave me for spying on him when I honestly apologized, going by him interacting with me normally.

Because of that, I think Indra is going to forgive you as well, if you apologize, Lord Shadow.

――――I don’t know whether this is something I should tell the aide of the king, but for Indra…status doesn’t matter, I think.

Indra is the strongest person in this world, and not only this country, who can’t be caught by anyone. I think it’d be in the best interest of the kingdom to get along with Indra.

Please excuse me for writing all kinds of impertinent things. I’ll pray for your safety, Lord Shadow.

– Swan Bally




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