Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de – Chapter 77: It seems to be a text taking a glimpse in-between the arcs

Courtesy of the INT Patrons


Translated by Shasu

This could have also been labelled as interlude, but as there’s no numbering in the title just like with the other interludes, I opted to include it as regular chapter. 🙂


~ Thanks to the Patrons of Nidoume for their support! ~


  1. I can’t read chapter!????

    • Trying going to the previous chapter and clicking “Next Chapter” or go to the ToC and click the chapter or simply click on “INT Patrons” in the release post? 😉

  2. TheeJonesingOnii

    Oh thank god!!!!! It turns out I have to touch “int patrons” twice for it to transfer. The first time would only show the list!! ????

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