Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de – Chapter 82: It seems to be the time of departure

All good things come to an end…


This is the final chapter to be released by Infinite Novel Translations of this novel. As mentioned in a prior announcement post here, this novel was licensed by J-Novel Club.

This novel had grown on me and I was planning great things for it through Patreon this year, but was thwarted by its licensing.

As I wish to start releasing “The Spearmaster and the Black Cat” coming Saturday, I’m going to release this last chapter slightly ahead of time.

As macabre it may sound, it is a fitting chapter for being the last one. Oh well, enjoy it.


~ Thanks to the Patrons of Nidoume for their support! ~


  1. -Darth Vader voice-

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