Update: Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de – Older Chapters back up

Heyas folks,

JNC had taken down their access to the novel last week on Sunday and now Amazon has followed suit as well, meaning the English LN versions can’t be officially purchased anymore. As such I have re-enabled the older chapters on this blog. They can be accessed via the Table of Contents as before. 🙂





  1. That sounds devastating for the author.

  2. Thx man. I think this thing got blown out way out of proportion . Yeah the author did a dick move few years ago and now everyone is scrambling to erase everything he/she did ? I understand if they I don’t know suspend further sale as in won’t sell future released novels until things calms down but nah remove everything now ! I don’t know man , true I did not read what he/she said but I do know that I did and said stupid shit in my life and if you could track stupid shit I could have said years ago I would be embarrassed by that but hey I never got on a rant on twitter though hehe

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