Chapter 118 – 119 part

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Chapter 118 – vs. Unoke’s Demon King ③


“Dis time you comin’ in a bunch?”

Demon King Takaharu points a look full of curiosity at us.

“Havin’ said dat, there’s a lotta the usual armors ’round. Well, dat said, there’s some pretty babes too, I s’pose.”

After turning a bored look at the living mails, Takaharu cheerfully shifts his eyes to the lilims.

“So, ya lads over there are da commanders?”

At the end, Takaharu points a sharp look at Izayoi and me.

“Damn it, da silent treatment? Dat means, you guys’r monsters, eh? If ya think ya can win by increasing da numbers against――”

――All hands, battle formation! Lilims, start attacking simultaneously!
I order my subordinates, starting the attack against Takaharu who’s continuing to talk at a leisurely pace.
The living mails raise their shields, stepping forward to protect the lilims. Ten 《Fireballs》 , shot by the ten lilims, fly towards Takaharu. I fall back with Izayoi, and watch the situation.

“Tsk!? No talkin’ back or anythin’!?”

Once the cloud of dust kicked up by the 《Fireballs》 lifts, Takaharu yells angrily with his arms crossed, “I’m gonna send all of ya to da next world!”

Takaharu kicks off the ground, and violently punches the shield of a living mail. An impact sound that you wouldn’t expect from a hit using just bare flesh, reverberates through the air.

“Come on! You ain’t gonna win by just defending, learn――”

The group of lilims attacks Takaharu, who is showering the living mails with a chain of punches, from behind with magic.

“…Tsk! It looks like ya did learn! Aaaaaah! How fuckin’ annoyin’! Play time’s over!”

Takaharu jumps far back, and roars towards the sky. In response, he’s wrapped up by light, transforming into a half-lion half-human form.


Takaharu makes a big jump over the living mails, instantly shortening the distance to the lilims in the rear.
――Living mails! Protect the lilims!

“Eh!? …Kyaa!”

I order the living mails in a hurry, but Takaharu widely swings his right foot with his left leg as an axis, blowing three lilims away in one sweep. The living mails try to protect the lilims, Takaharu closes the distance to one of the lilims that was blown away, and strikes his heel down on the head of the collapsed lilim.



“Hah? So ya could talk, eh?”

Takaharu points a cold, stabbing look at the lilim who died after her skull caved in.
The remaining lilims turn a look filled with fear at Takaharu.
Tsk! They got fully swallowed up by Takaharu’s strength.
――Lilims! Attack him!
――Living mails, protect the lilims with your bodies!
No matter whether they fall into a state of panic or get overwhelmed by Takaharu’s strength…my orders are absolute.
The living mails set up their shields in front of the lilims once again, and the lilims attack Takaharu even while moving stiffly. Takaharu swiftly moves in a zigzag, and repeatedly attacks the living mails while slipping out of the spells’ range, using hit & run tactics.

“I already finished studyin’ the armors’ weaknesses!”

Takaharu lowers his body, and unleashes a kick against a living mail’s lower body ― what would be the knees on a human body ― as if mowing it down. Then he kicks up the shield of the living mail that lost its balance, and punches the defenseless armor.

“Hah! There ain’t no point unless ya can use yer wonderful shield, is there!?”

Takaharu ridicules the living mail’s remains that turned into an unmoving suit of armor.
Takaharu continues to trample down the living mails and the lilims. However, Izayoi’s and my existence have completely slipped his mind.
Going by the plan, I wanted to make Takaharu exhaust a little bit more of his stamina, but…if the living mails end up annihilated, it will become a danger to Izayoi’s and my lives.
――Izayoi, we’re going to join in any time now.
Izayoi bows, obviously replying to my telepathic message.
――《Darkness Veil》!
I make my own presence meld with the surroundings, looking for a good opportunity to strike.
Takaharu, who has been freely rampaging around, has already halved the numbers of the twelve living mails, and done the same to the initially ten lilims.
He mows down the knees of a living mail with practiced movements, and kicks up the shield. And then, at the instant he is about to deliver the finishing blow,
――Now, Izayoi!
In concert with my signal, Izayoi releases 《Dark Night Tempest》 from behind Takaharu.

“――gh! Wh-…!? You bastard are――”

Revealing an anguished expression as he’s swallowed up by the storm of darkness, Takaharu sends a murderous look in Izayoi’s direction. Using that chance,
――《Crescent Moon Slash》!
I swing down Gáelbolg towards Takaharu’s back, using all my strength.

“Guhaaa!? F-Fucker…that’s dirty…”

Takaharu turns around to me, looking at me full of resentment.

“There’s such a thing as clean or dirty while killing each other?” (Shion)

I scornfully laugh at Takaharu.


A 《Dark Lance》 fired by Izayoi pierces Takaharu’s leg, who had been stomping his feet while letting his blood thirst swell, from behind.

“Excuse me. But, we’re in the middle of a death match, okay?”

Izayoi respectfully bows his head towards Takaharu. Takaharu kicks off the ground with his uninjured left leg, trying to escape from the position of being caught between Izayoi and me.
――《Dark Lance》!
Even as I shoot a 《Dark Lance》, targeting Takaharu’s left leg as he tries to get away, he presses his left hand against the ground, skillfully dodging it. However, the 《Dark Lance》 shot by Izayoi before he started to escape penetrates his left leg.
Did we kill his mobility?

“Demon King Takaharu. I have a proposal for you.” (Shion)


Standing up while bearing a pained expression, Takaharu answers with an enraged voice.

“Won’t you become my subordinate?” (Shion)

“Hah? Ya can sleep talk after dyin’!”

“I see…how regrettable.”

――《Dark Arrow》!
Once I release many darkness arrows at Takaharu, Izayoi follows up by also shooting many 《Dark Arrows》 at him, and the remaining lilims fire their 《Fireballs》.
The fire and darkness spells pouring down over an extensive area will definitely damage Takaharu.

“Hmm? I think it’s impossible to sleep talk once you die, but…what do you think?” (Shion)

“Hah! It is, as thee say, Shion-sama.” (Izayoi)

When I make a joke in a casual manner, Izayoi replies in a polite tone.


Takaharu, who’s still going strong, shouts angrily.
Losing himself to his rage, Takaharu kicks off the ground, trying to close the distance to me, but his speed is only a shadow of what it once was, and he’s kept in check by a living mail that readied its shield.

“How about it? Why not use your power to your heart’s content as my subordinate? It’s boring to only take on invaders while secluding yourself in your Domain, isn’t it?” (Shion)

While sending a rain of arrows at him alongside my subordinates, I encourage him to 《Surrender》 as if having a light chit-chat.

“Once you become my subordinate, I will give you a luxurious house, you know? I will also provide you with opportunities to freely exhibit your power against various human and monster opponents. How about it?” (Shion)

I try to persuade him however I can, while continuing to shower him with arrows.

“Are you satisfied with your life as Demon King? Is it your true desire to be defeated and perish here without seeing the completely changed world?” (Shion)

There’s no answer, but…he’s still alive, isn’t he? Obtaining just one domain after sacrificing two bloodkin and many subordinates has a bad profit ratio.

“…ha.” (Takaharu)

――All hands, stop attacking!

“Mmh? Did you say something?” (Shion)

“Gotc…ha…dat’s wh…at I said.” (Takaharu)

It is a weak voice, close to disappearing, but…I feel like I heard “Gotcha.”

“Gotcha means you will become my subordinate?” (Shion)


Ooh! Finally my sincere words have reached him, huh?


No good, I don’t understand what he’s saying. I approach Takaharu, who’s on the verge of death, and sprinkle several drops of a low-ranking healing potion on him.

“Is it a bit easier to talk now?” (Shion)

“As if…it’d be…easier…with something…like that.” (Takaharu)

Okay. I can understand his words. No problem then.

“So, what did you say just now?” (Shion)

“I have…just one…condition.”


“If I feel…bored after…becoming yer…subordinate, I’ll…leave.”

Once he becomes my subordinate, he will completely submit to me, including the right over his own life, but…I guess I don’t have to go out of my way to tell him that.

“Understood. The future awaiting you is one soaked in battles, but…that’s no issue, right?” (Shion)

“Hah…just what…I wish…for.” (Takaharu)

Despite his fragile voice, I can see the smile on Takaharu’s face.
Like this I welcomed Takaharu as a subordinate ― after expending a lot of resources and time.


Chapter 119 – Evolution (Rina) ①


Ten days after I welcomed Demon King Takaharu as a subordinate.

While browsing blogs and forums with popular, regional topics, I happily draw up future plans on what kind of Demon King I should turn into my subordinate next.
The close combat attacker, Beast King ― Takaharu. The ranged attacker, Elemental Elf ― Sarah. The allround attacker, Elf Lord ― Cain whom I turned into a bloodkin most recently. And healer elves.
The positions I’m lacking are two attackers and one tank.
And, from among them…I want to also select a Demon King who excels at commanding, and is worthy of being the leader.
Is it okay to go with a Demon King specialized in ranged attacks as leader? It’s easier to give commands while observing the entire battlefield from the rear, right? In that case, it would be Sarah, but…that girl is definitely not smart.
There’s also the option of leaving the leader position to a vampire baron created with the specialization 【Daylight Vampire】? Having said that, decreasing my maximum CP by 1000 hurts quite a bit…
As I’m endlessly worrying about my fun future plans, although my worries are serious…
My smart phone plays the electric melody telling me about an incoming call.
Once I take it out and check the display, I see that it’s Rina who’s calling.
Since the hazard rank of the Domain, which Rina’s team is invading, is low, I haven’t really observed their progress…I wonder, what kind of business does she have with me?

“Hello, what’s up?” (Shion)

『It’s Rina. We have finished the usurpation of the sector we were invading.』

“Good work. So, is something the matter?” (Shion)

Rina has usurped many sectors until now, not once did she contact me to inform me of finishing an usurpation.

『There’s something I’d like to consult with you about. Do you have some time?』

“You’re going to come here?”

『If possible, I’d like to meet you personally to talk with you.』

“Sure. Wait a moment. I’ll set up a 【Transfer Array】 connecting the domain you’re at with my place.” (Shion)

『That’ll be a big help.』

I cut the call with Rina, and operate my smartphone, establishing a 【Transfer Array】 that connects the deepest part of the sector, which Rina’s team just usurped, with my room.
Not even a minute has passed when the 【Transfer Array】 I set up shines, and a single woman carrying a jet-black sword in her hand ― Rina, appears from within the light.

“Welcome back.” (Shion)

“I’m back.” (Rina)

I raise one hand and greet her. Stepping out of the 【Transfer Array】, Rina answers me with a smile.

“So what is it that you want to consult about?” (Shion)

Neither of us is a fan of idle chatter. I cut straight to the point.

“My level has become 50.” (Rina)

“――? Congratulations.” (Shion)

Unable to read the real meaning behind Rina’s words, I didn’t say anything for a moment, but after a bit I gave a reply that seemed appropriate for the situation.
Consultation…has become level 50… Does she want me to connect the dots from those points? Does she want a present? Or, is it a request for an improvement of her living space?
Unlike Chloe and the others, Rina isn’t a created subordinate, but a former human. Seeing as she’s a bloodkin, my orders are absolute to her, but that doesn’t mean that her feeling of loyalty is constantly at a high level.
Since time immemorial, people have given rewards to those who achieved great deeds…even more so to those who pledged loyalty. In that case, I think it would be miserable as her lord to treat her request this time with disdain.
If it comes to presents, there’s equipment, but…I have promised Rina that she will get new equipment once I turn a dwarf into my subordinate. Meaning…it’s a request for a better living space, after all?
Well, my CP has drastically grown since the time I turned Rina into my subordinate. Right now she’s living in a house with a size of 30 m², but…she cohabits with Kanon. A slightly bigger house should be fine? Or, does she maybe want new furniture?

“Rina, originally you had an interest in kendo, didn’t you?” (Shion)

“That’s true.” (Rina)

“Is Japanese-style better than Western-style in that case?” (Shion)

“…? What are you talking about?” (Rina)

“Mmh? I thought you were asking for an improvement of your living space as a celebratory gift for your level-up?” (Shion)

“I am fully satisfied with my current place.” (Rina)

Hmm? My prediction seems to have completely missed its mark.

“What’s your business with me then? You’re certainly not telling me that it’s just a report of your level-up.” (Shion)

“Once my level went up to 50, a screen with this text appeared…” (Rina)

Rina says, and holds out the screen of her smartphone towards me.

『You have reached level 50. Please choose a class to evolve into.』

No way, it was an evolution.
The current humans of the 【Law】 faction have all been assigned into the classes Warrior, Magician, Priest, and Adventurer. I have never heard any information about classes besides those existing, but…I suppose they evolve at level 50.
I order Rina to click on the next button.

Please choose your evolution path from the following classes:

Heavy Warrior
Magic Swordsman

There are six classes she can choose from.
As ever, it’s the usual user-unfriendly specification, lacking any explanation about the respective classes.

“Which one do you think I should choose, Shion?” (Rina)

Rina asks me seriously.

“What are your current stats, Rina?”

“Body C, Knowledge G, Mana H.”

Rina has assigned all of her BP into Body. However, humans only get one BP per level, and because the BP humans need to raise a stat is different from Demon Kings, her highest stat is unfortunately at rank C, even though she is level 50.

“Kanon!” (Shion)

“Yeees. Did you finish your secret talk?” (Kanon)

Once I call for Google-chan at a time of need, Kanon comes flying while grinning.

“Rina can evolve. Do you have any information about this?” (Shion)

“Eh!? Rina-san, you finally have stopped being a human!?” (Kanon)

“Kanon, my evolution is about my class. My race won’t change…I think.” (Rina)

Rina smiles wryly at the surprised Kanon.

“Oohhh~. So, humans’ classes evolve…? Umm…unfortunately I have no knowledge about that.” (Kanon)

“Tsk! It can’t be helped. I’m going to gather information for a bit.” (Shion)

“Eh!? Just now you clicked your tong――” (Kanon)

Leaving Kanon to her own devices, as she rolls up her skirt, I start gathering information with my smartphone.




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