Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de

Suddenly, I was informed by a girl that proclaimed herself as God.

「Kunugi Renya-san, you have died.」

This is a tale that begins when the protagonist died in his previous life.
He was sent by a girl, who proclaimed herself to be God, to lead a second life in a  different world.
Romaji Title: | Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de |
Japanese Title: | 二度目の人生を異世界で |
English Title: | Second Life in Another World |
Author: Main (As in Ma-in) | まいん
source: XCrossJ


Something like an introductory part
Something like an activity compilation

Chapter 77: It seems to be a text taking a glimpse in-between the arcs (TL: Shasu)
Chapter 78: It seems to be a night assault 2 (TL: Shasu)


Some of the early chapters have been moved to this blog in their entirety. Reason for that is the easier navigation while reading and the issue of linking to inactive blogs. By no rights I claim ownership of those chapters, neither did I change or edit anything within them.


  1. oh~? I wonder why there’s not much comments here when this is quite a story? hmm… wonder why?

    • it’s like jingi wo suberu waka kami-sama, except that Renya became a GOD(lowest ranking god) after defeating the God of War(the goddess’ father) for 100+ years, then they decided to live a human life because they’re bored at the god’s realm themselves….

      • Well, maybe the vibe or mood it gives does seem similar…

      • Actually, this one is pretty generic, whereas YGDA actually tries to be humorous by intentionally breaking flags. You’re just saying that they’re similar because both MCs have the same name, which means absolutely nothing.

        • I agree on that one,also I prefer this one over that WN,the pace is just right for me,sad that it was dropped
          im waiting for someone to pick it up T.T

  2. Seeing the MC in the cover makes want to punch him

    • I don’t know why but me too 😀

      • Well, since it bothered you 2 so much, I simply changed the picture! 😉 … Just kidding … but wanted something new anyway. ^^

        • Oh so that was guy with the refreshing smile of a Riajuu. I was wondering why I want to punch the guy but it turns out its the same person. The artist really does a good job drawing punching bags. Can you add more to the synopsis? Its like there’s just a tag saying [Reincarnation] story and nothing more.

          • Personally I like the artist who draws the illustrations for this series. At least the covers give off a professional feel and are pretty detailed. The in-chapter illustrations are rather rough in my opinion though, unfortunately.
            As for the synopsis, that’s the author’s own synopsis. Thus if people are unhappy with it, I’d prefer someone else writing a synopsis as I only got knowledge of the 7 translated chapters. I may add 1 or 2 sentences to the existing one but well, that still won’t make it a proper synopsis I fear.
            As far as tags go, on baka-updates there basically is only Harem, Romance, Adventure, Action and Shounen, in other words nothing you couldn’t have figured from above picture actually. ^^

        • Thanks for picking up these stories, these are the ones Im still thinking if I should read or not. Hachinan earlier chapters has a bad translation so I dont feel reading it for now
          The rest has too few chapters to start binge reading.
          Also this one has a guy I want to punch and the summary does not help and only makes one hate him for being a lucky bastard.

          Anyway, thanks for your hard work and I hope we get to finish atleast one of these novels

        • Yes, thank you for changing the picture. I plan to read this novel and with this image, I have a better impression of the MC (_ _*)(*_ _)ペコリ

    • Riajuu should just explode already? xDDD

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  4. pingpongpangkyaaa~

    finally someone pick this wn
    ty 🙂

  5. can you set this site up with aho-updates ? it would save me quite a few tabs and get you more readers 😮

    [dunno if this is already setup cause i never seen an alert for this site so i assume it isnt]

  6. Choi Kang Min

    I like the Story, waiting for the next update

  7. I have high hopes for this. Keep up the good work 😉

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  9. Thanks for the translation.

    • If I remember right there will be Angel come to him right? And they made add more mems(Harem mems) in future I guess.

    • Xcross has this “Nidoume” too so have you ask him to help yet? He will help you in this LN/WN i guess.

  10. Would like to see a picture of the loli god getting face kick lol.

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  12. Chapter 11.5 and 12 are finished correct? I’m getting 404 when I click those links.

  13. OH someone actually continued this after xcrossj i gotta catch up!!

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  17. Translation for this stop?

  18. Nvm, just saw the announcement

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  20. Chap 15
    Renya knows the truth now, so he should already dive to Rona right? She’s already offering herself LOL

  21. it seems it is dead again.

  22. has this novel been dropped? are there any other translators?

    • I don’t remember saying that I dropped the series. Next chapter will be this coming weekend. Currently I am alternating Hachinan and Nidoume. If the Hachinan chapters are not as long as ch 34 or 35 I will see to actually do both series on the weekend but most of the weekend’s time went this time into Hachinan chapter 34 (roughly 11 hs in total).

      • haha sorry about that, i reached my conclusion since there was no date displayed, the progress bar is not moving, read everything in one go and the multiple change in translators i guess, well thanks for the work 🙂

    • i think this is monthly release

  23. well it would seem that people are mostly after novels that are either almost done in translation parts or something that had an update everyday, so mostly people tend to miss on good reads like this. as for me this is a really good novel and i wold gladly suggest it to people. i would suggest that the translation should be a bit faster but as for a freeloading fan like me that would be a bit sellfish, but still….^^

  24. Hoho~
    Can’t wait for more =w=
    Just like what I thought, Rona is such a sl*tty girl :v
    If I was the MC, I wouldn’t waste the chance given by Rona even if I know it would lead me to death ^v^

  25. where is the chapters of yomigaeri no maou

  26. Huh update? Oh just an interlude guess I read it… Please give me some action… Must see MC going badass… Hype meter decreacing… XD

  27. I just got to chapter 19. If not for the TL note about the peddlers name I wouldn’t have noticed it and would be banging my head against the desk because of this trade. Then again I find it a shame that he didn’t continued without a katana and only obtained one when he would get the house with workshop. I still hope that he will make a bunch of weapons like in Yobisaeta Satsurikusha and also a katana above grade 7, just to get one on the angel.

    Anyway, thank a lot for the translations, I really miss stories with adult protagonist and without harem.

  28. this story has become my favorite aside from Yobidasareta Satsuriku-sha because both of them are op and use katana as main weapon but renya are more kind than hifumi >_> thats why thanks for translating this

  29. the last chapter does not upload but it says its there is it a site mistake or maybe is still in process

  30. Admiral_Mikan

    Any links for this novel’s illustrations?

  31. was nindoume droped again? i just saw Dropped list near summon slaughterer orz

  32. any chance you post something when some1 contacts you to continue this series??

  33. hi the first chap are got reupload ?

    • a few days ago chapter 1-35 vanished, get reply:
      “Oops! That page can’t be found.
      It looks like nothing was found at this location. Maybe try one of the links below or a search?”

      chapter 1-4 are still available at ELYSION Translation

      • You should read my release posts for Nidoume, then you would see that the chapters are still accessible over the drop-down menu at the top.
        I have to fix all the links manually and that’s not something I will do during the week. Sit tight and wait till weekend, if going by the drop-down menus is too much of a hassle :p

        • sorry i don’t see that i use the link via novelupdate
          thk for the tips now i can read the rest
          ps: i am french my english is not top translate

  34. are there any ships?

  35. this is the WN version right??

  36. the author made a very big mistake in chapter 11. the setting he stated where as follow “renya” is 94 yrs. old when he died, no prior knowledge of games, serves in ww2. so why the hell did he know the generic setting of fantasy novel aimed for those teenager and know words that only teenagers use? and some game terms?

    • Likely because the author forgot his own premise, I guess? 😉 It’s the same with him having his memories sealed but still remembering all kinds of stuff, though that might still be explained away with interpreting it as the memories of himself and his previous life but not the common knowledge sealed away.

  37. I can’t seems to like this novel for some reason.

    Pffft I just that sounds like this novels chapters title. . . But for real I can’t like it for some reason, I want to read it cause it’s on my preference because of its tags but when I read it, I ended up skimming tru the whole chapter.

  38. Can someone kindly give spoilers of the Light Novel Volume 5

    • If you want spoilers, go to forums like or similar. Spoilers will be deleted on this blog.

      • Thank you for replying but my account on animesuki is still inactive and I don’t know any other forums where they discuss spoilers.

        • And by inactive I mean that I am not able to post.

        • Is it impossible to read comments as guest there? Well novel updates or jc24 might work. Just don’t ask for spoilers here, please. Because it will kill the joy of other readers if you get a reply. 🙂

          • Thanks and sorry. You’re right I didn’t consider that it might ruin the series for others. Once again thanks.

  39. Thanks and sorry. You’re right I didn’t consider that it might ruin the series for others. Once again thanks.

  40. Shasu-sama interlude 5 and 7 missing?

    • Won’t be translated unless commissioned. Both aren’t relevant for the main story. Well, interlude 5 might be, but that one is an abstract discussion about the theory whether some liquid can be considered a living being.

  41. Thank you for your hard work. I really enjoy this series. May I ask if the project is still on going or are you on your leave because I don’t see any chapter in queue?

  42. Does anyone know how many chapters are per volume? I’m making ebooks for myself on this and really wish to put LN covers and illustrations in order. Thanks

  43. Hi, really enjoying the TLs! Thanks for your hard work.

    Are these TLs for the LN or the web novel version?

  44. to be honest,when i read the comments i’m pretty surprising so many pple want to punch the mc because of the cover,is the cover that bad?even i’m feel like influenced to punch the mc because off the comment discussion here…

  45. They are referring the previous cover. That mc face asking for it.

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  48. Personally, after reading everything so far , I want to punch the author. The reason being he using a gimmick saying the mc had his memories erased yet the mc knows how bread, sake and other things are made. Knows about rice, soybeans, soy sauce and miso. he also knows he’s japanese but oh no, mc’s memories are erased when its convenient for the author.

    • and another reason to punch the author? He agreed to go to the world so he can try new and extremely delicious foods. whats he want? the same dam thing he ate everyday in japan.

      • That actually doesn’t contradict each other. The MC longs for the taste he knows from his former life while at the same time exploring new combinations with the local ingredients/cuisine found in the new world. That trope has been used in very many Isekai novels. ^^

    • There are indeed inconsistencies in that aspect, but first off, please remember this is a web novel aka an amateur work. As such the author is playing around with many various ideas and sometimes lacks the ability to or simply forgets to implement them properly.
      At the current stage I would claim that the author is going for a partial memory erasure where the memories of the MCs personal experience of his former life like family, wife, children, work etc. are erased while the common knowledge and skills are partially spared from the erasure. 🙂
      Also, he isn’t stressing the memory erasure in the most recent chapters anymore as much as he did in the beginning, where those inconsistencies sometimes contradicted each other. Maybe he has partially given up on that aspect altogether or he intends to re-define it as I stated above. Not sure.

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