D-Genesis – Prologue: Three Years Ago (2015)

Heyas folks,

today I ‘m starting a new series (there exists a teaser translation of it, but the team over there gave me the go to serialize this). It’s a science fiction-based fantasy story set in the modern era. It takes a quite interesting approach on this genre with many interesting characters appearing. There exist two LN volumes and a manga adaption of this story, and the raw chapter count has gone beyond 200.

The release will be weekly with one chapter (2 if they are short) coming out every Saturday. To celebrate the beginning of this series, I will release a few more chapters all at once. Also, I’m happy to announce that I could win Kungpowish for this story as editor, so please extend your thanks to him!

Having said all this, I can only invite you to give this a whirl. You’ll like it, I’m sure. 🙂


Enjoy the prologue~

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