Chapter 210: I’m Not Pampering Him, Okay?

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I went down to the mess hall while scratchin’ my head. I was starvin’ since I hadn’t eaten ‘nythin’ yesterday.

Breakfast consisted of normal bread. Salad, light egg dishes, soup, and fruits were available too.

Even though she got her hand on rice, she ain’t usin’ it at all?

“……Hmm? I thought you’d serve rice dishes?”

One of the cooks smiled bitterly.

“The food Lady Indra prepared has been completely eaten up yesterday. Since it is possible that it would lie heavy on the stomach and cause people to smell, Lady Indra told us to focus on leafy vegetables, fruits, and milk for breakfast.”

……For real? Eh? Wait, does that mean I lost my chance to eat it?

…At that point Amato marched into the room, beamin’ with vigor and joy.

“Maaan, yesterday’s gyoza was awesome! As I thought, gyoza-on-rice rocks!”


Ben and his friends also showed up.

“Mornin’! Yesterday’s dinner was a real dream! Now I really believe that it was great for me to have procured the rice!”

“Oh, God of Rice-Supply! Allow me to pray to you!”

“Wai-, give it a rest already, will you…?”


“Good morning! Yesterday’s dinner was really great!”

“Morning! And, yeah you’re totally right! It made our long trip totally worthwhile!”

“Heyas! Yesterday’s grub was decent!”

“Yeah, it fit the ale perfectly!”


The place was filled with only such stories. And I totally missed my chance to eat it!

Fuck! If only I hadn’t sulked after broodin’ on silly shit! I didn’t plan on sulkin’ ‘nymore, but now it’s clear that I cannot afford to do so either way, since I’d miss out on great food again.

Or rather, I’ll beg Indra to make it for me as well. Yep, let’s do just that.





I drew up a cold storage for the rice – a rice granary. So that it’d be no problem even if Bennyboy bought huge quantities. Next to it I set up a rice huller and threshing machine I built together with Plana.

Given that the rice-bran is highly nutritional, I told people that it could not only be used to improve one’s health, but also as fodder for the monsters, and of course as fertilizer for the fields.

Moreover, I also created an automatic rice cooker and a big rice washer with capacities for a big number of people. Furthermore, on top of all that, Mr. Amato had Sahad make earthenware pots since he was going to cook rice for himself.

Which reminded me, the gyoza was apparently eaten up completely, resulting in Sword clinging to me while begging to make him some as well as he had failed to eat the gyoza before. And then I got scolded by the maids that I was pampering him too much.


『I have guessed most of the situation, you know? Since Her Ladyship was tolerant enough to make an exemption for you, I shall not say anything on this matter from my side, but…please bear in mind that were will not be a second time』


Sword got apparently threatened.

“Sorry, ‘kay? I won’t act like this ‘nymore, so I absolutely insist! Please allow me to eat your handmade food!”

He kept telling me persistently. Moreover, he followed me around for a while while doing so. This got quite annoying.

“…It’s not like you did anything wrong. It’s my bad that I didn’t prioritize you. I just got swept away by my excitement after finally getting my hands on rice,” I told him, but I didn’t manage to get him to listen to me and leave me alone.



I taught various rice recipes to the cooks, but I took care of cooking for Sword. It earned me the criticism that I’m pampering him too much by the people around me, but…pampering or whatever, Sword is the owner of this mansion…





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