Chapter 121 – 122

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Chapter 121 – Rina vs. Izayoi


Rina readies her Iron Sword with a serious expression, whereas Izayoi prepares his Iron Spear with a calm demeanor.
Despite being a mock battle, it’s a fight between fellow bloodkin. The air is thick with tension.

“Begin!” (Shion)

Rina quickly charges at Izayoi, with my voice as a signal. Izayoi meets her approach by shooting a spear of darkness ― 《Dark Lance》. Rina evades the approaching spell with a nimble sidestep, and swings her sword down at Izayoi without slowing her charge.
Izayoi dodges the sword by back-stepping, without trying to block it with his spear. At the moment the Iron Sword cuts through empty air, he unleashes a sharp thrust with his spear.


Rina repels the thrust by swinging her sword upwards, closes the distance to Izayoi without braking, and brings down her sword once more.
A shrill sound of metal clashing against metal reverberates across the place.
Izayoi forcefully brandishes his spear, which had been previously repelled upwards, blocking Rina’s two-handed slashing attack with the handle.

“――gh!? Are you really a human…?” (Izayoi)

“Who knows? According to my status, I seem to be one.” (Rina)

Rina smiles ferociously at Izayoi, who reveals a somewhat flustered expression.

“What a…frightening being!” (Izayoi)

Izayoi lets go of his spear, and swiftly leaps backwards, before unleashing a salvo of darkness arrows at Rina.

“――ugh!? Which of us two is…the frightening one here?!”

Rina, apparently doubting her ability to dodge all of the arrows, adopts a defensive stance, crossing her arms in front of her. Izayoi has apparently decided that he’s at a disadvantage in close combat against Rina. He has taken some distance, and continuously attacks her with magic-based ranged attacks.
Against the spears of darkness ― 《Dark Lance》, darkness arrows ― 《Dark Arrow》, and blades of darkness ― 《Dark Edge》 coming at her, Rina evades, knocks them down with her sword, or blocks, as dictated by circumstance. While avoiding any lethal damage, she tries to get closer to Izayoi.
However, since Izayoi knows it won’t end well for him if he allows her to close the distance, he skilfully keeps away from Rina, while continuously firing his spells.
If the match continues at this rate, I think Izayoi’s victory will be set in stone. Having said that, for her to exceed Izayoi in close combat while indoors…I’m completely taken aback by Rina’s growth.
I guess this is the true power of Body B and Swordsmanship A…

As I’m admiring Rina’s resolute attempts to get close, Rina places her left hand on her chest, and mutters under her breath, “――《Accel》!”

Rina closes the distance to Izayoi in an instant.

“Don’t die, okay? ――《Shining Rave》!”

The sword in Rina’s hands is wrapped up by a dazzling light ― a holy aura. As she swings it down at Izayoi, the sword leaves a trace of light in its wake.

“――!? T-This is…nh!?”

At once Izayoi adopts a defensive stance with his arms crossed, but he’s knocked down by the light blade. As he falls, he pushes out his left hand and pours mana into it.

“――《Dark Night Tempest》!”

The storm of darkness swallows up Rina.


Rina raises a small scream as she’s engulfed by the darkness and blown away.

“Uuoooooo! ――《Early-Summer Rain Thrust》!”

Despite his usual calm demeanor, Izayoi charges at Rina with a roar. He unleashes a barrage of swift thrusts with the Iron Spear he picked up along the way. Contrary to Rina, who tries to soften the impacts of the thrusts by using her sword as shield while on the ground, Izayoi raises his left hand high into the air.

“――《Dark Ed――”

“Stop the match!” (Shion)

Faster than Izayoi can swing down his left hand, I announce the end of the mock battle. My words turn into an order, stopping Izayoi in his tracks.
――The victor has been decided.
The referee’s flag goes up for Izayoi’s side this time.
Having said that, various possibilities come to my mind.
The reason for Izayoi’s victory is ― magic. Magic is strongly influenced by the effects of equipped items. I wonder who would have won if both had worn their real gear…?
And, my biggest concern is――

“Izayoi, answer honestly. Would you be able to win if two guys with similar abilities to Rina’s were to attack you at the same time?” (Shion)

“…I think I would lose.” (Izayoi)

It’s an auspicious fact that Rina, who’s my subordinate, has gained power comparable to that of Izayoi. I’m sure it will be of much help in the upcoming conquest of the Ishikawa prefecture.
However, if I consider the reason why Rina has become so strong all of a sudden, it’s not only delight that I feel.
The reason for Rina’s power growth is her class evolution.
This isn’t a privilege limited to just Rina either. It’s a privilege granted to all humans belonging to 【Law】.
Compared to a normal human, Rina’s growth might be rather fast. Unless it’s an extraordinary human, gaining experience at just the same rate as Rina is impossible.
However, someday…the humans will reach level 50. At first it might be 1% of all humanity. But, with each passing day, the number of humans reaching level 50 will grow, to 2%…then 5%…and then 10%, and so on.
And at some point, there will be a day when a party consisting of only level 50 humans will invade my Domain.
Would I currently be able to defend if 12 humans with the same power as Rina came to attack my Domain? The ones capable of putting up a decent fight in a one-on-one would be…me, Izayoi, Takaharu, and Rina. I wonder how it would turn out for Chloe and Layla. Probably it’d be somewhat harsh for them? Saburou…would work if he resolves himself for a draw?
I analyze my combat forces inside my head.
The humans are drastically strengthened when they reach level 50. In that case, Demon Kings…I will be drastically strengthened ― when I reach rank A in a stat ― in other words, once I reach level 19.
There are three stats I can raise to A: Body, Creation, and Alchemy. Body strengthens me but it doesn’t connect to a strengthening of the whole, thus it’s rejected.
If I raise Creation to A, I can expect new facilities and subordinates…?
If I raise Alchemy to A, I can expect new items…?
Oops, there’s no need to worry about it now. There’s still some time left until I become level 19.
Still, I think it’s indispensable for me to raise my levels promptly…

1. Strengthening my forces by adding powerful Demon Kings as subordinates.
2. Strengthening my forces by training my subordinates.
3. Training myself and aiming for level 19.

I haven’t been able to unify the Ishikawa prefecture yet. I haven’t been able to gather the members of the new, third invasion team I considered launching. I haven’t been able to add a Dwarf Demon King as subordinate.
It’s all just nots, nots, and more nots, and yet the things I have to do keep increasing.
Once more I fully realize that it’s not easy to survive in this completely changed, broken world.


Chapter 122 – Time of Delight


Ten days after Rina reached level 50.

The continuous northward expansion of my Domain has reached the area adjoining the one ruled by the Dwarf Demon King ― the city of Hakui.
As a result of the intelligence gathered online, and by Kaede, we know that the target has Alchemy and Creation at B. The sectors under their rule number thirteen. Their Domain has been labeled as Hazard rank A by the humans. There are no eyewitness reports of the Demon King, and the number of floors in their Domain ― the level of the Demon King, is unknown.

“A Hazard rank A, despite no sightings of the Demon King…are the guarding monsters so strong?” (Shion)

“Umm, you see…the Hazard rank seems to stem from the sturdiness of the spawning monsters, and the difficulty to liberate the sectors. But…” (Kanon)

“But?” (Shion)

As Kanon put on airs, I urge her to continue.

“Since the quality of the items equipped by the monsters there is high across the board, and given that it amounts to striking it rich if they manage to loot those items, it seems to be a popular hunting ground among the humans.” (Kanon)

“That’s the very definition of a Demon King who causes troubles for others…” (Shion)

“And that out of your mouth, Shion-san…” (Kanon)

Kanon casts a scornful glance at me as I sigh.

“The monsters appearing in there were dwarves and golems, right?” (Shion)

“Yep. To be precise, dwarves and high dwarves, as well as rock golems and iron golems. Because dwarves can evolve into various kinds of species, there are also dwarf fighters, dwarf archers, dwarf knights, and so ooon.” (Kanon)

“In short, it’s dwarves and golems, no? Also dark elves and kobolds, who aren’t racebound?”

“According to 『Laplace』, it’s very unlikely for Dwarf Demon Kings to create dark elves because of the absurd CP costs. So there might be almost no dark elves in that Domain.” (Kanon)

“That means, the enemy is basically composed of forces focused on close combat-only, huh?” (Shion)

“Ranged attacks are covered since they can use archery.” (Kanon)

I stuff my head full of the basic information about the enemy while talking with Kanon.
――Yataro, do you have a moment to come to my room?
Once I request his presence through telepathic communication, a short email stating, 『On my way』, arrives on my smartphone.

“My apologies for having kept you waiting.” (Yataro)

After a wait of ten minutes, Yataro shows up in my room.

“Is it fine for me to borrow Sarah, Cain, Takaharu…and Izayoi or Saburou?” (Shion)

I bring up the names of the bloodkin who form the cornerstone of our current defense arrangement. This time I want to go with a short, decisive battle. I myself plan to invade while leading my own team, in addition to Rina’s and Chloe’s teams.

“Sarah-jou, Cain, and Takaharu are combat forces I borrowed from you to begin with. It’s no problem. When it comes to Izayoi or Saburou…it’s possible that I will need to call them back in the case of an emergency. Is that okay with you?” (Yataro)

“I don’t mind. While we’re at it, as replacement――” (Shion)

“《Random Creation》!?” (Yataro)

Without even letting me finish my words, Yataro’s eyes sparkle like those of a little boy.

“…Correct.” (Shion)

I nod while smiling wryly. I plan to head out as well. Since I can’t use any CP while on an invasion, I might as well zero it out with 《Random Creation》.

“I’m going to push it then, okay?” (Shion)

I get ready to activate 《Random Creation》 on my smartphone. Once I click the tab with the title 《Random Creation》, it will get going.

“Wait! Just a moment! I still…haven’t prepared my soul!” (Yataro)

Upon my words, Yataro gets his breathing in order and closes his eyes in a hurry. What’s that preparation of his soul stuff about? Yataro has absolutely no influence on the CP I will use.

“Pheeew…very well. Shion…put all your soul into your finger! I will also fill your fingertip with all of my feelings.” (Yataro)

“Yeah, yeah.” (Shion)

Except for the one 《Random Creation》 per month I had promised Yataro, I’m allowing him to stand witness during the second monthly 《Random Creations》 as a reward at times when I have CP left over. It’s the fourth time this conversation has taken place. I smoothly ignore what Yataro is saying.

“Shion!” (Yataro)

“…Sure.” (Shion)

I let Yataro’s words indifferently pass by, but due to his ghastly seriousness, I focus on the nerves in my finger while sighing.

“I’m pressing it, okay?” (Shion)

“…Yeah.” (Yataro)

I press the screen of my smartphone with my index finger in an atmosphere of absolute stillness.
A shining hexagram manifests on the ground ― and then a petite figure appears from within the light. Support the translator by reading this novel on Infinite Novel Translation!

“You’re my master? Best regards.”

The newly created subordinate ― is a boy looking like an obedient middle school student, with a fair skin and a height of 160 cm. He greets me in fluent Japanese.

“Hmm? You understand my language?” (Shion)

“Yep, I do.”

His ability to understand Japanese means…he’s a B-rank subordinate similar to a dhampir?
I operate my smartphone, and check the status of the subordinate in front of my eyes.


Race: Setanta
Rank: C
Body: C
Mana: D

Special Abilities:

Spearmanship (C)
Wind Magic (Elementary)
Flash Thrust


Setanta…? That’s a race I’ve never heard about.1

“It’s an SSR…no doubt, an SSR…” (Yataro)

Yataro trembles all over his body with his expression seeped in ecstasy.

“Kanon?” (Shion)

“Y-Yes…” (Kanon)

Kanon is in a daze as well, seemingly surprised by the setanta’s existence.

“Do you know of a race called setanta?” (Shion)

“Setanta…you ask? Unfortunately, I don’t…” (Kanon)

Kanon knows the information of all subordinates that can be created at Creation B. A race that Kanon doesn’t know means…

“A unique subordinate, huh?” (Shion)

When was it that I acquired 《Random Creation》? Given that I only used 《Random Creation》 when I had CP over, I have probably used it 30+ times.
I went crazy when it yielded me slimes. I went mad when it yielded me kobolds. And, at best it yielded me three ogres. Since it only created subordinates that I already had anyway until now, I used 《Random Creation》 without expecting anything out of it this time as well.
Is this some kind of greed sensor…?
I’ve become deeply moved as I stare at the setanta in front of me.

“Yataro.” (Shion)


“Yataro!” (Shion)

“――!? Ye-…w-what is it!?” (Yataro)

Yataro comes to his senses after I call his name a second time.

“This guy is a setanta. He’s what you’d call an SSR. Raise him with great care, okay? I will add him to the invasion teams once he’s good enough.” (Shion)

“R-Roger.” (Yataro)

I drew an unexpected winning ticket before departing.

“Yataro? Let’s get back to the original topic. Izayoi or Saburou…which can I borrow?” (Shion)

“Let’s see. What kind of offensive style does this SSR-sama have?” (Yataro)

“Going by his status, he seems to be good at spearmanship. Also, he can use wind magic.” (Shion)

“Hmm… Then take Saburou with you.” (Yataro)

“Okay. Out of interest, why?” (Shion)

“I have the duty to carefully raise this SSR-sama you have left in my care. In that case, it’s the easiest to have Izayoi, who’s also a spear user, coach him.” (Yataro)

“Well, can’t argue with that logic.” (Shion)

I’m satisfied with Yataro’s reply.



When Yataro leaves my room with the setanta, Sarah, Cain, Takaharu, Saburou, and Kaede enter as if replacing the two.

“Thanks for coming.” (Shion)

I address my gathered subordinates.

“So, what’s yer business with us?” (Takaharu)

Takaharu asks me, representing the others.

“The members assembled will be invading a Domain, along with me, and 18 other subordinates.” (Shion)

“Hoh… I’m bein’ released from da borin’ defense?”

“Like for real? With this pervert? How about switching him out for Izayoi-cchi.” (Sarah)

“At last, mine tremendous power shall be unleashed upon the world.” (Saburou)

“If it’s your order, Shion-sama.” (Cain)

“Nn, got it.” (Kaede)

Hearing my words, Takaharu reveals a ferocious smile, Sarah throws a look full of disgust at Saburou, Saburou roughly breathes out through his nose, and Cain as well as Kaede obediently confirm my words.
The replies are all over the place, but not one of them is anxious. The assembled subordinates are confident of themselves.
There are several among them who might well be called troublemakers, but…their strength is unquestionable.
Together with three former Demon Kings, two special bloodkin, and 18 regular subordinates, I began my invasion into the Domain ruled by the Dwarf Demon King.



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Translation Notes:

  1. It’s the childhood name of the Celtic mythological hero Cu Chulainn (the blue-haired guy who appears in FGO as lancer class). Here’s a picture of Setanta

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