Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou! – Interlude 13 – A shady realtor

Heyas folks,

here is your promised regular chapter of Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou! Or rather your interlude …

Well it it is astonishingly long, so you got some stuff to read.

Give your thanks to Kruncs editing my Engrish into something readable!

The next regular chapter will be released on 3rd April.

|>> Have fun! <<|



And now for those that are interested beyond only clicking on the chapter link and be done with it:

I am looking for one more editor for our team of old men. As I am currently translating three series’ with an average of 2 chapters per week, I decided to hire some additional help. As we are all old men I am looking for a female masc … err no, an editor who can help out with the 3 series concerned.

What is required of you:

  • Availability – In the week: Evening European time or afternoon American time. Available to be contacted on weekend.
  • Language skills: Native. I am sincerely looking for only Britains or Americans/Canadians. Of course that includes natives living in another country. A rich vocabulary is very desirable as your task won’t involve simple grammar/spelling checks.
  • Age – Preferably 25+. Why? Because I think those have already settled in life and thus can plan their schedule more steadily for a long time.
  • Skype is a MUST – All communication goes through that.
  • Reliability – If you say you will do something, you are expected to do so. Of course everyone got RL stuff going on, but  the least to be expected is a heads up in that case.
  • Experience as an editor is a plus but optional.

If you think you can live with these conditions and are willing to devote time and effort into editing a translated novel, then you are welcome to send your applications to infinite.novel.translations@googlemail.com. Though I think it isn’t necessary to mention, but I will say it anyway, I will only look at proper applications.





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  2. Experience as an editor is not optional? Well I’m fucked.

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