Chapter 356 – Fierce Clash with Kisara


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Kisara narrowed her eyes at Rotalz being blown away with his head cracked. The whale makes its half-eaten forehead squirm.

He’s a tough customer. But, as might be expected, he should be at his limit, seeing how worn-out he looks.

While floating in the sky, Kisara checks the condition of her enslaved darkness whale, before swinging the witch spear sideways. Then she fixes her spear stance by lifting the knuckle-guard grip, pointing the spear’s point at me.

Kisara, one of the Four Heavenly Witches, glares at me with her bluish-white eyes, resembling those of a bird of prey.

Blood drips down from the tip of the skull blade. Her blood and the blood trickling down from the spearhead combine and change color. There’s also the filament swarm protruding out of the hole…

A part of those filaments is connected to her thick combat boots. It seems to be some special link. Damo’Anun’s Witch Spear…is a special item, as expected. Maybe it’s Mythological. Or maybe the Four Heavenly Witches are simply that powerful.

“…That’s a divine beast for you. She’s definitely strong. But, I want to feel you, Shuuya. That’s why I’ll p-o-k-e that dark greenish protective clothing of yours.

She wants to feel me, eh? I want to embrace Kisara as well.

As soon as she pins the base of her spear under her arm, she charges at me. The mana light leaking out from underneath her feet looks like a rainbow stripe. The mana particles released to the back from the magic garment she’s wearing above her nun garb look like rainbow wings.

She’s definitely pretty. Oops, I don’t have any time to be fascinated by her. ――Do you understand, Rollo?

Immediately after passing on my feelings to Rollo, I jump off her back.


Rollodeen chases after the whale with Taro sitting on her head.

“Puyuyu! Puyuppuyuu!”

Taro appears to be ordering Rollodeen to catch the whale.

As I watch that with a sidelong glance, I clad my body in Magic Combat Style. Furthermore, I make a <Magic Hand guided by Thought> move close.

I can see how Kisara is closing in on me. Looking closely, she’s wearing a necklace.

Using the crooked mana hand as a scaffold, I jump into the air.

Kisara, who’s closed the distance between us, attacks with a <Thrust>. The blood-stained spearhead approaches my chest to pierce through it.

But, I won’t let that happen.

I brandish Baldok while performing a side rotation, meeting the blade of Kisara’s spear. The approaching skull blade and the red ax blade, after drawing an arc, collide in front of me.

While the famous movie scene of Kenshin and Shingen crossing blades at the Battle of Kawanakajima pops up in my mind, a hard, metallic clank reverberates from the two blades. The blood leaking from the witch spear’s tip evaporates the instant it gets into contact with the red ax blade.

A sizzling and the stench of blood fill the air.

Is the witch spear’s blood connected with the ax blade’s surface? Hmm? Bon on the blade pattern of the ax blade? Baldok is trembling too?

――No, the illusion has vanished. I guess it was just my imagination.

Thereupon Kisara moves the spearhead by faintly inclining her spear. Its blade slides across the ax blade’s surface while revolving, heading for my head.

Her spear technique level is high. It’s a movement based on the assumption that the first thrust would be blocked.

I dodge the approaching, spiraling skull blade at the tip of my nose. While still evading, I already shift to counter attacking, brandishing Baldok as I charge it with mana. It’s a strike where it’s unclear whether it’s going to reach Kisara.

At that moment, I invoke the hidden bladeIce Claw. The ice blade grows out of the Magic Dragon Gem, heading for Kisara.

However, the ice blade is easily parried by the magic fibers entangling it. Looks like she can also deal with a sudden change in distance. The magic fibers released from the witch spear’s hole can also be used as a defense measure, eh?

Is that the same gadget as the tassel of Ganghis?

“Such a hidden technique won’t work against the rare combat occupation Heavenly Witch Spearmaster――” Kisara declares her own combat occupation confidently after seeing through my concealed attack despite experiencing it for the first time.

Immediately after leaving a pause at the end of her remark, Kisara rotates her body. Adding the rotational force to her spear, she swings it from the left to the right. The blood overflowing from the spearhead creates a crimson trail in the air.

I dodge it at a hair’s breadth with some hair strands being pruned off.

Swinging through, Kisara also sends her spear’s butt end my way.

I activate Blood Acceleration and clad my whole body in Magic Combat Style. After all, I have no intention to eat her pommel attack. Using <Magic Hand guided by Thought> as a scaffold once more, I kick off the mana hand, making it look as if I’m singing the blood at my soles from the friction while swiftly evading to the left.

As I take some distance from her, I quickly pull back my right wrist alongside Baldok. A faint metallic screech can be heard from Baldok. After holding Baldok sideways, I look at Kisara.

She has adjusted the positioning of her fingers behind the knuckle-guard while moving her spear to the side. Checking her expression, I can see her slender chin with the pretty E-line beneath her helmet with its condor-like beak. The gorgeous filaments extending from her spear and her magic garment give me the impression of being the wings of a condor. And in fact, she’s just as fast as a condor, too.

She’s definitely beautiful, but a battle is a battle.

Within milliseconds, I use <Magic Hand guided by Thought> as a foothold again, crouch down, and leap off the mana hand, heading straight for the airborne Kisara while manipulating my mana. I converge my mana beneath the belly button, and twist my body like a spring. At the same time I focus on keeping my muscles relaxed.

Just like that I continue twisting my back and the arm holding Baldok. As if my various muscles are being stimulated by the Magic Combat Style…I can sense how all my muscles at the core of my trunk are energetically stretching and working. Well, it’s because I’ve got <Understanding of the Magic Combat Style>.

Then I release the accumulated muscle power. The rotational force, similar to the recoil of a twisted spring, is being passed on to Baldok, resulting in me swinging Baldok while my body spins around like a tornado. I invoke <Powerful Slash> with the image of chopping Kisara’s arm off.

But, Kisara mumbles in a shady, magic tongue, “…Hyureya <Sand…”

She moves her spear swiftly and skilfully, easily parrying my <Powerful Slash> by drawing an arc with her spear. While unexpectedly lifting her face, she rotates around her own body’s axis. It’s a motion looking like a large flower has bloomed in the sky. She’s using my rotational force for herself, and while gracefully turning my slash aside, she uses the momentum to brandish the witch spear with the accelerated speed and power. Its skull blade approaches my face in no time.

“――What amazing agility.”

While praising her nimbleness, I evade the blade by bending my head backwards. For an instant I consider a counterattack after dodging, but the skull blade transforms. Tooth-shaped triangle blades extend in all directions from the spearhead.

That’s nothing I can avoid with a head slip――

“――Ugh, that huuuurt!”

My face has been gouged out by the tooth-shaped triangle blades. Shit, that friggin’ hurts, but it’s nothing fatal.

While sensing how large quantities of blood spray out of my injured face, I continue rotating sideways, delivering a counterattack with a mid-tiered turning kick against her chest.


Kisara blocks Arzen’s Boot with the middle part of her spear, and falls back. The witch spear has absorbed the impact by bending a bit. The skull blade has reverted to its previous sword-like state. In short, that skull spearhead doesn’t just extend, eh?

“…That was a mighty kick… But, thanks for the flesh!” Even while acting as though both her arms are numb, Kisara squeals in joy as she looks at my flesh that’s clinging to the skull spearhead.

Her delighted voice permeates into the wound on my face. But, I won’t give in. I adopt a stance of holding Baldok above my head while shifting the hand holding Baldok upwards. Then I jump down towards Kisara, using a mana hand, swooping down on her. I grasp Baldok’s metallic handle with my left hand, shifting to a two-handed hold.

Then I move Baldok by pulling the left hand towards myself while thrusting out the right as if punching. I make Baldok rotate with the power of my arms. The Magic Dragon Gem plainly heads for Kisara without any mana charged into it

She dodges the gem by quickly pulling her body back. Her discernment to evade and not block with her spear is something I’d expected from her. However, I’ll be troubled if she looks down on the Wind Spear Style.

While rotating Baldok vertically as if crossing my arms, I use the inertia of my fall to my advantage, and unleash a lower chop with my left foot.

Kisara responds to the low kick by bringing down her helmet. Her eyes, as they peek at me through the helmet, are stabbing.

I can tell that she’s read the trajectory of my kick. She dodges it by twisting her body. However, it’s been well within my expectations that she’d evade anyway. Or in other words, the first chopping kick was a fake.

I secure myself a foothold with <Magic Hand guided by Thought>, and lunge the backside of the rotating Baldok at Kisara’s head.

Kisara somehow manages to shift her posture to standing sideways while making her magic garment shine, avoiding the backside of the red ax blade.

But, my attack hasn’t ended yet. While continuing to rotate Baldok, the butt end of Baldok chases after Kisara. Kisara rotates her body in the opposite direction while trying to evade Baldok’s butt end attack, but she isn’t in time against the three-chain combo.

The Magic Dragon Gem sinks into her shoulder.


The magic garment disappears from the impact on her shoulder. Kisara vomits blood with her stance having completely fallen apart. Her body whirls sideways towards the ground while scattering blood as she’s being blown away. A part of her white, silky hair becomes blood-soaked, and the black string that tied her hair together at the side comes undone.

Going by the fact that the gem reached her body through the nun garb, I got some solid feedback from that attack. My Master’s own Wind Spear Style’s 『Hazy Tear – Revised』, an improved version of 『One Feather Tear』, got the job done.

It looks like Kisara is going to fall into the river. But, she doesn’t. She stops her fall at a place where it’s unclear whether the soles of her sturdy combat boots actually touch the river’s surface, but she still creates ripples on the water.

She spits blood into the river, smoothly picks up the black string, and exhales a magic breath after wiping the blood off her lips with a hand.

“…Thou hast glared, desert crow. Hyureya,” she declares some ancient words with her magic voice once more.

Is it a skill or a spell?

At the same time, she nimbly ties her blood-stained hair together with the string, obviously familiar with doing this.

“――Hyureya――desert crow.”

Immediately after her supernatural voice stops, mana explosively surges out of her. While causing the river water to shoot up in a fountain, Kisara charges upwards, closing the distance between us with tremendous speed.

The gleam dwelling in her blue eyes leaves blue neon trails in the air. As soon as she enters my range, I stab at her with a <Thrust> of Baldok.

But, she’s vanished…no…a crow!?

Before I know it, I feel an impact on my chest. Hal’Konk warps. While being blown away, I position a <Magic Hand guided by Thought> behind me to kill the impact.

Milliseconds later, the skull blade approaches me once more. As I don’t have any time to evade, my right arm gets cut. I leak a grunt from the violent pain, faltering.

At that point, the small filament blades that have deployed in a fan shape from the hole in the witch spear lunge at me. I won’t be able to dodge these.


A part of my right arm has been torn off. However, the other spiraling blades are blocked by Hal’Konk.

“――That protective clothing is tough!” Kisara screams out, obviously flabbergasted by my recovery rate and the blades being blocked.

But then she changes the angle of her spear, and thrusts out its tip at me.

Without waiting, I rotate on my toes, dodging the barrage of thrusts which allow me to confirm Kisara’s high level of martial arts while counter attacking with Baldok.

She evades the red ax blade coming at her from the right side, and kicks from the left in response, but while dodging that, I swing the Magic Dragon Gem at her. Yet, that one also fails to hit Kisara as she rotates out of the way.

At that moment, I feint with my eyes. Falling for it, Kisara’s reaction time slows down for an instant which I use to unleash a barrage of light stabs with varying Magic Combat Style distributions.

Forced into defense, Kisara parries with her spear. Thus I add a <Darkness Drill> to mess with the barrage’s timing.

“――A dark crow!?” She promptly bends back even while obviously surprised.

The <Darkness Drill> grazes her chin, and flicks off her helmet. However, Kisara’s heel kick approaches me from below.

While evading it by shifting half my body to the side, I switch to close combat, releasing an elbow strike against Kisara’s torso with my right arm immediately after she’s launched her kick.

This blow gets blocked by her spear filaments, but I don’t mind, and continue by pushing out my left shoulder while twisting around my waist as I hold Baldok behind me, making me look like a scarecrow. It’s the spear kumite’s Left Back Offensive.

“Gueeh――” Kisara groans after receiving the blow alongside a dull thud.

As I pursue her in a forward-bent posture, Kisara positions herself sideways, so I thrust Baldok at her, trying to wallop her.

However, the filaments block the red ax blade by spreading out as a curtain. The magic fibers coiled around the ax blade keep burning down. Hence I forcibly push Baldok onward, imagining how it’s going to rip apart that curtain alongside all the magic fibers.

Baldok’s ax blade invades Kisara’s neck through the shoulder.


It looks like I’ve cut through her artery as her blood gushes out profusely. Moreover, a part of her nun garb burns away after the cross design lights up, exposing her shoulder and collar.

I get showered by her blood.

At that moment, the necklace hanging from her neck lights up. A bright, warm flash robs me of my sight.

“Light God Lulodis-sama――” Kisara speaks the god’s name while retreating.

Regaining my sight after the light vanished, I plant my feet down on a <Magic Hand guided by Thought> in the air. I turn around while making Baldok rotate, as if searching for Kisara.

She’s evacuated to my right side. Her wounds are healing…

“The necklace, huh?”

“…Indeed. The power of Lulodis-sama that has been sealed in Nepure Highcient…” She calmly explains.

After sadly watching how the necklace crumbles apart after having spent all its power, she rotates around, lovingly manipulating the filaments coming out of the witch spear.

Her current defense measures also include those multi-colored magic fibers, eh? The earlier crow also came from those filaments. The magic fibers look just like various-colored hair growing out of the hole on the witch spear…

It appears they can instantly create something like a crow illusion.

“…Blood like Lulodis-sama whom Mephalla-sama adores to the point of jealousy――” Kisara mutters such witchy words as she analyzes me.

She scoops up the blood sticking to her spear’s tip…and paints her own cheek with it.

“Aahhnn―― this is what I’m talking about! I feel it! This smell reminiscent of Tree King Kyulha is irresistible…” Kisara writhes, her body trembling and her big boobs swaying, with an ecstatic expression.

I can feel the light of religious fanaticism similar to that of Catiza exuding from her stare. One of her shoulders is still hanging down. I reckon the necklace’s power was an emergency measure. At least it looks like the wound from my previous shoulder blow hasn’t healed yet.

Kisara has apparently devoured Schmihazar’s power, but I guess the regenerative power of an undead wasn’t included. She’s the speed-specialized type who has weak defense and recovery skills… A human opponent with traits resembling the demonic Togma.

No, she’s no ordinary human, but a witch. It’s not my right to talk about others, but there’s really all kinds of different opponents around…

As I’m indulging in such impressions, Rollodeen’s voice reaches my ears as she toys around with the darkness whale.

Now then, time to get pumped up here――

I stare at Kisara with feelings full of respect. And then, after placing a hand on my chest for a 『Ra Kelarda』, I rework my Magic Combat Style.

“Here I come――”

I don’t only possess <Blood Acceleration> and Magic Combat Style. If she fights with speed, I can answer in kind. I focus my Magic Combat Style into the muscles of my trunk while calling upon my trump card in my mind.

Running through the air by using several instances of <Magic Hand guided by Thought>, I shorten the distance to Kisara.

“Look! I’m confident in my speed!” Kisara’s words hit my ears.

Without minding that, I pretend to stab at her normally, just to suddenly do a forward somersault while brandishing Baldok vertically. It’s a <Powerful Slash> blended into a feint.

But, Kisara immediately reacts. She inclines her spear, letting the ax blade slide along the blade while killing the impact. Right afterwards, she makes the filaments expand again, wrapping up the ax blade with fibers.

My <Powerful Slash> has been completely blocked. It’s a technique she’s seen once, but…for her to completely shut it out to such an extent…

Kisara recoils from the blow while still entranced, but her spear techniques are still going as strong as before. Or rather than weakening, it looks to me like she’s growing during this battle.

Suddenly the filaments engulfing the ax blade transform, unleashing an attack. Although it’s a counter, I’ve already become familiar with her attack pattern!

Switching to defense, I dodge one, then two, and then many of the small blades as if dancing. Just when I’ve evaded all blades, I swing Baldok from diagonally below while rotating.

Staying true to her confidence in her own speed, she avoids the sweep by jumping above me. Looking down at me, she smiles, and falls down with a terrifying speed, clearly aiming for the moment of me having swung Baldok.

Moreover, she comes at me with a stomping attack that exhibits the soles of her thick boots she’s pressing together.

I lift up Baldok, and summon Ganghis into my left hand, blocking her flying kick attack. For sure I haven’t expected her to force me to use that hidden card as a defense measure.

“――Wow! You’re amazing after all! Godlike! You’ll be able to fend off that sorcerer! For you to block my <Evil Heavy Spirit Kick> that’s been loaded with the power of Damo’Anun’s magic symbol upon seeing it for the first time――” She unleashes a chain of stomps as she keeps blathering and cheerfully laughing like a SM queen.

Her kicks I can feel through my arms are unimaginably heavy. Moreover, her two, thick-soled combat boots are damn heavy and fast as they repeatedly assault me. Although she originally shouldn’t weigh so much…

I don’t even have time to release my <Chain>. I retreat while being showered by a barrage of stomps, gradually getting closer to the river as I’m being pushed by her kicks and pulled by gravity. At this rate, I’m going to take an involuntary bath.

No, don’t fret, me! Recall the previous battle against Iglued!

Remembering the angry shout of my Master, I close my eyes and regain my composure. I’ve definitely learned how to walk across water. I can also rely on the water goddess.

While continuing to stay on defense, I wait for her to get impatient with her fearsome barrage of kicks.

“――Eh? Just now I felt like I’ve seen some kind of illusion?” Kisara mumbles. “But, this chain attack must be tough on you, right?”

She says worriedly to me who keeps enduring her barrage. However, she’s talking somewhat quickly. She might be saying such things exactly because she’s becoming flustered over me devoting myself to defense.

The instant I suspect so, Kisara creates a break of several milliseconds, cheerfully declaring, “As a matter of fact, there’s still a lot more to come! <Violent Spear>――”

She stabs at me with the witch spear, now engulfed in filaments.

――This is my chance!

Widening my eyes, I invoke <Demonic Brain Speed>. With my speed doubled, I abruptly focus on my upper arm, making the speckled loop automatically deploy all the way down to my wrist. And then I “deliberately” block her spear attack, which seems to me to be her finisher technique, with the loop’s light ring defense as it rises from my left arm, and ward it off by rotating on my toes, combined with my blood, mana, and water.

At the same time, I erase Baldok while slipping into her bosom back-first.

During that time, I hear something like a scream from the witch spear for some reason. But, without caring about that, I thrust one hand through the river’s surface, propping up my body. I charge mana into Arzen’s boots, delivering an upper foot chop while making sure to stretch spine and legs.

The vertical kick lands on Kisara’s trunk. The witch spear had its mana reduced by half as if running out of steam. Accordingly, I can hear a heavy thump from Kisara’s belly.

Kisara is being pushed up into the sky, her body having folded at her stomach. Following up on the kick, I jump upwards by pushing myself with my left hand, and unleash a spear technique – a spear move with a motion of sliding across the water as if tracing the moon’s reflection on the river’s surface.

Piiing ※ <Dark Moon on Water Drill> acquired.

Ganghis pierces through Kisara’s bent torso. She loses all the mana in her body, unable to even scream.

Kisara, who’s lifelessly dangling from Ganghis, is further being penetrated by Ganghis thanks to her own body weight.

“Uugh, magnificent…” Kisara croaks hoarsely.

She lets her precious witch spear fall, apparently having lost all will to resist.

I erase Ganghis, resulting in Kisara dropping into the river, and being washed away. On the other hand, the witch spear, which has been slowly falling, extends countless skull branches downwards from its spearhead. It runs those branches into the riverbed, and despite swaying lightly, it affixes itself like a warped tree growing out of the river.

Kisara sinks into the river as she apparently doesn’t even have the strength to swim anymore. Her blood dyes the river’s surface.

At that instant, the stench of sulfur begins to flow out of the coffin that brought Schmihazar forth.

“…So the Four Heavenly Witch was defeated after all, huh…?” A voice rumbles from within the coffin.

What a shady coffin!

――I activate <Dusk’s Stake>, and have the stakes head for the coffin, but…it’s pointless, just as I thought.

The coffin absorbs the darkness stakes delightfully.

At that moment, I can hear the whale throatily screaming, “Kisara~~~~~”, from far away. It’s not like I’m being influenced by its heartrending voice, but I ignore the coffin, and enclose Kisara with <Tree of the Evil King> so as to stop her from being carried away by the river’s stream.

I quickly draw close to her after having enclosed her in with the trees of the evil domain, and pick her up. After pulling her soaked, seductive body close to me, I swiftly carry her over to the river’s bank.

Her body looks different from earlier when she took my barrage of kicks. It’s as light as a feather…and cute.


She seems to have woken up when I put her down on the ground. Albeit still being alive, her bleeding is terrible. At this rate, she’s probably going to die.

At this point, Moga and the others rush over to us, seemingly having grasped that the battle was nearing its end.

“Hey, we have some――”

“Yeah, wait a moment.” I prevent Moga from speaking any further by holding up a hand.

At once I cast the advanced spell 《Water Cure》, causing a transparent water sphere to appear. The sphere bursts instantly, turning into a mist of water drops, and then rains down on Kisara’s body. Her wounds heal away.

“…You’re going to save the lass you just fought?” Moga asks with a serious look, despite being a penguin.

Green leaves are wrapped around his beloved sword. It appears he had to deal with some kind of monster.

“As you can see.”

While answering, I look in the direction of the huge coffin, but it’s already gone. At least it’s not at the location where it was floating moments ago. Its mana and the smell of sulfur has disappeared as well.

Moreover, the morning sun has risen. While the vicinity is being brightly illuminated by its light, I spot Higlia with her pretty, silver fur. She’s smiling all over her face.

“――Shuuya! Monsters have come out on our side as well!” Higlia rattles down full of liveliness while removing the leaves wrapped around her silver claws.

“It was terrible, but Gramps Ton helped us out! I also did my best~”

“I’m, Nemus.”

Nemus is carrying the corpses of leaf monsters on both her shoulders. And she’s furthermore holding many things similar to big horsetail shoots under her arms.

“Still, to save your enemy…”

“He must have some intention.”

There seem to be some who got injured among the other people, but they all approach.

“Look, Rollo-chan is pinning down a big whale over there!”

“Oh, you’re right! Whaaa! Amazing! How cool!” Arry points her finger after having run up to me.

Arry and Taack are holding the seed of Iglued and the Duke Ado-something whom I’ve entrapped. The one-eyed Ado-something can’t speak because his mouth is clogged up by a tree, but he seems to be doing fine, seeing how he’s trying to move his mouth to mumble something. Iglued hasn’t changed from being a seed-like stone.

At that point I look in the direction of Arry’s finger, spotting Rollodeen howling while standing atop the whale. On top of that, Taro bounces up and down on Rollo’s head, its wand lifted high up.

And then Rollo plays around by stabbing a tentacle bone sword into the whale’s butt area.

“Arry, Taack, you shouldn’t look at that.”

“Eehh? Why?”

“Say, say, is it okay for me to play with this tree every once in a while?” Taack is about to throw Iglued’s seed.

“That’s a no. Since I’ve been entrusted with it for the time being, put it down over there.”

“Bah, always saying no to everything. How boring, you party pooper!”

“Hey! Listen to what Shuuya-sama tells you!”

“Yeah, be a good boy, or you’ll get to feel my pebble,” Gramps Ton joins in.

“Auu, uh, gotcha…”

“Alright! But, in exchange you have to teach me your <Throwing Arts>, Gramps Ton!”

It seems the children respect Gramps Ton a lot. They leave Iglued’s seed and the little duke in my care.

With that out of the way, I look at Kisara. She’s confirming the situation around her after having raised her upper body. A smile is visible on her lips as she watches the children. The atmosphere around here is completely different from before.

“…It looks like you’re conscious.”

“…Yeah, no, yes, that is correct.” Kisara looks at me with upturned eyes.

Are you still going to continue the fight? The witch spear is stabbed in the ground over there. And your enslaved whale is in the state you can see over there, but…”

“Fufu, I had more than enough. Rotalz looks pathetic, but he’s tough, so he’ll live.”

“I see. Can you stand up?” I offer her a hand to show my friendliness.

“Yep, thanks for saving me――”

Kisara grabs my hand, and draws close into my embrace. Her soft boobs! During that short time of delight, the wounds on my palm, which cups her hand, throbs. Once I look at it, I can see a straight sword cut gaping wide open. It’s opened up, or rather, is it a hole? What does that mean? Doesn’t it heal up?

“…You’re still injured?” Kisara asks worriedly after spotting the hole on my palm.

“Yeah.” When I focus on the hole while giving a half-hearted reply, a sword suddenly flies over, and completely embeds itself in my left palm in an instant.

Piiing ※ Saraten’s Secret Art ※ Permanent skill acquired

The holy sword from back when I protected Higlia, huh? It looks like it’s some kind of secret weapon.

Anyway, I can’t resist Kisara’s blood scent… Am I going to grow out vampiric fangs?

“――Aaahhh!! Why are you hugging Shuuya!? That’s not allowed!” Higlia extends her claws in anger while trying to tear Kisara off me.

“Oh my, excuse me.”

Kisara lightly wards off Higlia, and genuflects with swift moves. With her adorably looking up to me and her boobs being squished by her kneecap, she’s extremely seductive…

“Shuuya-sama…” Kisara mutters with a passionate voice.

Power dwells at the depths of her blue eyes which are fixed on me. Yep, it’s the face one pulls when they’ve obtained a new religion…her cheeks are burning even more than earlier.

“What’s up?”

“In the name of Damo’Anun’s skulls…I pledge my eternal allegiance to you right here and now, Shuuya-sama. Please, allow me, one of the Four Heavenly Witches…to always stay by your side.”


Higlia’s scream reverberates in my ears.



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