Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou! – Interlude 14: Duel Uproar

Heyas folks,

first off, sorry for the delay. This interlude wasn’t difficult to translate but it has twice the size of interlude 13. When I told editor-san to have a look at part 1 on Saturday (at 55%), he told me right away to delay it. Well, I was optimistic to get it done on Sunday but RL decided otherwise and so I was stuck TLing it during the week. In total it took me almost 20 hrs to get it all written down and since it is during the week it is partially unedited.

But, I thought that you guys want to read it as soon as possible, so I decided to release it today rather than waiting 1 or 2 days longer for it to be properly edited. For those of you only wanting to read the fully edited version, you will have to wait a while longer (until weekend I suppose).

As there is a sponsored interlude/chapter in the cue, I will start on that one from tomorrow onwards to get it out to you guys as soon as possible (though I am not sure yet whether it will be interlude 15 or chapter 40, gotta see where the main story starts off).

Please extend your thanks to Kruncs-san for editing the huge interlude on short call. He promised to fix it up properly in an after-release edit as well!

Also, Garit-kun managed to edit chapters 9 – 12 of Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou! Please feel free to reread those as well. As soon as we reach chapter 17 in the re-edits, a PDF/EPUB version with illustrations called “Being a child in another world” will be released! Look forward to it! 🙂

Well enough talking from me at this point …

|>> Enjoy! <<|







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  2. Thanks for the update

    Just for curious and as a reference

    I understand for your notice about the pdf that you’ll create a light novel equivalent

    Do you know the oters equivalent web novel chapters-light novel volumes?

  3. Reaper Phoenix

    No worries! Just TL at your own pace!

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