Chapter 119 part – 120

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Two hours of gathering information about the evolution paths of human classes, and the result was ― nil.
I couldn’t even find information about the possibility of an evolution once a human becomes level 50, let alone details about the evolution paths.
As for possible reasons I can come up with: Rina is the first human ever to reach level 50.
Just looking at Kanezawa City, that’s pretty likely actually. Even if I expand the scope to the entire Ishikawa prefecture, it might be possible. However, looking at all of Japan…it’s pretty much impossible. Moreover, in the scope of the whole world…the probability is infinitely close to zero.
In that case, why…can’t I find any information about humans being able to evolve once they reach level 50? I discovered the answer very quickly.

“It has been restricted, huh?”

The answer is an information lockdown by the humans ― the governments of the various nations across the world.
I didn’t manage to spot any information about the classes’ evolution paths, but I hit upon a single text with the keyword “level 50.”

『A reward will be paid to those pioneers who exceeded level 40. Please make sure to immediately report to your nearest public office. If it is discovered that you have remained active beyond level 50 without filing a report, you will be punished. Thank you for your compliance.』

The government is controlling the humans who have exceeded level 40. Why do they do that? At first I thought that they want to secure hero candidates, but after seeing the latter part of the text ― 『If it is discovered that you have remained active beyond level 50 without filing a report, you will be punished』 ― I realized the true aim behind this notice.
I had already sort of noticed it, but…the humans aren’t stupid. They have realized that Demon Kings can use the Internet as well. However, they can’t shut down the Internet in this digital age. One cell tower services a wide area in the modern, developed era. It’s impossible to exclude only the Domains from access.
Even while knowing that information is leaked to the enemy…the Internet has penetrated the people’s lives so deeply that modern society won’t be able to keep functioning after shutting down the net.
There’s a lot of information that’s beneficial to the enemy (Demon Kings) while likewise being beneficial to allies (humans). However, not all humans are fully tech literate. Therefore, even the government can’t fully control the information flowing through the world of the internet.
Accordingly, saying that the government has started to control the high-leveled humans, who might possess important information, as a last resort is probably the true situation here.

“Isn’t there any useful information on 『Laplace』?” (Shion)

“No…there’s no information about the evolution paths of human classes…” (Kanon)

“That means, we have no other choice but to guess by the titles, huh…?” (Shion)

“Looks like it…” (Kanon)

In the end we have to choose Rina’s evolution path blind, as though groping in the dark.


Chapter 120 – Evolution (Rina) ②


“If we guess from the titles, it doesn’t seem as though they are based on stat specialization.” (Shion)

“That’s true… Going by the titles, it kind of feels like the classes specialize in particular weapon types rather than stats, doesn’t it?” (Kanon)

“Particular weapon types, huh…?” (Shion)

Sword for Swordsman, katana for Samurai. Barehanded for Fighter? Knight would be sword, spear, or maybe shield? Sword for Magic Swordsman, but it looks like they can use magic as well? Heavy Warrior would be…ax, going by the general image?

“Sword for Swordsman, katana for Samurai, right? Swords and katana seem to be similar, though. Is there actually any difference between them?”

“They are completely different! You cut with a sword with a feel of pushing, but you cut with a katana with a feel of pulling!” (Rina)

Rina passionately disputes my naive question.

“Since there are actually swordsmanship and katana art as skills…I believe they are different.” (Kanon)

Kanon states an opinion, backing Rina.

“Hmm? Dáinsleif is a sword, isn’t it?” (Shion)

“Yes, it is.” (Rina)

“Would it be better for you to have a katana, and not Dáinsleif then?” (Shion)

It’s something I have heard from Kanon, but if you look up Rina’s name, you will very easily discover that she was a famous kendo practitioner. The movements in kendo are close to katana arts, aren’t they?

“Because I got used to the 『Black Iron Sword』 you gave me back then, Shion…I have no issues with a sword.” (Rina)

“I see.” (Shion)

Rina reveals a smile while stressing the fact that I gave her the sword.

“In that case, isn’t it fine to go with Swordsman as an evolution class? Or with Magic Swordsman as runner-up?” (Shion)

“Hmm, that makes sense. Since it will throw off my balance if I return to a katana-based combat style, sword-based would be preferable.” (Rina)

That means, Fighter and Heavy Warrior are dismissed. Since she wouldn’t use a shield either, Knight is out as well, I suppose.

“It appears the decision will be easier than expected. Rina, Swordsman or Magic Swordsman…which do you prefer?” (Shion)

I offer Rina the options after narrowing it down to two.

“I have interest in magic as well, but…I already allotted all my BP into Body, so Swordsman will be fine, I think.” (Rina)

“That’s the best solution then.” (Shion)

I confirm the conclusion Rina has reached.

“Swordsman, huuuh…? Isn’t Magic Swordsman more hero-like? I mean, you are a former hero, right Rina-san…?” (Kanon)

“That brings up bad memories. Right now, I’m…simply the kin of a Demon King.” (Rina)

Rina returns a bitter smile at Kanon’s recommendation of Magic Swordsman.

“Well then…I’m going to evolve into a Swordsman, okay?” (Rina)

I silently consent when Rina looks at me. Once she sees me nodding, Rina begins to operate her smartphone.
After hesitating for an instant, Rina resolves herself and taps the display with her index finger.
Immediately following, a faint radiance begins to escape the smartphone in Rina’s hands, and before long, that light wraps up Rina’s entire body.

“It’s totally different from a Demon King’s evolution, isn’t it?” (Kanon)

“I guess a hexagram won’t appear beneath her feet.” (Shion)

“It’s a bit plain.” (Kanon)

“A bit? You mean a lot, right?” (Shion)

Kanon and I exchange our impressions about human evolution as we witness it for the first time.

“Shion…? Kanon…? I can hear, you know?” (Rina)

Before I notice, the light converges, and Rina glares at Kanon and me with reproachful eyes while pressing her hands against her waist.

“Hmm? Did you hear something?” (Shion)

“Was it the voice of the ill-natured Mastermind?” (Kanon)

“Rather than that, did you feel any pain?” (Shion)

I gently call out to Rina in an attempt to change the topic. I have also experienced an evolution twice since I have become a Demon King, but…those occasions were accompanied by intense pain.

“Pain? Not in particular…?” (Rina)

Rina tilts her head in confusion upon hearing my words of kind concern.

“Eh? It didn’t hurt during the evolution? As if your whole body is on fire…” (Shion)

“There was no pain as if you had been torn into pieces?” (Kanon)

Kanon, who has experienced pain and agony during her evolution as well, follows up on my question.

“N-Not really… I think it was a tiny bit lukewarm?” (Rina)


Kanon and I become simultaneously speechless in response to Rina’s answer.
That hellish pain is limited to 【Chaos】…? I think it’s wrong to make a distinction there, you know?
I harbor feelings of resentment towards Mastermind, the culprit behind the breaking of this world.

“In my eyes…I have evolved my class ― so to speak, my occupation. In contrast to that, you changed your race, Shion. Isn’t that a rather big difference?” (Rina)

Rina consoles me, who feels devastated, in a hurry.

“Well, whatever… So, how is it?” (Shion)

It’s meaningless for me to spit out complaints towards Mastermind. I ask Rina about her impressions after having evolved.

“Let’s see…it’s like my whole body is overflowing with power? My body feels light, and I have the impression that my senses have become sharper as well.” (Rina)

“What about your status?” (Shion)

“I will check it now.” (Rina)

Rina checks her own status on her smartphone.


Probably because she’s surprised, Rina’s eyes widen as she looks at the display.

“W-Wow… An evolution makes you this strong…?” (Rina)

“What’s wrong?” (Shion)

I rush over to the dumbfounded Rina, and peek at Rina’s smartphone from behind.

Name: Rina Shion
Race: Human
Rank: B
LP: 100/150
Body: B
Knowledge: G
Mana: H

– Swordsmanship (A)
→ Double Slash
→ Parry
→ Moon Slash
→ Sonic Slash
→ Shining Rave
Rising Slash

Living mail x2
Werewolf x2


She has become way too strong… That’s not at the level of a plain evolution without any pain…
Rina is my subordinate. Currently she’s a loyal bloodkin and an important part of my invasion team. It’s a blessing that I could turn her into my bloodkin at an early stage. If I didn’t have Rina as my subordinate, my unification of Kanezawa might have been delayed by more than a year.
It’s an auspicious event for Rina to have become stronger, but…
――Izayoi! Come here!
I call Izayoi ― one of the strongest subordinates under my command.

“I’m terribly sorry…for being late.” (Izayoi)

I waited for five minutes before Izayoi showed up.

“Rina, fight against Izayoi.” (Shion)

“Hmm?” (Rina)

“As thee command.” (Izayoi)

Rina is surprised by my sudden order. Meanwhile Izayoi bows respectfully.

“The weapons will be, right…use these.” (Shion)

I toss an Iron Sword to Rina and an Iron Spear to Izayoi.

“You aren’t allowed to kill each other, but…fight for real.” (Shion)

“What about the use of magic?”

“Feel free.” (Shion)

I nod at Izayoi’s question.

“Are you ready?” (Shion)

“Anytime.” (Izayoi)

“Wait a moment! Just a bit…I’d like to have some time to get accustomed to my body.” (Rina)

Rina requests a postponement with a panicked voice.

“How long are you going to need?” (Shion)

“I’ll be fine with ten minutes.” (Rina)

Once I silently confirm Rina’s words, Rina moves to a corner of the room, and begins to practice sword swings.

Ten minutes later.

In a space not far from my room, Rina and Izayoi confront each other.



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