Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou! – Chapter 49: Stay at the Baumeister territory and Kurt’s troubles – Part 2

Evenin’ folks,

and here we go with the next 27% of this chapter. Yay!


It looks like I will split it into 4 parts after all. The last paragraph break of the chapter is at 80% so that should be fitting for another huge chunk.

Ah, I added the last illustration of volume 4 to the chapter, though I think it’s slightly different in the Light Novel version. Oh well…

I guess we will head into volume 5 within the next 1-2 chapters, so look forward to that (aka in 2 years at the rate the length of the chapters is increasing xD)

I added a text anchor to jump to the next part at the beginning of the chapter, so feel free to use that. Also I will change the illustrations to not be embedded in the text flow as that looks stupid in some browsers, once I get time to do so, that is.


|>> Well enjoy <<|



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  1. Thanks for the chapter~! I understand the feeling of you wanting to puke blood…

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