Chapter 174 – Interlude Yui 2

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– Your local translator, Shasu


I returned to Halphania, the royal capital of the Zamalia Kingdom, where my father lives, under the stifling heat of high noon.
At once I visited various stores of acquaintances to sell the ancient gold coins I had received from Shuuya. After being referred to one store in particular, I hurried over there.
At that specialized antique shop I could sell the ancient gold coins at a rate of one ancient gold coin for one platinum coin and five gold coins.
Put together with the money I had received from Sol, it amounted to quite a hefty sum.
Really, thank you, Shuuya.
It took me a few days and I had to sell all ancient gold coins, but I was able to find an excellent doctor to spend all the money on the medical fees for my father.
The doctor, a scaled manKaramnian, talked about a precious medicine, refined by using an Amros pearl, the web of a pigmin which can’t be found anywhere but on the island of Amros located in the Lodelia Sea, the feather of the Holy Bird Cuncludo, and the flesh of merpeople.
But it looks like he was right. Father’s terrible curse wound is gradually healing.

“…You, the money for this medicine…”

“Yeah, I did my best at work, so don’t worry about it. Dad, if you directly apply this medicine on the wound, it will be gone before long. You have to put up with this just a bit longer.” (Yui)

“Work, huh? I heard about the one that succeeded my post…”

“Don’t mind it. The Frogman family is still persisting.” (Yui)

“…Yeah, sorry. Yui, thank you a lot.”

Dad is very skinny.
After he talked with vacant eyes to me, he closed his eyes and fell asleep.


A few days passed and the curse wound had completely disappeared from Dad’s body.
He’s still bedridden, but he has visibly gotten better. I used the opportunity to ask Dad something that made me wonder.

“Dad, how did you get this wound?” (Yui)

“This is an injury I received from sacrificing myself in a battle against Hyatos-sama’s political enemy.”

“What did you say!?” (Yui)

“You didn’t hear about it?”

“…No. So you’re saying you didn’t received any decent support while suffering from illness, even though you protected Hyatos-sama?” (Yui)

“It couldn’t be helped. In a certain way it’s a warning. I made a mistake while being no more than a game piece.”

Dad lowers his eyes slightly, seemingly feeling pathetic.

“But…” (Yui)

“―But you were hired, weren’t you? That became a big help, didn’t it?”

“Ah, yeah…” (Yui)

“Yeah, your skills as assassin are top notch. I’m sure you will manage to contribute in various ways…*cough* *cough*”

Suddenly he has a coughing fit.

“You alright, Dad!?” (Yui)

“Yeah…I’m going to sleep for a bit.”

I actually didn’t tell Dad about it, but I still haven’t reported back to Hyatos-sama.
More than a month has already passed since I’ve returned.
Hyatos-sama should be fully aware of my activities since coming to this mansion.
If I don’t report to him quickly…is what I thought, but I’m scared of doing it.
Until now it has never happened that I failed in following my orders.
Sorry, Dad.
Because of me…Dad, the Frogman family might be crushed.
In depression I head over to Hyatos-sama’s big mansion and recount the details of the events.

“…I see, so you’ve failed.” (Hyatos)

I bowed my head in the Marquis family’s office with its characteristic cedar wood scent.

“I’m terribly sorry.” (Yui)

“And you’re quite late in coming here, aren’t you? I heard that you made various efforts for your father?” (Hyatos)

“Yes.” (Yui)

“Do you know why I didn’t made a move on your mansion?” (Hyatos)

“Because Dad was a great soldier and assassin?” (Yui)

I reflexively creased my forehead and looked at the Marquis.

“Indeed. It’s because you and your father are former subordinates who contributed to my cause. But, you showed up here late…returning while knowing that orders are absolute for the 【Anbu’s1 Right Hand】, didn’t you?” (Hyatos)

Hyatos-sama narrows his fox eyes and glares at me.

“Yes.” (Yui)

“An immediate reply, huh…? You, Yui, did the atmosphere around you change somewhat after chasing after that lancer?” (Hyatos)

This man is perceptive.
Did he see through me finding my first love?

“…N-No, I just experienced with my own body that there are opponents against whom my swordsmanship doesn’t work.” (Yui)

“I see. I’m well aware that there aren’t any opponents who were able to escape your assassination in Zamalia. I guess the lancer you pursued is special after all.” (Hyatos)

“Yes.” (Yui)

“I’d like to state my own humble opinion, but are you going to pardon her failure, Your Excellency?”

The one asking while bowing next to Hyatos is a lean man called Azekay who possesses cloudy, grey eyes that have a size like those of a goldfish.
He’s a person originating from the island nations and could be called an important leader of 【Anbu’s Right Hand】, possessing a unique combat occupation called Corpse Caster.

“Of course there’s no way that I can simply forgive her.” (Hyatos)

Hyatos throws a parchment at me.
Once I pick it up and look at it, it listed another assassination order.

“If you follow this order, I will make an exception and forgive you. You are the sole survivor of Nebulous’s three masterpieces. Even as assassin, you can become a bodyguard. Losing your dual katana skill would be regrettable.” (Hyatos)

“Yes! Thank you very much.” (Yui)

“…Besides, the matter with Nereis’Kary went well.” (Hyatos)

It seems the job was finished while I wasn’t here.
Certainly…besides the usual members Azekay and Rayku, several men and women that seem to be skilled fighters, who I don’t recognize, are standing in the back and in front of the right and left corner.
Probably shadows that had been newly employed by the organization.
I’m called one of Nebulous’s masterpieces, but in the end I’m no more than a single game piece.

“…As for the matter with that lancer, we will pretend that we ran into a stone at the roadside.”

Probably because the kidnapping of the princess went smoothly, Hyatos-sama is in a good mood.
I guess it has also been exposed to the people of Leften Kingdom that their leader has been involved with Zamalia and a marquis of Oseberia.

“That might be the best. Rather than that, the plan to lead the nobles of Leften Kingdom around by the nose was truly admirable.”

The one praising Hyatos is a tall man with a bald head called Rayku.

“Rayku, your subordinates performed quite well, didn’t they?”

“Yes, indeed. The prided 【Twilight Knights】 of Leften’s 【Secret Agency】 killed several of my skilled subordinates, but…we managed to succeed. This is also a result owed to Your Excellency’s precise predictions and commands. As expected of Zamalia’s Sage. It’s said there’s no one equal to you in Zamalia, Marquis-sama.” (Rayku)

Rayku lines up one flowery flattery after the other while folding the outer corners of his eye with a smile.

“Hahaha…well, I have the confidence to influence the current affairs better than the Lolju faction, the Rasny faction or the remnants of the old generation.” (Hyatos)

“Yes!” (Rayku)

“The one more problematic than the mob of nobles within the country is the that female fox outside the country, Chardonnay…” (Hyatos)

“…Oseberia Kingdom, huh? If I remember correctly, it was the subordinate of that Marquess who used a dark guild to maneuver around in the 【Violent Tower City Senapua】, wasn’t it?”

“That’s right. It’s reliable information from 【Commandment of Rosen】 and 【Gate of the Hidden Evil】 after all.”

…Marquess of Oseberia?
If she’s competing against Hyatos, she must be quite the woman.

“Oh? Yui, you were still here? Head over to your next job now.” (Hyatos)

A glare flashes in the Marquis’ eyes.

“Yes, sir! Excuse me.” (Yui)

Tightly grasping the parchment with the target’s description, I leave the room right away.
I come out at the main street after exiting Hyatos-sama’s big mansion.
The names of a certain merchant and his adventurer guards were mentioned in the order.
It seems to be a peddler group that came from the island nations.
Anyway, if I don’t accomplish this mission until Father recovers completely…
I press the switch of the magic tool for contacting the thieves guild located at the hanging bell in the harbor in order to head to the mission site. Although it might be called a magic tool, it only fires a magic fire into the sky.
While taking a rest at a street’s terrace bar with an overhanging roof, I wait for the contact from the familiar of my acquaintance in the thieves guild.
―Ah, there it is, the crow familiar.
It landed on my table.

“WHaT, yOu caMe, bACk, YuI? WhaT’S witH, YOur uSuAl, pARtnErs, ZiEVe, and apOL?”

The black cat-chan that followed Shuuya around didn’t talk, but this crow can pass on the words of its master.
But, it’s limited to just repeating the words. It has no own consciousness.

“Both died. Leaving that aside, it’s been a while, Ebi. Can I ask you for your help again?” (Yui)

I show the parchment to the crow.

“…TO fAiL tHe MIssIoN wiTh yOU thERE…” (Ebi)

“Don’t mind it. I’d be happy if you could take a look just like in the old days.” (Yui)

“…UNderStooD. …tHEse gUYs aRe A comPANy THat haS thROwn iT’S WeiGht aROUnd hErE mosT REcenTLy. tHeY HavE a NEw sToRe loCATed aCroSS tHe PuPPet StrEeT oN thE HAlL SquarE. ThE gUarDS aRE calLed TaGGle BroThErS. ThEY aRe lYcaNtHRopeS. QuitE FoRmidAble.” (Ebi)

“Nothing less of you, Ebi. That was fast. Even if they are tough, it will be fine. I will make quick work of them myself.” (Yui)

“…i SeE, bYE ThEn――” (Ebi)

The crow flew off.
Lycanthropes, a kin of demons, huh?
It will be a bother if they transform, but if they see these <Eyes of Baycala> even once, I should be able to defeat them with ease…
But, this time I’m alone. Since Zieve, who excelled at sensing presences, isn’t with me anymore, I have to be careful.
It will be fine as long as there’s no opponent at Shuuya’s level, but there’s definitely no way for there to be several people like that spear, no, magic spear user. I’m overthinking things.
Alright, let’s get rid of the Taggle Brothers first.
The Tsuchikado Company comes after that.
I start running.
―Arriving at the Puppet Street, I immediately recognized the target store.
<Hide> is already active.
I check each nook and cranny around the store…
Hidden alleys, the existence or absence of stairs and windows, the number of guards, and escape routes.
I immediately spotted the Taggle Brothers.
They are wearing spiked leather armor on their huge builds, and abnormal fur is growing out of their gloves, as characteristic for lycanthropes.
I could also confirm moon symbols on their foreheads.
Because they transform, they are often mistaken as mutation of leopard people, but lycanthropes are a totally different species.
I confirm my targets with <Eyes of Baycala>.
I will carry out the mission tonight.


The moonlight fully illuminates the Puppet Street.
I clad my whole body in the Magic Combat Style and ran up to the reddish brown roof of the building next to my target.
After leaping over from there, I land in the drain, arriving on top of the roof of the Tsuchikado company’s residence.
The two lycanthropes are standing guard on both sides of the entrance door, looking out over the street.
I looked down right below at my two targets.
―Time to go in.
Turning the blades of Azelos & Versage downwards, I descend in a straight line.
I killed one of the guards by stabbing with the two swords, obviously breaking the lycan’s spine.
However, the other guard’s reaction is swift.
Even after his brother was killed by me, he still drew his weapon calmly and closed the distance.

“Who are you?”

“…” (Yui)

Just for caution’s sake, I activate <Eyes of Baycala> once more.

“――Those eyes! I know――”

The lycanthrope’s face was cut in two.
I had shortened the distance with Magic Combat Step, and slashed down with my back-hand sword, Versage.
That’s what happens if you talk in the middle of a battle.
Had he transformed, he might have gained a bit more time. What a stupid lycan.
Now, I just got to finish off Tsuchikado and it will be over.
I mustn’t displease Hyatos-sama until Dad recovers.
Once he does…I’m going to chase after Shuuya.
I want to meet him, I really want to see him…I feel as if my heart is being squeezed while a heavy weight is pressing down on my chest
While thinking about such things, I trespass into the Tsuchikado company through a side door.
Goods are still stored in boxes here and there.
Tsk, the female employees were still awake…
I quickly hide myself and let them go past.
At the end of a corridor I discover a bedroom different from the other rooms.
Tsuchikado is probably in there.
Once I enter, four people slept on the bed.
…Two of them are children.
There’s also a person that seems to be his wife.
Only the company’s Tsuchikado was mentioned in the commission.
It should be fine if I don’t kill…his family, but limit it to just the man.
Am I…hesitating?
I check his features as described in the order.
It’s him. I thrust Azelos into the chest of the bearded human man.



One of the children woke up.
Our eyes meet.


It’s a child resembling the man.
I have to deceive it.

“…The teeth fairy of darkness.” (Yui)

“Teeth fairy-san, why are you here?”

“…I came to see whether you’re sleeping properly. If you don’t close your eyes, I’m going to pull out your teeth so that you won’t be able to sleep anymore.” (Yui)

“Oki. I will close my eyes~”

The child did as said…
It hasn’t realized its father’s death.
It’s a rule to kill all witnesses.
But, for the current me that’s impossible.
Even though I killed women and children without questions asked in the past.
…It looks like the past me doesn’t exist anymore.
I learned of the warmth of others after falling in love with Shuuya.
I escaped from there in a hurry.
Running away like an amateur without even using the escape route…
Once I came to, I was crying.
It, for me…it might be impossible to be an assassin any longer.
I rushed to Hyatos’s mansion while wiping my tears away.
Coming from the reception hall, I open his office’s door and enter.

“…Welcome back. I suppose you finished your mission properly.” (Hyatos)

“Yes. I killed the Taggle Brothers and the merchant of the targeted Tsuchikado company.” (Yui)

“…Hmm. Elisha, what do you think?” (Hyatos)

What? Hyatos turns his eyes towards behind me.
I look over my shoulder.
A masked woman in black clothes appeared from the shadows, swaying like a haze.

“Yes. She finished off the guarding lycans in a flash without allowing them to transform. As expected of Zamalia’s notorious assassin…she also killed the president of the Tsuchikado company without a doubt, but…even after having been spotted by his family, she left without killing them. Thinking that it might be a grave mistake, I patched up things properly.” (Elisha)

What!? That means she killed those children!?
I glare at the woman called Elisha.

“Oh my! What’s with that look of yours? Even though I followed up on your blunder…” (Elisha)

“I see…that means your skills haven’t dulled. Yui, why did you turn a blind eye at them?” (Hyatos)

I look back at Hyatos.
He’s staring at me sternly with his eyes squinting.
I should have been more careful…as there’s no way that he would loosen his monitoring.
…As thought, I disqualify as professional killer.
I guess I will honestly fess up now and here.

“…It’s because I didn’t want to kill them.” (Yui)

Upon my words, Hyatos’s fox eyes widen in surprise.

“That I would hear those words from you…” (Hyatos)

“Hyatos-sama, what shall we do?” (Elisha)

Elisha asked with a trace of killing intent in her voice.

“She ignored the family, but she finished her job, right?” (Hyatos)

“Yes.” (Elisha)

She nods.

“Then let’s pretend it didn’t happen this time.” (Hyatos)

“…Yes, milord!” (Elisha)

She answers with dissatisfaction while looking at me.
I can’t properly see her eyes due to the mask, but she must be glaring.
It looks like Hyatos is going to forgive me.
But…I can’t feel safe.
His eyes are cold and piercing, and he’s clenching his teeth. If I make another mistake, he might make us suffer with his authority.
I have to get back to Dad as soon as possible.

“…Excuse me then.” (Yui)

“Yeah. Make sure to come back here later since I’m going to hand you new instructions…” (Hyatos)

“Yes, milord.” (Yui)

I leave at once, exit the mansion and return home.

“Dad, I’m home.” (Yui)

“Welcome back, Yui.”

It’s Dad. He came to welcome me on his own feet.
He’s still as skinny as before, but it’s Dad.

“――Daddy!” (Yui)

“Haha, hey, calm down a bit…you’re going to break my chest.”

“Ah! Sorry.” (Yui)

I immediately separated from him.

“It looks like you can stand by yourself already.” (Yui)

“Yeah, as you can see my muscles have degenerated, so standing is the most I can do at the moment, I guess.”

“But, I’m happy. You survived.” (Yui)

“That’s true. However, there’s something important I have to tell you.”

Dad looked sad.

“What? However, you should still rest some more to get better.” (Yui)

“No, I can’t burden my daughter any longer. …I thought about it all the time yesterday, but I plan to discard my name as noble soon. And, I intend to try speaking with Hyatos-sama about leaving you alone.”

“Eh!? That’s in vain. It’s impossible that he will agree…I mean, even today he looked at me with his piercing fox eyes and…” (Yui)

Although it’s still far off from his past self, Dad dons a stern expression when I start to get evasive.

“Did something happen!?”

“No, it’s not like that, but…I failed my assassination order, was entrusted with a job to prove myself again, and finished it safely, but as it seems that I still haven’t regained his trust, he looked at me harshly.” (Yui)

“…Yui, pack your things at once…”

Dad instructed me with a hoarse voice while his expression became gloomy, obviously becoming white as a sheet, even though he’s already pale.

“Eh? Why?” (Yui)

“No matter how excellent and talented a person, there’s no way for Hyatos-sama to forgive someone who made a mistake…”

“But, at today’s mission report Hyatos clearly said that he will regard it as inconsequential.” (Yui)

“He said that to put you off guard. Besides, if he realizes that I recovered, he will like come to kill us.”

What’s the best thing to do…for Dad…?
Shuuya…what should I do?

“…Such a…but, where are we headed? This area is like his backyard. Besides, Dad, you can’t really move with that body of yours, can you?” (Yui)

“…I thought about gaining a little bit more time, but I was a fool…I will remain here. You are to get out of the capital, using the coach in the back, and head to the Forlen Bay. There should be a hiding place in the copse located inside the bay that full of shipwrecks.”

“No way. What are you talking about? Just when you finally recovered, Dad!” (Yui)

“Yui. It’s okay. It’s fine for the bloodstained history of the Frogman family to come to an end. You’re an assassin, but you have a beautiful face resembling that of your mother in her youth. I don’t think that there are many men who can outdo you, but if you find one…you must not let him get away.”

Dad is about to leave the room to try breaking through the urgent situation.
I stop him by grabbing his arm.
His body is as light as if it’s a lie…and his legs are tottering a bit.
It’s still impossible for Dad…

“…I won’t allow you to do as you please. The person, who scolded me in the past, wouldn’t have said such fainthearted things. We will head to the Forlen Bay together. You understand?” (Yui)


“Stop the annoying bickering! We will take the remaining medicine and ride the coach together.” (Yui)


Suddenly Dad widens his eyes and laughs.

“What!” (Yui)

“Nah, just that Stop the annoying bickering was just like before…I guess we are birds of the same feather after all.”

“That’s only natural, no? Now, help me with the preparations.” (Yui)

“…No helping it, I guess I have to follow my daughter’s instructions.”

I put plenty of recovery potions which I bought against Dad’s sickness inside two knapsacks.
There are food supplies at the hiding place, but I still load some onto the coach, just for caution’s sake. I had Dad get on as well.
The horses’ condition looks fine, so they will be able to gallop for quite a while.

“―Dad, are you ready?” (Yui)

I turn around to the back after getting onto the driver’s seat.

“Yeah, I still don’t feel any presences around the house. Depart when the moon is hidden by clouds. I leave the the timing to you.”

“Ok.” (Yui)

And then, the instant the moon got covered by a big cloud ― I moved the coach.
We rush out from behind the mansion in one go, coming out on the street.
Leaving towards the eastern highway, I head towards the eastern gate.
Since it’s very late at night, there are few people out on the streets, allowing us to smoothly pass through the gate.

“Dad, we safely got through the eastern gate!” (Yui)

“Okay, there are no presences following us from behind either. Keep going at it with full speed. And don’t worry about the horses.”

“I know――!” (Yui)

After that, I move the coach straight east for a day and night with breaks while keeping the coastline at my left.
After a while we arrived at our hiding place in the Forlen Bay that’s referred to as ship graveyard.
Fortunately no pursuers seem to follow us.
For one, for two, and then for five days no one approached our refuge inside the copse of trees.
Dad drinks his medicine, eats food that included medicinal plants, and does muscle training, gradually recovering his healthy body.
He recovered up to the point that he can grasp a weapon and do practice swings after a long time.
And, since his skill in sensing presences has become sharper while I was not there, I left the task to Dad.
I kill the monsters spawning in the vicinity.
Occasionally there are monsters who come to the sandy beach from the ship graveyard.
Even now I was squaring off against a monster on the sandy beach.
It’s a monster called Rayuna, apparently a unification of human and fish, with four, dark red eyeballs.
The long, sharp claws growing on its five fingers are its main weapon.
It’s skillfully handling its expendable claws…what a troublesome opponent.
It extended two claw swords from among its five fingers, and was on the verge of leaping at me again.
―But, I pruned the extended claws with <Double Shadow> after a <Dark Blade> with Azelos & Versage. Before it can extend its claws again, I kick the sand with Magic Combat Step, rotate and cut the Rayuna’s torso in a straight line with <Dancing Slash>.
With this, it’s the tenth.
I don’t expect any other Rayuna to come here for the moment.
I saw them turn around to the shallows and then run away, withdrawing to their dwelling in the ship graveyard.
Defeating such monsters has become a daily task. After talking with Dad about the escape routes around here, I planted traps and the peaceful days continued for seven days while I felt as if light green evil discouragingly spread from the tree stumps…and then, on the next day…
At lunch Dad, who had practiced, suddenly entered the hut with a pale face.

“A great number of pursuers has come. It seems Hyatos-sama has found this place..”

“Eh!? Even though there was supposedly no presence that clung to us.” (Yui)

“There are probably many fellows who have learned a <Hide> that exceeds my presence search. I guess he had an expert follow us.”

“We have to escape! Besides――” (Yui)

At the moment I tried to head outside, a black clothed woman holding a drawn blade stormed into the room while throwing an earthenware jar on the ground, causing it to burst loudly.
I was too late…

“Pathetic, former assassin and her father, who has been allowed to stay a live as a warning.”

It’s a woman wearing a white mask.
She was called Elisha by Hyatos.

“I won’t let you guys do as you please!” (Yui)

“Humph, your assassin skills are fairly good, but why had you been Hyatos-sama’s favorite despite being unable to sense the difference in numbers? Well, I guess you offered him your seedy-looking body like a prostitute. From now on I will become Hyatos-sama’s favorite by using my own abilities. In the end, you’re just a stupid woman that can only use katana, that means――” (Elisha)

The woman, spitting vulgar words, handles her katana, which was clad in a black light, like a leaf that’s shaken by the wind. She unleashes a sword thrust towards my breast.
While quickly warding off her frontal thrust with Versage’s blade, causing the peculiar metallic sound characteristic to sword clashing, I move sideways.

“Tsk, eat this.” (Elisha)

The woman clicks her tongue and moves to the back of the small hut in order to cover her flanks.

“Elisha, did you forget what you had been told by Hyatos-sama?”

“Saizol…I know.” (Elisha)

After holding a conversation with the comrade behind her, I saw how she glanced at me with her blue eyes below the mask…and then retreated outside the hut.

“Dad, it looks like we’ve been completely surrounded.” (Yui)

“Yeah, I guess we have no choice but to face them. …I’m still not at peak condition, but even I have techniques that I acquired on various battlefields. I’m the man called Shadow Ogre Kaldo in 【Anbu’s Right Hand】. ―Yui, we will cut our way through together!” (Kaldo)

Dad powerfully swings the longsword in his hands.
It’s still not at the level of his past self, but his slash is plenty sharp.
I recall the days when I trained under him.

“Ok. The escape route we confirmed the other day is fine?” (Yui)

“Yeah, we travel along the sandy beach and then take a boat at the southern Ruja Village.” (Kaldo)

“Aight.” (Yui)

I escape our hiding place with Dad through a hidden door in the back.
We plunged into the grove of trees while scattering mineral dust.
But, one black clothed pursuer after the other shows up between the trees.
We can’t get away.


I bring down one with a sharp upward slash of Azelos.

“Don’t give up!”

Dad’s throwing knife killed a guy that assaulted me with his sword from the opposite side by hitting him in the forehead with <Throw>.
While straightforwardly closing the distance to a spear holder, who closes in on father to stab him from behind, with Magic Combat Step, I imagine Shuuya’s spear thrust, and unleash a sword thrust with Versage.
I finished off the spear holder by stabbing through his heart.

“Nice move.” (Kaldo)

“Same to you, Dad.” (Yui)

At first it went well, but the black clothed attackers gather around us successively, obviously surrounding us.
Besides, it bothers me that that woman, Elisha, still hasn’t shown up.

“Oh my, oh my, the soldiers…even if you ran away, your sword skills are top notch after all, I guess. But, your slashes have grown dull. You aren’t able to conceal your fatigue.”

This voice…so Elisha has come, huh?

“Shut up! Are you all talk? Aren’t you going to attack?” (Yui)

I responded to Elisha angrily.

“Just wait…I will kill you after humiliating you so much that this cheeky mouth of yours will beg for mercy.” (Elisha)

“Elisha, do your job instead of prattling silly things.”

“Yeah, yeah.” (Elisha)

A masked group appeared alongside Elisha.
Skilled assassins, huh?
The masked man is a lancer…
Shuuya… I want to see you…

“Yui! Don’t space out.”

Alongside Dad’s stern voice, we split to the left and right.
Moving flexibly like in his heydays, Dad parries the sharp thrust of the lancer while dodging Elisha’s sword.

“The final moment’s of the White-Eyed Death God are mine!”

A masked man holding two swords slashed at me while shouting something like that. He performs a rotational slash with a skill similar to Dancing Slash.
―Extending both, Azelos & Versage, to the front in alternation, I block the continuous, rotational blade attacks.
Once I blocked all of them, I immediately activate <Dancing Slash>.
While revolving like a spinning top, I launch double katana attacks with Azelos and Versage at the masked guy.
Just like me, he blocked the continuous attacks, but the difference of our blades became apparent at this point. At the moment his blades broke after being chipped by my sword attacks, I succeed at cutting his throat.
A single skilled fighter went down, but Dad’s leg is wounded, and he’s about to suffer another strike.

“――Dad!” (Yui)

I immediately run up next to Dad, and block Elisha’s thrust, which could have become a fatal blow, by knocking it away with Versage.

“Tsk, again?” (Elisha)

Elisha seems unable to stomach that I could defend against her thrust. While clicking her tongue once more, she fixes her sword stance.
Meanwhile the number of masked leader-class fighters increased by one and then two.
Dad and I confront the surrounding enemies while standing back to back.
Our opponents slowly narrow the encirclement.

“Yui, I’m happy. After all I’m able to fight back-to-back with you like this.” (Kaldo)

Dad tries to encourage me from behind even while we are in this precarious situation.

“Dad…” (Yui)

I say Dad, but I, Shuuya…help…where are you!? I fruitlessly screamed towards Shuuya in my mind.

“It’s as Hyatos-sama said…your abilities…eyes like a death god. What annoying eyes, they are…your movements have become sharp.” (Elisha)

Elisha says while looking at my <Eyes of Baycala>.
Right after that ― it’s very faint, no, familiar, unforgettable, red border lines appeared inside the forest.



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  1. Yeah, the one from Naruto, so leaving it as is. The kanji compound (暗部) refers to the dark side related to nature, cities, etc. The individual kanji mean dark/informal (暗) + bureau/section (部).

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