Chapter 357 – Sky Trip


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The sun rays pouring down on the land through the lingering clouds wraps us up in a gentle warmth. A nice breeze tickles my face. My clothes remain the same old dark green coloring, but now they’ve changed into the shape of a tank top – a mini version of Hal’Konk.

And exactly because we’ve been in the dense Sea of Trees until now…this azure scenery, the wind, and the sunlight deeply sink into my heart.

“I’ve seen that whirly fur somewhere…the Sea of Tree’s bolschid, huh? How unusual…” Higlia’s voice reaches me from behind, but I don’t respond to it.

I enjoy the relaxed flight through the sky with Divine Beast Rollodeen with everyone riding on her back. And Rollo seems to feel the same as she transmits 『Nice』 and 『Warm』 through our shared senses.

Haha, no kidding, it’s really warm. This warm light feels like the sun god is blessing us all.

Suddenly the light shining through the clouds on our right disperses, creating a pale rainbow. A beautiful rainbow and the clouds – the rainbow twinkles while bending, causing the clouds’ hue to change.

I discover the big face of a divine woman as a nuance, but it immediately disappears. No one besides me has noticed the mysterious cloud which transformed into a woman’s face just now. I wonder whether Rollodeen hasn’t perceived her either.

…But it seems like my partner has been looking in a different direction.

Then the space that drew my partner’s attention warps, revealing an unnatural scenery… What’s that? A monster and a black-haired woman? Eh? Mia?

Ah, it’s gone…

Kisara, who’s riding her darkness whale Rotalz, hasn’t noticed anything either. No one has seen the god-like illusion and the instantaneous appearance of Mia.

…The strange phenomena continue.

Mia appeared to be flustered, but she held a wand… That’s not real, is it? I ponder whether I’ve been influenced in an odd way by Ciel. Or is it an effect of me having drunk Schmihazar’s blood? I don’t know, but the goddess was an illusion as well, right?

The goddess wore a crescent moon crown. A single, short antler protruded out of her long, white hair… Her nose with its high bridge continuing from her white Demonic Eyes possessed a streak of pride. She wore a white robe, opened at her chest, and her long hands were visible as they jutted out of the sleeves.

A miniature planet and moons floated on the palm of her hand. She slowly dispersed as if naturally melting into the clouds.

This world is extremely dangerous as it’s teeming with chaos, but…at the same time it is a wonderful world containing beautiful, ephemeral things.

As I become strongly aware of that fact, my bangs sway. A pleasant headwind keeps running past my body.

At that point, Rotalz enters my visual field. Of course Kisara as well. But rather than her riding him, you should probably say that she’s sitting on his forehead. It’s the same style as when I met her for the first time – the pose of a Thinker with her legs crossed.

It seems like I’d be able to see her panties, and then again not. Kisara and Rotalz are flying in a way suggesting that they’re protecting Rollodeen, or rather, me. Her passionate gaze keeps following me around all the time.

Well, I did accept Kisara’s pledge of allegiance, so yeah…

“Do whatever you want. Right now, we need to hurry with getting back,” I told her coldly and curtly, placing my priority on returning to Quiche.

Back then she cupped her own hands and raised them, chest high as a polite salute while lowering her head.

Still, it’s quite rowdy behind me, isn’t it?

Thinking so, I look back while holding onto the tentacle rein…spotting the small Taro. It already released its magic outfit, but it’s still as tiny as ever.

“Puyuyu!” It hoists up its twisted wand, greeting everyone who’s riding on Rollodeen’s back.

And then, without giving anyone time to do anything…Taro hits off with the mysterious duo of Moga and Nemus. But I guess it makes sense, seeing how Moga looks like a penguin. I mean Taro looks like a bear cub, a plush bear, and a moving cartoon dancer.

Taro is getting along especially well with Nemus. The tree giant brings her face close to Taro in slow motion.

Without being wary of her, Taro squeals, “Puyu! Puyuyuyu~”, and embraces Nemus’ head with its tiny arms and legs. Did it find a liking to Nemus’ crystalline eyes? Its teddy bear-like hugging is seriously cute…

After crossing its legs with a nimble agility, Taro relocates to Nemus’ shoulder by jumping, and yaps away, now standing on her shoulder. Just like that, Taro patters across Nemus’ nape, which looks like a rock mass, heading to the other shoulder.

“I’m Nemus!” Nemus inclines her head while shaking her shoulders.

She chases Taro with her eyes that appear to be heavy thanks to the tree branches growing out as eyelids, blinking incessantly. Does she want to show Taro the maple kanji carved on her shoulder? Kaede-san sure has it tough, I suppose.

I wonder whether she’s always thinking something along the lines of 『Even though I’m called Kaede, I’m always Nemus…』. If that’s the case, it’d be really pitiful. So far I’ve only seen her say, “I’m Nemus.” Even if she were to try to draw letters on the ground with her huge hands, it looks like it’d be hard for her to draw detailed lines…

Continuously blinking her eyes, she further shakes her body, appealing to Taro in her very own way. Though I’m not sure whether Taro is capable of understanding that kind of communication. Is the blinking of her eyes a Morse code of sorts?

Well, I think it’s rather unlikely even for a reincarnator to remember Morse code.


“I, a, m Nemus.”

“Puyu! Puyuyu~n.”

They keep having such enigmatic conversation.

Afterwards, Nemus’ thick legs draw Taro’s interest. It starts to excitedly poke a leg with the pommel of its wand. In response, Moga flies into a rage, picking a fight with Taro. Higlia reacts to that.

“Beastman with the whirly fur! It’s wrong to quarrel! We’re currently in the sky, and even though you’re hidden by Divine Beast-sama, a quarrel between us will only summon the ancient gods!”

Taro seems to hail from a race called bolschid. Well, it’s a small bear cub, though.

The ancient wolfmen seem to be in conflict with the ancient god Go Rad and the orcs.

“Beastwoman, you’re too loud.”


“Ugh, don’t look at me with those eyes…that fur is foul play…” Higlia mutters with her eyes sparkling as she apparently fancies Taro’s eyes and fur.

She approaches Taro with swift movements befitting an ancient wolfwoman. But, Taro is fast as well, scurrying away from her. Arry and Taack join in the chase of Taro, seemingly considering it fun.

Even Rollo seems to be curious as to what’s happening on her back while she keeps flying… She extends her tentacles to everyone, participating in the ruckus by pranking with tickles. As she entangles her tentacles around everyone, including me as well, things develop into a brawl.

As the finishing blow for the scuttle, Gramps Ton says, “The first blow is half the battle,” and joins in together with a granny wearing an Indian-styled outfit. The mysterious, bandaged boy with just one leg and arm participates as well.

I wanna tell him to not try the impossible, but oh well…

Nex the dwarf with the seeds at his waist, and the lumberjack Eboué rush over as well, turning the whole into a completely nonsensical mess…

Seemingly startled by the tentacles’ sensation, the fat elven woman screams, “Noooo!”, bumping against a karamnian with a leech-like tongue. The karamnian woman almost falls off Rollodeen. I try to rescue her, but Maurique, who’s got a large body build, reacts before me, saving the karamnian by catching her with his thick arms.

“You okay?”

“T-Thanks, Maurique…”

A nice mood develops between her and Maurique as they stare at each other. This whole scene reminds me of the epic movie “The Beauty and the Beast.”

The thin girl Riedel smiles gently while looking at the two staring at each other while embracing. Riedel hasn’t joined the brawl. She simply enjoys massaging the backside of Rollo’s tentacle with her small fingers.

Yep, that’s the correct choice. The pads are definitely the greatest small happiness you can get.

As I’m thinking that I might get along with Riedel, Moga snarls, “Bear cub! Don’t poke Nemus! In the first place, what’s that tiny monster at the tip of your wand!?”

“I am, Nemus.”

“Puyuyuyuu, puyuyuu!”

“…I don’t understand that language! Ah, don’t bite! No way! Are you planning to use Nemus’ leg as food for that weird wand of yours!?”


“Even if you tilt your head with those big and round eyes of yours, I won’t get tricked by you! I’m sure the brutal king bear Gyuondan must be lurking underneath that cute bear cub costume! Right?”


What’s that Gyuondan mentioned by Moga? An S-Rank or A-Rank bear monster?

“Nuuooo! Don’t point that wand at me! Uuaah, stay away with the small monsters! The hell’s that butterfly!? Save me, Nemus!”

“I, am, Nemus.”


“Argh, not again Nemus’ leg, you bloody cub! If you try to cut off Nemus’ limbs like that cursed pair of professor and assistant, I’ll make you literally cry with my howling sword that thundered across Shijima town!”

A pun by Moga, eh? Though I can’t tell whether he’s messing around or saying this seriously. Going just by his spirit, he gives off an aura of dueling Taro. Then again, it might be funny to watch a fight between a penguin and a bear cub.

It’d suit the walnut-colored haori Moga is wearing. It’s a piece of cloth that has apparently been made specially for him to match his size.

I recall the conversation I had with Moga a little while ago, right before Rollodeen took off into the sky.




“Shuuya, I’m tellin’ you to not hurry so much with the return! You’re forgetting the treasure, that rare sword, stabbed into the ground over there!”

“Ah, you want it?”

“No, no need. As you know, Nemus and I are already fully loaded with treasures.”

I’m kinda curious about the items they snatched, but I can’t appraise them.

“I see.”

“It’s a spoil of war you obtained by doing your best at the risk of your life, Shuuya.”

“Spoil of war, huh? If you look at it like that…”

“Hey, we’re adventurer buddies, okay? Have you forgotten the name 【Sword King Moga and Nemus】? Besides, I won’t pull off something as lowbrow as snatching the loot of my benefactor.” He explains with a serious expression.

I remember our exchange in Pelneet where he threatened me with 『I ain’t no grilled bird on a skewer, damnit!』

I guess he’s serious this time.

“…According to the giant Schmihazar, it seems to be a magic sword called Shallow, but I’ve already got Holy Sword Saraten.”

“You gotta be a bit more greedy, man. If you’re not going to take it, I’ll do. But, I won’t keep it. I’ll just test it out, and then give it back to you, gotcha?”

“Sure, go for it.”

Moga grabs the pommel of the magic sword, and pulls it out of the rock. The blade is a mixture of violet and black colors. Moga’s beak twitches.

“Something smells, doesn’t it? This sword…,” he mutters.

While holding it with respect, he puts the magic sword he called stinky inside a tube-shaped item box.




As I’m recalling that memory, Taro and Moga continue their quarrel. Higlia and the children have joined in as well.

And next to them, Gramps Ton mumbles, “Sure wonder whether you can use that one-eyed, round tree and the stone-like seed for cooking.”

Gramps Ton is asking me whether I feel like turning Iglued’s seed and the demonic duke into ingredients, I guess. Iglued’s seed remains silent, probably because she’s a stone right now. But it looks like Ado-something got scared. He’s trying to escape while moving his mouth, which is clogged up by a tree, for dear life.

“Gramps Ton, those two are important. They look like acorns at a glance, but please look after them properly since I’m going to personally examine them later on.”

“As you wish. They’re important to you, hero, so I’ll protect them with my life.” Gramps Ton’s are filled with gratitude.

While staring at Gramps Ton, who likes philosophy so much, I end up feeling grateful as well. But, even as we’re having this conversation, the people around us are noisy…resulting in a blend of all kinds of words and sounds.

Looks like that absurd hustle and bustle is going to continue for a while, so I’ll just ignore them altogether. I strengthen my hold on my partner’s rein tentacle.

There’s many monsters fluttering about in the sky. So I’ll aim to become a taxi driver who calmly steers his vehicle through the sky.

Anyway, while enjoying the sky scenery in my own way, I actually get my fill of Kisara’s pretty figure. Her long and smooth, model-like legs are a feast for the eyes. Besides, her thighs becoming visible every once in a while is a nice bonus. The combination of a beauty and the azure sky is the best.

Now then, I think we’re going to reach Quiche’s village anytime soon. Once I spot the rock protruding out like a horse…it should be right around the corner. It was called 【Horse Cliff Rock】, wasn’t it?

I look below, searching for that rock…but I can’t see it yet. Oh well, we’ll probably arrive there in no time if I leave it to Rollodeen.

Let’s use the time to check the abilities and confirm the skills from the other day.


Name: Shuuya Kagari
Age: 22
Title: Demigod Sealer’s Staff User
Race: Light Demon Lucival
Combat Occupation: Spirit Spear Blood Chain Master : Sage Art Apprentice

Strength: 25.6 → 26.0
Agility: 25.8 → 26.3
Stamina: 23.6 → 24.0
Mana: 28.9 → 30.1
Dexterity: 23.4 → 24.1
Spirit: 31.3 → 31.8
Luck: 11.6

Current Status: Normal

Those went up because I fought Schmihazar, Iglued, and Ado-something. I touch the title that changed my <Chain> mark.

※ Demigod Sealer’s Staff User ※

※ One who combines the fragments of Demigod Grahls with the divine protection of the Water Goddess ※
※ Small rise of Space-Time-related magical effects, Super Advancement of Strange Phenomena Progress, All Growth Adjustment + ※

It’s the result of me having absorbed the fragments of Demigod Grahls combined with the divine protection of the Water Goddess, huh?

And then, despite having checked it out before, I touch the combat occupation <Spirit Spear Blood Chain Master>.

※ Spirit Spear Blood Chain Master ※

※ Spear Art Practitioner walking the path of the Righteous Heavenly Spirit Light spearmanship ※
※ One of the rare combat occupations that can be learned after meeting exceedingly complicated and mysterious conditions ※
※ A superior combat occupation belonging to the Spirit Spearmaster system which had been acquired by Azolos Fortonarl in the past who was referred to as Spear Sorcerer of the Silent Uninhabited Valley ※
※ It’s possible to equip the spirit spear of Spirit King Chirim, the sole <Apostle of Light>, who fell in love with Goddess of Love Aria ※
※ Your flexible and unfettered mind might allow you to inspire feelings of awe in those around you ※

So who’s Azolos Fortonarl, the Spear Sorcerer of the Silent Uninhabited Valley, supposed to be? The combat occupation before that mentioned something like, 『An illusionary combat occupation considered to have been first obtained by the Legendary Demonic Spear Knight Delaha Velzey, the sole survivor of the “Demonic Army Night Journey”』. I feel like both descriptions share similarities.

I didn’t know whether it’d be displayed, but I tried to touch Azolos Fortonarl.

※ Azolos Fortonarl: Hero who’s categorized as Crusader ※
※ Cousin of Ygir Bloody ※

Oh, it showed me some info. But, only that much. Just the name of a heroic person, eh?

I feel like I’ve seen or heard that name somewhere in the past, but at least I know Goddess Aria. So I can equip the spirit spear of Spirit King Chirim who fell in love with Goddess of Love Aria?

Speaking of Aria, I wonder what has happened to Scola and the others who did the request in the Heca-Pel-Line, one of the labyrinths close to Hekatrail, together with me. I’m also curious about the dwarf Ygg and the razeil Albert. Did Scola and the others get invited into the clan 【Aria’s Vagrants】? It’d be wonderful if all of them are doing fine…

Anyway, next the skills.

Skill Status.

Obtained Skills: <Throw>, <Demonic Brain Speed>, <Hide>, <Night Vision>, <Inhalation of Odor Technique>, <Blood Chains Banquet>, <Thrust>, <Meditation>, <Life Magic>, <Guidance Sorcery>, <Magic Combat Style>, <Magic Hand guided by Thought>, <Sage Art>, <Summoning>, <Ancient Magic>, <Crest Magic>, <Darkness Drill>, <Darkness Drill – Magic Spear Break>, <Language Magic>, <Chain Spear of the Ray System>, <Powerful Slash>, <Blood Acceleration>, <Beginning of Dusk>, <Dusk’s Stake>, <Blood Chain Search>, <Dimension of Darkness Blood Chain>, <Spirit Cursing Chain Net>, <Waterwheel Slash>, <Thousand Palms of Darkness>, <Fang Stab> (NEW), <Spirit Ball Conception>, <Water Pierce> (NEW) , <Dark Water Moon Pierce> (NEW)

Permanent Skills: <Power of True Ancestor>, <Natural Gift of Magic>, <Torrent of Light Darkness>, <Drain Soul>, <Immortality>, <Darkness Adaptation>, <Blood Mana>, <Suzerain of Bloodkin>, <Super Demonic Brain Nimble Sensation>, <Magic Combat Style Knowledge>, <Guidance Magic Knowledge>, <Spear Sparring>, <Chain Sense Guidance>, <Magic Crest Construction>, <Instant Staff of Water>, <Spirit Employment>, <Divine Beast Serene Mind ・ Soaring>, <Blood Path – Open First Gate>, <Blood Path – Open Second Gate>, <Blood Path – Open Third Gate>, <Factor Engraving Increase>, <Central Pillar of a Greater True Ancestor’s Lineage>, <Tail of the Crushing Evil Spirit Tree>, <Dark Dream Celebration>, <Apostle of Light Evil>, <Sage Art – Understanding of the Yellow Water Ribbon>, <Sealer’s Seal> (NEW), <Super Brain – Hazy Moon Reflection on Water> (NEW), <Secret Art of Saraten> (NEW)

Extra Skills: <Language Comprehension>, <Granted Seal of Light>, <Chain Factor>, <Demonic Cerebral Spine Revolution>, <Crest Tree of the Lucival>, <Tree of the Evil King>

First I touch the offensive skills.

※ Water Pierce ※

※ Basic thrust of the Water Spear Style. Unknown number of variations if you include the derived versions of superior systems ※
※ A spear skill belonging to the <Thrust> techniques. Its physical power is increased by adding the water attribute. Limited to environments near water, a boost to the body’s charging speed ※

Water Spear Style? Is it different from the Wind Spear Style? Master Achilles only told me about the Strong Spear Style, the Wind Spear Style, and the Ruler’s Spear Style though. Does such a school exist in Tandarl’s War God Temple?

Well, even if it doesn’t exist there, such a school might exist in areas other than South Mahaheim.

Let’s go with this skill next.

※ Dark Water Moon Pierce ※

※ High-ranking derivation of an original spearmanship using <Super Brain – Hazy Moon Reflection on Water> ※
※ Increases the senses and speed. A full moon spear technique combining an upper chop from a low position, only possible because of the abnormal charging speed. It’s possible to cancel the linked kicks in the middle, but <Dark Water Moon Pierce> will lose power in proportion ※

Original? It’s an offensive technique linked to kicks I came up with on the spot. Next the <Chain> types.

※ Sealer’s Seal ※

※ Raises the ability to seal spirit bodies with <Chain> ※
※ It also adds the effect of a small increase for the other <Chain>-based skills ※

Does it also affect <Chain Thought Guidance> and similar? Including the earlier three-sectioned staff and the big shield, I felt like the process of putting an image together for <Chain> has become faster.

I touch the derivation root Extra Skill <Chain Factor>.

※ Chain Factor ※

→ Special Armor-Piercing Derivation <Banquet of the Blood Chain>
→ <Chain Thought Guidance>
→ Special Pierce-Through Derivation <Chain Spear of the Ray System>
→ <Factor Engraving Increase>
→ Special Blood Derivation <Blood Chain Search>
→ Special Dark Blood Derivation <Dimension of Darkness Blood Chain>
→ Special Light Blood Derivation <Spirit Cursing Chain Net>
→ Special Seal Derivation <Sealer’s Seal>
→ ????

<Chain Factor> is friggin’ awesome. Doesn’t it acquire new skills at an astonishing rate?

Now then, next.

※ Super Brain – Hazy Moon Reflection on Water ※

Let’s take a look at the derivation root. I touch the Extra Skill <Demonic Cerebral Spine Revolution>.

※ Demonic Cerebral Spine Revolution ※

→ <Demonic Cerebral Spine Speed>
→ <Super Brain – Hazy Moon Reflection on Water>
→ ????

It’s been properly registered under the category trump card.

※ Super Brain – Hazy Moon Reflection on Water ※

※ Requires <Super Demonic Cerebral – Sensation> as condition for acquisition ※
※ Moreover: complete failure of visual senses, water attribute, high Spirit resistance, and the early skill <Dark Water Moon of Nothingness> of the same system as the water goddess’ divine protection <Instant Staff of Water> ※
※ It’s a permanent skill, but can also be used like a regular skill ※
※ If you focus on it (with a certain extent of faith), a water guard (faith) will be created at the soles of your feet, increasing the evasion ability ※
※ Also, limited to places near water, the senses and the body’s evasion abilities rise rapidly, and the after-effects are restrained as well ※
※ There are also cases where an illusion of Water Goddess Akreshys appears every once in a while ※

An evasion technique, huh? It probably increases the body’s speed, so it resembles <Demonic Cerebral Spine Speed>, as expected.

Also, dear water goddess…

I’m sorry, but I harbor the scriptures of the Boobs Faith in my heart. It’s my conceit that I’m someone understanding divine providence.

It’s a belief of eroticism desiring to experience a supreme bliss commonly shared across the universe, from bulging boobs to somewhat small boobs. If you’re still okay with that, I’ll continue worshiping you…

At that moment I sense like some weird water springs forth from the soles of my feet, despite me not being Helme. …But, I guess it’s just my imagination.

And lastly, it’s gonna be this skill.

※ Secret Art of Saraten ※

※ Produces a wound on the palm. It’s proof of the one acknowledged as master by Saraten which fell onto the surface from the divine domain ※
※ It’s said that you need high ability values, <Throwing Arts>, or a high proficiency in the combat occupation category: <Magic Arts User> ※
※It’s possible to operate the Secret Weapon-based Secret Art: Sacred Treasure Saraten ※

I don’t know whether it has its own consciousness, but it sounds like I was approved of by Saraten. It’s still going to take some time until Quiche’s Cydale. I guess I’ll check my palm with Saraten’s wound. Let’s check out that secret art or whatever for a bit.

While focusing on the Holy Sword Saraten that’s stored in my palm with such casual feelings…I stare at my new life line on my palm, wondering what’s going to happen. Would Kazane be surprised if she appraised it with her palm reading?

Thereupon, the wound on my palm slowly opens up with movements resembling the opening of Buddha’s eyelids…ugh―― it huuuurts! That cursed sword has flown out without a damn care! That’s not at the fuckin’ level of having my hair pruned a bit!

Ouch…that bloody thing shaved a part of my forehead off my skull… Thanks to that, my vision is colored crimson by blood.


“S-Shuuya-sama, y-your head!!”

Following Higlia’s scream, Kisara rushes towards me after kicking off her whale. She’s even thrown her witch spear away. Just as it did when repelling Rollodeen’s flames, the witch spear deployed a protection field around itself, and flew through the air, following Kisara.

However, my surroundings also become flabbergasted by the blood. The silly atmosphere of bickering around on Rollodeen’s back has completely died down…all being on edge.

The wind blowing from the area where Saraten is flying around feels cold. Rollo’s tentacles and fur sway. The wound on my forehead heals up during that short period of time. However, Higlia and Kisara are checking my head all over as if to bury my visual field with their bodies, seemingly completely flustered. The two appeared anxious that it might leave some scars, seeing the slow recovery rate of my hair. Without minding the blood, they stroke my head while checking it.

Somehow Higlia has been rubbing her body against me while hugging me… Kisara is moving up and down, my upper arm squeezed between her boobies… On top of that, Taro approaches my foot whereas Nemus brings her crystalline eyes close to my head.

Tears are spilling out of her eyes. Is she worried about me?

Nemus moves slowly, placing her huge hand on my head as if to wipe away the blood while I’m being surrounded by everyone. It’s somewhat painful, but this might…feel nice in its own way.

But, the problem is Kisara. Her boob sandwiching my arm gnaws at my composure… She smells like a mixture of sandalwood and a flowery aroma reminiscent of a desert flower.

“You smell great.”

“…Fufu, Shuuya-sama, this is Chandana’s perfume.” Kisara explains with upturned eyes.


Her blue eyes are also great as they peek at me with the black gems adorning her mask shaking.

Quiche, I’m sorry…I might end up buried in Kisara’s big boobs. …Wait, is this going to spell the Second Great Harem War!?

As I’m indulging in such lewd delusions ―― guuuuaaaah… A retort in the shape of extreme pain…? Higlia’s silver claws? No, it’s not her. Higlia is frantically rubbing her scent on me while aroused.

The source of my pain is my shoulder. The blade of Saraten is…it’s wonderful that the sword came back from flying through the sky, but…it’s embedded itself in my shoulder! What the hell is going on, Saraten!? You’ve got a hole to return to on my palm, don’t you?

Or rather, it looks like Saraten has also stabbed Rotalz…resulting in him sadly muttering, “A hole has opened up again…”

“Rotalz, sorry.”

“Humph…you’re Kisara’s master, so I’ll put up with it…”

Lines of black blood veins have surfaced on the edges of his huge forehead. It seems like he’s really enduring. His appearance has a feel of him being a sperm whale or a submarine, but could he actually be a fairly decent guy?

However, this Saraten-kun or Saraten-san…I don’t know which, but…it’s possible to control it to some extent, but I’m failing at controlling it properly. An unknown sensation…if I try to describe it in modern terms, it’d probably be fitting to call it the sensation of steering a drone.

After I gently pull away from the hugging by everyone as it’s going to be tough to operate anything like this, I pull the drone-like Saraten out of my shoulder.

“Shuuya, you’re bleeding again. But, just what is that sword…”

“Holy Sword Saraten. Something Schmihazar originally owned. As you can see, it’s difficult to control.”

“――Aahnn, how delicious… I know since I’ve fought with Schmihazar and the other demons, including Hoffmann. A holy sword said to have been forged to cut through fate…ufun…I hear it also wounded the Fate God.” Kisara recounts while scooping up my blood with a finger and licking it.

Her thoroughly licking the finger clean with her tongue while donning an ecstatic expression is quite erotic. Or rather, she’s just like a vampire, but I suppose it’s different in her case. Oh well, the details can wait for later.

I look at Saraten.

“A god has been wounded by this…”

I suppose it’s a fact that it fell out of the divine domain as mentioned in the skill description. It might be an item that originally belonged to the divine domain.

“…According to the description, I gained a secret art after being acknowledged by Saraten.”

I focus my attention on Saraten after answering Kisara. In response, Saraten leaves my hand again, flying off into the sky on its own device. Since it has no visual field, it operates on intuition-only. This is way too hard…

It’s an operation sensation close to guidance sorcery that doesn’t need any magic lines. While continuing such training, we continue our relaxed flight.

Gramps Ton and I take care of the mid-flight meal. Each time someone needs to go on the toilet or some such, we land on the ground to give them the opportunity.

Several days later.

“Nn, nyaoo~”

It looks like we’ve finally arrived at Quiche’s village. Rollodeen meows cheerfully, announcing our arrival, and begins to circle.

How far away is the village? Well, whatever. At last I can see the horse-shaped rock below!

“Everyone~~~! We’ve arrived. The village is situated slightly ahead of the horse headed rock down there.”

“Whaa~~~ It looks so pretty from up here!”

“You’re right! The horse rock is close to our village!”

Quiche’s birthplace. Quiche…I’ve rescued the children.

Alright, time to stop Saraten’s training for today. While carefully concentrating on the sword, I have it return into the wound on my palm…

At that point, I perceive a nostalgic magic source quickly closing in on us. This is Helme!

“――Your Excellencyyyyyyyyy!”



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