Kakei Senki wo Kakageyo! – Chapter 1: Listen up! Read the newspapers


it’s difficult to translate but fun in its own way. Expect this series to be handled as side project for a little while longer, but I intend to make it a weekly series in the near future, especially if the chapter length remains this way. 🙂

The author switches between the story views quite erratically, thus I marked the peddler’s thoughts in italic.

Continuing from my editor recruitment post, this is one of the series where I have no editor at all. And unfortunately this one really needs an editor in my opinion. Well, for now it is self-edited, so feel free to point out any errors. 🙂

Don’t ask about the next chapter, I will release it once I get a little gap in my schedule which I hope will be soon as I like this series.

|>> Enjoy!! <<|




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  1. Thx for translating this

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