Shika no Ou – Volume 1 – Prologue: Eggs of the

Heyas folks,

originally I had already planned to add another novel to my lineup towards the end of this year, but seeing as Risou no Himo Seikatsu has been licensed yesterday, ApoWo and I decided to insert this novel.

It is a wonderful fantasy novel by Nahoko Uehashi, the writer of the Moribito and Beast Player Erin series. It was slated to have an anime in 2020, but was delayed towards 2021. It was printed in 2 books in 2014, and then reprinted in four volumes in 2017.  In other words, it’s not overly long.

Seeing as it’s such a wonderful work, I expect it to be picked up by an English publisher at some point (maybe). Until it happens, I’d like people to enjoy this work, as far as my meager abilities allow it. 🙂


Please enjoy the prologue, edited by ApoWo~

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