Three years after the appearance of dungeons in the modern era, the world has adopted and started to research as well as farm the dungeons. One day the normal 28-years-old researcher, Yoshimura Keigo, comes in contact with dungeons for the first time.

This encounter changes his life dramatically. Follow his adventurers as he dives into dungeons and deals with his newfound position while getting to know many people.

The setting is hard Science Fiction, but the main focus will be on the protagonist’s slow life.

Tags: R-15, Cruel Depictions, Daily Life, Adventure, Heisei Era (1989 – 2019), Dungeons, Cheat, Male Protagonist.

Romaji Title: | D-Genesis  ~  Danjon ga dekite 3-nen|
Japanese Title: | Dジェネシス ダンジョンができて3年 |
English Title: | D-Genesis  ~ Three Years after the Appearance of Dungeons|
Author: 之 貫紀 (Kono Tsuranori)
Website: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n7945fn/



§000 Prologue – Three Years Ago (2015) (ED: Kungpowish)

Volume 1: Thus We Quit Our Company

§001 Epitaph – Current Nevada 9/XX (ED: Kungpowish)
§002 Yoshimura Keigo – New National Stadium – Aoyama Entrance Area 9/27 (Thu) (ED: Kungpowish)
§003 Naruse Miharu – JDA Headquarters (ED: Kungpowish)
§004 Unregistered Skill and Rank 1 Worldwide (ED: Kungpowish)
§005 WDARL (World Dungeon Association Ranking List) Chat with Simultaneous Translation (ED: Kungpowish)
§006 Miyoshi Azusa – Lady’s Kisses 9/28 (Fri) (ED: Kungpowish)
§007 Making (ED: Kungpowish)
§008 Short Training Course 9/30 (Sun) (ED: Kungpowish)
§009 First Dungeon 10/4 (Thu) (ED: Kungpowish)
§010 A Legend Appears 10/5 (Fri) (ED: Kungpowish)
§011 Forum 【Too Wide】 YoyoDun 1296 【Almost Lost】(ED: Kungpowish)
§012 Reunion 10/6 (Sat) (ED: Kungpowish)
§013 Orb once more 10/7 (Sun) (ED: Kungpowish)
§014 Forum 【Too Wide】 YoyoDun 1299 【Almost Lost】
§015 Party Formation 10/26 (Fri)

Volume 2: D-Powers Launch

§016 Crazy Auction 11/1 (Thu)
§017 Forum 【What’s this?】 D-Powers 1 【Scam?】
§018 Simon Gershwin 11/2 (Fri)

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